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22 October 2014

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By the time the distressed Victoria alerts Jamie to the movement of the creature it is too late. The giant alien knocks the Scotsman unconscious and grabs the girl, who promptly faints.

Miss Garrett and Clent debate the pros and cons of retaining the Doctor as a scientific advisor. The Leader is ever-reliant on his computer, and orders it to 'State the worth potential and unity value of the Doctor.'

The Doctor gatecrashes their private planning conference in time to hear the end of the computer's positive, but guarded, verdict. He defends himself in response to Clent's irritation.

'What I have to say is extremely important,' he emphasises. Once he has gained their attention, he tells them that the 'man' found in the glacier isn't all he initially seemed. Clent scoffs at the Doctor.

'It has electronic connections!' the Doctor insists, stunning Clent into silence. While the Leader attempts to rationalise the discovery in terms of Earth history, the Doctor adds that the creature's headpiece is a highly sophisticated space helmet.

'Your project is in danger!' the Doctor tells Clent, who fails to grasp why. 'How did it get here?' asks the Doctor. 'Well, it didn't walk did it?' The Doctor argues that the creature's spaceship must still be inside the glacier - and probably still intact.

Miss Garrett points out that the ship's propulsion unit was probably nuclear-powered. Clent and the Doctor quickly conclude that even minimal use of the ioniser could explode the reactors. The resulting radioactive contamination could last for fifty years.

Jamie bursts in and tells the others that the creature has kidnapped Victoria. They follow Jamie back and the Doctor soon discovers scorch marks near the device used to melt the ice. They betray the process which unintentionally 'shocked' the creature back to life.

Clent's concern about having an intruder inside the base prompts him to order a red alert. To the Doctor's exasperation he then consults the computer for impartial advice.

In a storage area elsewhere in the base, Victoria regains consciousness to find herself a captive of the towering alien. 'Who are you? Where are you from?' she asks in a voice full of terror.

The creature hisses that its name is Varga, and that it hails from 'the Red Planet.' 'Mars!' the girl exclaims.

Is there life on Mars? (montage with audio)

'We thought you were dead,' she continues, almost hysterically, 'then you came to life. What happened?'
'Too many questions,' Varga snaps. 'I need answers...'

'... from you.' Victoria tells him that he has been entombed since the first Ice Age - thousands of years ago. Varga reacts with disbelief.

'Were there others with you?' she nervously asks.
'Yes,' Varga replies. 'Our spaceship crashed at the foot of the ice mountain. As we came out to investigate, a great avalanche of snow came past.' He reveals that he intends freeing his fellow crewmembers from the glacier.

In response to his next query, Victoria tells Varga that he was revived by the scientists at the base. She suggests he lets them help him, but he dismisses her offer: the scientists would keep him as a curiosity, abandoning his fellow warriors.

Varga's plan is already clear in his mind - once he has revived his crew he must decide 'whether to go back to our own world, or to conquer this.'

The computer recommends that ionisation should continue, concluding that 'a limited number of lives are expected to be lost.' It adds, however, that the alien spacecraft must be examined and recommends that Scientist Arden is sent to investigate.

'Do you think that you can handle this 'ice giant' single-handed?' asks Clent.

Arden requests a 'guard', and Jamie's enthusiasm to find Victoria soon leads him to volunteer. Clent protests that the computer only suggested one person to investigate, but eventually relents.

Inside the small conservatory which he uses to grow fruit and vegetables, Penley fights for Storr's life.

'You know the trouble with you, Storr,' Penley admonishes his injured companion. 'You're just stupid.' Storr continues to complain, refusing Penley's offer of antibiotics.

'If you don't do what I say, you'll soon be in a coma,' the former Scientist insists.

Storr's condition is worsening, and he finally concedes to Penley's offer of some natural medication. 'There are advantages of living in a plant museum,' Penley smiles.
'Even a Scientist can appreciate it then,' Storr sneers.

He reminisces about the time prior to the new Ice Age before collapsing into a fit of coughing. Realising it is time to act, Penley decides to leave.

Storr reacts with horror as Penley announces 'I'm going for drugs. If I don't get them you're as good as dead.'

Varga's interrogation of the terrified Victoria continues. He demands a description of the device used to melt the ice he was encased in. 'It's a black box with wires,' the girl stutters. 'They connected it to you and you came alive.'

Varga advances, and tells Victoria that he needs access to the device. 'I'll tell you how to get there,' she nervously offers. 'You will take me there,' he orders. 'Without that power unit my warriors are lifeless.'

'You'll have to go down the corridor,' she says. 'Supposing someone sees you?' 'Then I will kill them,' he replies, 'and you, if you call for help.' To emphasise his intent, Varga brandishes his sonic gun. 'It will burst your brain with noise.'

On the perimeter of the base, the ravages of the weather make progress difficult as Jamie tells Arden that the alien is, 'out there somewhere, Victoria with him.'

'I can't get a reading,' Arden complains, probing the glacier face.

'There's something inside there, but all it's doing is creating havoc on this radiation sensor.'

Clent makes contact on Arden's wrist communicator, demanding a progress report and barking out orders. 'There's no reading obtainable,' Arden reports. 'The sensor is being jammed by some kind of screening device,' he continues. 'I can't make head nor tail of it.'

'Nice boss you've got there,' jokes Jamie after Clent signs off. 'The trouble with Clent is that he's not a proper scientist,' Arden complains, 'he's an organiser.'

Penley advances through the base in his search for drugs, ever-mindful of being caught. Spotting an open door, he cautiously peers through...

... to witness Victoria being menaced by Varga. 'The black box!' the Martian orders. 'Find it quickly!'

Penley watches, horrified, as Victoria duly obeys.

The Doctor asks Clent why he can't get an expert to help with the glacier control. 'I choose not to,' Clent snaps. 'You're not here to question me.'
'No,' the Doctor replies softly, 'I'm here to help you - if I choose.'

'This is the most important job I've ever had,' Clent tells him. 'I'm chosen because I never fail.' He does, however, admit that hiring Penley was a grave error - the man was hopelessly temperamental.
'Temperamental or individual?' asks the Doctor.

'If we fail, others cannot succeed,' Clent insists.
'And your name will suffer,' says the Doctor. He agrees to help, suggesting that the Leader tries trusting humans instead of computers.
'I trust no-one Doctor - not any more. Human emotions are unreliable.'

'The power pack!' reiterates Varga. 'I'm looking,' protests Victoria, who scrambles around the room searching for the resuscitating device.

She eventually locates the box, which the creature eagerly grabs. 'You are coming with me to the ice mountain,' he breathes.

At that moment, Clent strides into the room. Momentarily shocked by the scene that confronts him, he has no time to defend himself or raise an alarm before Varga activates the power pack. The device has a devastating effect and Clent collapses.

Gripping the power pack, Varga drags the hysterical girl away, abandoning the unconscious Clent.

With the way now clear, Penley cautiously advances into the room, examining the prostrate Leader. He is joined by Jamie and the Doctor, who asks 'Did you do this?' 'I've come very close to it at times,' smiles Penley. 'I've never seen him look so peaceful!'

The former Scientist tells the Doctor that Clent was attacked by a 'monstrous-looking creature'. Jamie is angered to learn that the alien giant had a female hostage. 'Why didn't you try to stop them?' asks the Scotsman.

'I came here to get some drugs for a man who's sick,' says Penley. 'She's alive - my friend will die if I don't get back.' The Doctor correctly guesses the renegade's identity, telling him he is desperately needed. 'Needing isn't getting,' Penley tells him. 'I'm free of their problems for good.'

Penley has left with the drugs by the time Miss Garrett arrives to administer to Clent.

The dazed Leader slowly recovers and tells the Doctor that the creature knocked him out using the power pack.

The Doctor surmises that the alien will use the power pack to revive its fellow crew, and has taken Victoria as a hostage. The Doctor recommends waiting until morning for the creature to show its hand: Clent's reaction is hostile. He turns to Scientist Arden.

'Must I remind you of the mission you have yet to accomplish?' he asks him. Realising Clent's meaning, Arden strenuously refuses to leave the base until dawn.

'No Clent, not at night - not for you or anybody. You haven't been out there at night.'

At the glacier face, Varga successfully locates his frozen warriors.

'When your friends come after us they will find a surprise,' promises Varga.

Victoria backs away, terrified, as the process begins. Varga warns her not to try to escape, adding 'You are going to help me.'

The alien directs the sonic gun towards the wall of ice. A repetitive electronic hum fills the air.

In the conservatory, Penley gives Storr the drugs he recovered from the base.

'While you're undergoing repairs, Storr old chap, I'm going to do a bit of hunting myself - up on the glacier. Something strange is happening, Elric Penley - that warrior, that girl, that funny scruffy-looking chap.'

'Something strange indeed, something disturbing, something to do with the ice. And if what that particular chap said is true, that they really need me, it may mean the parting of the ways for us...'

At the glacier, the process to isolate the remaining Martians is completed. 'It is done,' Varga hisses. 'They are free. And now, to bring them back to life...'

NEXT WEEK: Varga prepares a trap.

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