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22 October 2014

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'6.10... 6.70... 7.10' intones the assistant as the energy transfer continues.

Life-sucking process

The machinery hums louder as Senta notices the Doctor's vitality readings begin to drop.

Life-sucking process

Jano is delighted that the transfer appears to have been a success.

He proposes that the Doctor's companions should also be subjected to the process. 'As it is they are a danger to us. But as a source of energy they could be of great value.'

Chal leads Dodo and Steven through the scrubland, towards a nearby valley.

Alien Winds

Dodo is surprised that Chal's people live in caves. 'It is the one place the guards will not follow,' says Chal. 'Even they hesitate to go into the darkness of those passages.'

Tor reports that the guards are now looking for Steven and Dodo. He adds that the Doctor will almost certainly have undergone an energy transfer. 'Steven,' asks Dodo, 'what are we going to do?'

'Don't worry,' says Steven. 'We'll find him.'

'I must warn you,' says Chal, 'when you do find him he will not be as you remember. They leave us afterwards only a hollow shell of ourselves.'

'As a source of energy his power is remarkably high,' says an impressed Senta.

Jano declares that he will be the sole beneficiary of the Doctor's energy. 'I shall be ready when you need me.'

Edal patrols the scrubland, looking for Steven and Dodo.

Edal tells Exorse to see if they have reached the Valley of Caves.

One of the savages whispers to Chal, telling him that a patrol is heading in their direction.

Chal decides to take Steven and Dodo to the caves. Tor is furious. 'No Chal! The guards would follow and then our last refuge would be gone.'

Nanina and Wylda are in the cave when Steven and Dodo arrive. 'Beautiful!' says Dodo, looking around. 'Like a little temple!' Chal is justifiably proud. 'It is the one spot on this island which we can call our own.'

'Our ancestors were great artists,' says Chal, indicating the murals on the wall. 'Most of our talents have been taken from us. Only our faith remains.'

Exorse approaches Tor and demands to know where the strangers are. Tor says nothing. Exorse raises his light gun and at point blank range squeezes the trigger.

Tor is enveloped by the mesmerising beam.

Powerless to resist, Tor moves his head to indicate the caves above him.

Exorse shouts into the cave, demanding that the strangers come out. Nanina feebly protests, 'There are no strangers,' while Steven and Dodo listen.

Steven weighs up the odds of taking on the guard. As the other savages nervously listen, Dodo realises they are trapped.

Chal leads Steven and Dodo towards some tunnels at the back of the cave. Meanwhile Exorse walks through the entrance.

Exorse angrily interrogates the timid savages.

'The strangers, girl – where are they?' he asks Nanina. 'Tell me or you will suffer.'

Exorse points his light gun at another savage. 'I shall take you back in their place.'

'Don't talk!' pleads Nanina, but the savage panics. 'They have gone into the face of the rock,' he tells Exorse.

Chal, Steven and Dodo continue their journey. Back in the cave Exorse asks, 'Which opening? Which opening?' The terrified savage points to the passageway.

Exorse gingerly moves through the tunnel, listening for any sound ahead.

Chal, Steven and Dodo keep moving, guided only by the light from Chal's torch.

Hearing a noise ahead, Exorse breaks into a self-satisfied smile.

Chal admits that there is very little of the passage left. Steven knows that if it gets any narrower they will have to stop.

'I know you're in there strangers,' shouts Exorse. 'It will be better for you if you turn back now.'

Tor returns to the cave, and Nanina tells him what has happened.

Steven whispers to Chal, asking him how the light gun works. Chal confirms that the rays of the light gun are still effective when reflected. 'I've seen it on the water of the lake,' he says. Steven asks Dodo for her mirror.

'The travellers from beyond time are indeed foolish people,' says Exorse before he turns a corner and closes in on the fugitives.

Exorse activates his light gun and sweeps the walls of the passage.

'Don't let it shine on you,' Chal tells Dodo. 'Don't let it touch your eyes.'

'Hold him Dodo,' says Steven as Chal starts to panic. 'This might just work.'

Steven holds up the mirror, reflecting the beam back at Exorse.

Dazzled by the beam, Exorse drops his light gun and Steven grabs it. Steven activates the gun directly into Exorse's face. 'He has taken the guard prisoner,' mutters Chal. 'It is impossible.'

Nanina is stunned to see the captive Exorse emerge from the tunnel. 'The strangers must be gods!' exclaims Tor.

The assistants lift the unconscious Doctor from the operating trolley and prepare to take him to a guest apartment.

Jano is ready to receive the Doctor's energy. 'It is most important we keep this intransference secret until we know the results,' he tells Senta.

Senta leads Jano to a chair, and places a device over his head.

Senta activates a control on an instrument panel and a glass screen descends.

The vats start to bubble and jets of gas are released inside the cubicle.

Life-sucking process

The savages debate what to do with the captive Exorse. Steven asks them how to get back to the city. Chal offers to show him and Dodo the way.

When they have gone, Tor takes a club and brutally strikes Exorse. Nanina stops him from beating the guard further, and cleans Exorse's wound. Exorse is confused, but touched by her compassion.

'The entrance is there,' says Chal, pointing ahead. 'It opens into a passage which leads to the laboratory.'

A guard steps through the entrance.

Steven, Dodo and Chal watch as the guard retrieves some food from his pocket.

Steven confidently steps out and activates his light gun. The guard slumps to the ground, unconscious.

'The light must have hit his eyes,' says Chal. 'He will be like this for a long time.'

Steven tells Chal to take the guard into the bushes while he and Dodo go inside.

'Intransference completed,' announces Senta. 'Pressure restored.' Jano steps out of the cubicle and begins acting strangely. 'Are you all right, Jano?' asks Senta.

'Hmm?' says Jano, who now sounds uncannily like the Doctor. 'What's all the fuss about? Hmm? I'm quite all right.' Jano becomes manic, fluctuating between his own personality and the Doctor's.

Who's Who?

Senta leaves Jano, who once more assumes the personality of the Doctor. He raises a metal bar above his head, preparing to smash the equipment. Changing personalities again, Jano drops the bar. 'What's happened to me?' he asks himself.

Steven and Dodo's progress is carefully monitored by Edal and Senta.

'They're not going to give us much trouble,' says Edal. 'A little bit further and they'll have no chance to get back.'

Dodo feels uneasy and tells Steven she is reluctant to go on.

'Doctor!' gasps Dodo, as they approach a familiar figure slumped against a wall. 'Oh it's wonderful to see you!'

'Are you all right Doctor?' asks Steven. But the dishevelled Doctor makes no sound and remains rooted to the spot.

As Steven and Dodo begin to help the Doctor along, Edal presses a button and the door at the end of the passage begins to close.

Steven and Dodo struggle to hold the door open but the Doctor is too weak to cross the corridor. The door closes and they are trapped inside the city.

A dense gas fills the corridor. Steven activates the light gun but its beam fails to penetrate the advancing fog.

Two masked guards stride through the gas as Steven frantically hammers on the door. Dodo begins to choke on the fumes. The Doctor dazed remains oblivious to the approaching danger...

NEXT WEEK: Can the Doctor recover himself?

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