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22 October 2014

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With London free from the grip of WOTAN the TARDIS takes off, leaving Dodo and 1966 behind. It is not until the Ship is in flight that the Doctor realises he has been joined by two stowaways.

Sailor Ben Jackson and his friend Polly have followed the Doctor inside, intending to return Dodo's key. The Doctor is furious that they followed him aboard.

'This is a vessel for travelling through time and space!' he tells them, warning them to stay away from the controls. 'Well,' says Ben, smirking, 'make sure I get back by teatime Doctor - I've got to get back to me ship by tonight.'

The Doctor's tone lowers. 'Young man, it's going to be a long time before you see your ship again.' He explains that he has no control over the time or the location the TARDIS lands in.

The grating dematerialisation noise takes on an echoing quality as the Doctor tells Ben and Polly to look up at the scanner. The TARDIS appears to have landed inside a cave.

The Doctor ignores Ben's mocking tones and checks the atmosphere readings. 'Oh dear, all this distraction,' he mutters as his two new companions venture outside. 'I really thought I was going to be alone again...'

'Maybe he's some kind of hypnotist,' reasons Ben as he and Polly walk towards the waves that lap at the nearby beach. Behind them, the Doctor locks the TARDIS doors. He insists that they will not return to London aboard his Ship.

Polly is delighted to be at the seaside, although Ben is less enthusiastic. He asks he her if she knows where they are. 'Looks like Cornwall to me,' she says. 'Are you sure?' he asks.

'Looks like it, me 'andsome,' she replies, adopting the local accent. Ben and Polly start climbing a path to the top of a cliff, and the Doctor follows close behind. 'You may know where you are my dears, but not when!' he warns them. 'I can foresee oodles of trouble...'

Gazing out from the top of the cliff, Ben sees a church in the distance. Ben and Polly take this as a reassuring sign that they are in fact in their own time and decide to look for a train station.

Polly tells the Doctor that they can talk on the train back to London. The Doctor plays along, chuckling to himself.

By the time they reach the churchyard Ben has become curious about the lack of houses in the area. The Doctor examines the exterior of the church itself. 'There doesn't seem to be any Victorian restoration,' he says. 'It could be any time after the sixteenth century.'

'Only it's not,' says an exasperated Ben, 'it's good old 1966!' The two begin to argue, unaware that they have alerted someone on the other side of the vestry door.

The door bursts open to reveal an old man who levels a Blunderbuss at the travellers. Polly asks him to put the gun away. He glances at her and assumes, because of her trousers and cap, that she is a boy. 'Hold thy tongue lad!'

'We are travellers looking for shelter,' explains the Doctor, assuring the man that he and the two 'lads' came by road and not by sea.

'I cannot give thee shelter but I can give thee sustenance and direction,' says the man, adopting a more conciliatory tone. The Doctor, Ben and Polly follow him inside the church.

The Doctor turns down the man's offer of brandy and asks for directions to the nearest inn. Curious about the man's jittery nature, the Doctor asks if he is expecting friends. 'Avery's boys are no friends of mine,' he replies.

The man explains that Avery is long dead, 'but his spirit rides high in the dark souls of those who ride in his wake.' Polly asks him if he is a priest.

The man says that the word of God touched him too late in life. He is a Christian, but simply the churchwarden. He says his name is Joseph Longfoot.

The Doctor senses that Longfoot is afraid, and offers to help. 'Thee help?' says the old man, laughing. 'Against Pike's hook?' While Longfoot explains that Pike is the blackest name he knows, the Doctor notices that the fingers on the old man's hand appears to be twisted.

Longfoot dismisses his injury, but the Doctor quickly grabs the hand and expertly twists the joints back into place. The astonished Longfoot looks down in amazement at his hand. 'Cured!' he exclaims, laughing.

The Doctor bids Longfoot farewell, and the churchwarden advises, 'This is no place for gentlemen and lads... Take care I say - guard thy tongue.'

He stops the Doctor before he leaves. 'If you should come this way again and find me gone, remember these words: "This is the Deadman's secret key: Smallbeer, Ringwood, Gurney."'

As thunder rumbles overhead, the baffled Doctor leads his companions away. Longfoot watches them go, unaware that he is being carefully observed by a large bald-headed man. As Longfoot goes inside the vestry, the bald-headed man draws a knife.

Outside the stables of the local inn, landlord Jacob Kewper tells stable boy Tom to take a message to the churchwarden. 'Tell him Kewper has had words from friends - a delivery can be expected soon. I'll tell him further when I've made arrangements.'

Tom climbs on to a mare and rides off, galloping to beat the approaching storm. Thunder rumbles across the sky and it starts to rain.

Inside the inn, Kewper looks through the cobbled windows and sees the bedraggled Doctor, Ben and Polly arrive outside.

'I've no rooms,' Kewper tells the Doctor, anticipating his question. 'We're full. Strangers are not welcome in these parts, nor are they always what they seem.'

The Doctor protests that the churchwarden said that the inn could offer a night's shelter. Kewper is immediately intrigued, and when the Doctor mentions Longfoot's name his whole manner changes. He arranges rooms, hot food and dry clothes for 'the lads'.

'I do wish everyone would stop calling me "lad",' grumbles Polly, much to Ben's amusement. Kewper brings them dry clothes and Polly starts to sort them out.

The jovial Doctor reassures Ben that he will try to return them to 1966 when they get back to the TARDIS, but first they must wait for the tide to recede. He warns them, however, that 'It's more likely we shall probably land in the far distant future.'

In the vestry, the sound of Longfoot's drunken singing fills the air.

Longfoot's revelries are interrupted when he hears a noise at the door.

He is astonished to be confronted by an old acquaintance from his seafaring days. 'Master Cherub!' gasps Longfoot, who protests he is a Christian.

'Holy Joe Longfoot!', laughs the bald-headed man, 'mate of The Black Albatross!'

Cherub tells Longfoot that he owes Captain Pike - and that the Captain wants to know the whereabouts of Avery's gold.

He is amused by Longfoot's claim that the gold is cursed. 'No Christian man'd touch it!' says the churchwarden.

'You can't threaten me,' says a defiant Longfoot as Cherub sneers.

'I've got friends here - powerful friends,' splutters Longfoot. Cherub raises his knife. 'The old man and his two lads? What does he know?'

Longfoot says he simply gave the travellers directions to the inn. Cherub closes in on the terrified churchwarden, demanding to know what he whispered in the old man's ear. 'You wouldn't be trying to sell what you know to some strangers, eh?'

'You can rot in hell!' cackles Longfoot, who reaches for his Blunderbuss. Cherub is faster, however, and projects his knife with expert aim.

The blade hits Longfoot's back, and the churchwarden crashes to the ground. Longfoot dies without revealing his secret. A frustrated Cherub determines to track down 'the old feller' and discover what Longfoot told him.

Ben and Polly have changed their clothes and are starting to enjoy the seventeenth century hospitality. As they finish their meal in the inglenook, Ben passes comment on some of the other customers.

The Doctor reminds Ben of the churchwarden's advice - they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

'Sir! Sir!' says Tom, bursting through the front door. Kewper bids the boy silent, and bustles him into the tap room. Tom reveals that he has found the churchwarden dead with a knife in his back. He says the old man was smiling...

Aware that the travellers had seen Longfoot that evening, Kewper tells Tom to visit the Squire - the local magistrate - and ask him to hurry to the inn.

As Polly yawns, Cherub advances menacingly on the Doctor. 'I want you, old feller. We're going to have words together, you and me!'

Get your dirty hands off him, mate!

Cherub ignores Ben's protestations and tells the Doctor that they have a mutual acquaintance in the churchwarden. The Doctor is confused but defiant.

Polly is appalled to hear Cherub admit to having killed Longfoot. Cherub then reveals that he saw Longfoot telling the Doctor something before he left the church. 'Leave the Doctor alone!' she exclaims before one of Cherub's pirates covers her mouth with his hand.

'Doctor, eh?' says Cherub, demanding to know what Longfoot said. 'Well sawbones, speak up - or do I have to make yer?'

Ben is clubbed to the ground and the Doctor is tied up and carried away. 'Where are you taking me?' he asks, but Cherub simply laughs.

The Doctor is manhandled on to a waiting handcart and covered in straw. Cherub gives an order, and the pirates start dragging the cart to the beach.

Polly discovers Ben unconscious and becomes distraught. She runs into the tap room to find Kewper.

As Kewper examines Ben's wounds, Polly tells him that the Doctor has been kidnapped. 'Don't you worry lad,' says Kewper, 'the Squire will be here soon.'

'What can he do?' says an unimpressed Polly. 'I want to get the Doctor back safely.' Meanwhile, the Doctor is carried on to a small boat which is rowed towards a larger ship anchored offshore. The ship is The Black Albatross.

The Squire arrives at the inn, and Kewper tells him they are having trouble with strangers. 'Let's deal with it then!' asserts the rotund magistrate.

As Polly nurses Ben, she tries to explain their predicament to the Squire. The Squire tells Tom to fetch some brandy.

While waiting for his brandy, the Squire makes a half-hearted effort to find out about the 'ruffians' who snatched the Doctor.

Before Polly can offer a description, the Squire interrupts. 'Before you tell me this tale, tell me about yourself.' Polly is incredulous.

When Polly protests that it's more important to try to find the Doctor, she is shouted down by Kewper.

'If you want help, I want the truth,' says the Squire. A baffled Polly is lost for words. Meanwhile, the Doctor is hauled aboard The Black Albatross and cut loose. Cherub tells him he is being taken to see the Captain.

When Ben regains consciousness, Polly tells him that the Doctor has been kidnapped - and that the Squire won't help unless they say who they are and where they're from. 'I hold you both to be knaves and rogues of highly suspicious intent,' says the Squire. 'And as magistrate of this borough I'm hereby arresting both of you for the murder of the church warden.'

The captain of The Black Albatross looks up from his meal as Cherub shoves the Doctor into his cabin. Cherub tells the captain that Holy Joe died before giving up his secret. 'The sawbones won't talk,' he continues. 'Not to me.'

The Captain is livid. 'Well by thunder you'll talk to me,' he bellows, 'or my name's not Samuel Pike.'

The Captain slams his left arm down on to the table, and a sharpened metal spike digs deep into the wood.

NEXT WEEK: Will the Doctor face Thomas Tickler?

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