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22 October 2014

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The Doctor struggles with Zondal, but the creature's flailing fist strikes the sonic cannon's activation mechanism. In the base, the staff are oblivious to the danger...

... until the dome is rocked by an immense sonic blast. Debris crashes down from the ceiling and Walters cries, 'The records wing - it's gone! It's demolished!'
An alarm sounds as Clent states the obvious: 'We're under attack!'

'Leader Clent,' rasps Varga from the control room's video screen, 'surrender now, or I will blast your base to fragments.'

'No, I refuse. You can't destroy us,' says Clent.
'Must I fire again?' asks Varga.
Walters warns, 'The building won't stand much more of this bombardment sir.'

'I will agree to talk,' says Clent. 'Nothing more.' Varga stipulates that there is to be no treachery and Clent agrees.

Clent limps away as Miss Garrett asks, 'Can we trust him?'
Clent tells her that they have no choice. 'He has the best argument on his side - that gun!'

Miss Garrett proposes that they threaten to use the ioniser on the aliens' spaceship. Walters argues that they shouldn't bluff, but that they should actually use the weapon. 'Wait, it says,' shrieks Walters, mocking the computer, 'with glaciers on the one hand and warriors on the other!'

'What we need is someone like Penley or that Doctor,' rants Walters. 'Somebody who can think!'

Walters prepares to smash the computer, but Miss Garrett has already seen and heard enough. She shoots Walters with her tranquilliser gun and he collapses.

On the Martian ship, the Doctor begins examining the mechanism inside the sonic cannon. At the base, Varga, Isbur and Rintan burst into the control room.

'I will tell you what I want and you will give it to me,' hisses Varga.
'At times like this it beholds us both to proceed with mutual respect,' blathers Clent, trying to buy time.

Out of sight, Walters regains consciousness and aims his tranquilliser gun at Varga.

Before he can pull the trigger, Walters is spotted by one of the warriors. The air contorts as Walters is swiftly despatched. He slumps back, dead.

Miss Garrett looks on horrified as Varga sneers, 'So much for your word.' He turns to Clent. 'I have one major requirement: mercury isotopes for my ship's reactor. You will give them to me.'

'But we don't use mercury isotopes,' protests Clent.
'You are lying,' says Varga. 'Tell me what will happen if we halted your reactor in order to remove the fuel elements we need.'

'That reactor gives us light, heat and power,' says Clent. 'And it powers the ioniser!' reveals Miss Garrett. Clent insists that the reactor doesn't use mercury anyway. 'I do not believe you,' says Varga.

Victoria eavesdrops on the conversation from the warriors' ship. 'There is only one way to find out,' says Varga, who demands to examine the reactor controls. The Doctor springs to his feet and tells Victoria he may be able to turn Varga's main weapon against him.

Outside the ship the Doctor heads straight for the barrel of the sonic cannon. 'How does this gun operate,' he wonders to himself.

Clent warns Varga that if the power to the ioniser is just cut, then the feedback could blast the building into a state of ion flux. He tells Varga that the ioniser is powerful enough to melt rock, and begs him not to interfere with the primed controls.

Varga orders Miss Garrett to run the ioniser down to safety level. She looks to Clent for guidance, and he shakes his head behind Varga's back. 'Close it down,' insists Varga, 'or you die.'

Varga reveals that he knows the humans dare not use the ioniser anyway. He threatens Clent, asking the Leader why he qualifies to live. 'I have the answers you require,' stammers Clent.

'I know all I need to know,' asserts Varga. 'If I killed you it would be no great loss to me.' Miss Garrett pleads for Clent's life, and Varga responds by telling her to power down the ioniser as quickly as is safely possible.

'At once!' he orders, levelling his weapon at Miss Garrett. This time Clent nods, and she starts operating the controls.

The Doctor tells Victoria that he is trying to sabotage the gun so that it affects the warriors without harming the humans in the building too much.

'I believe that Varga and his warriors have a far greater fluid content than human beings,' says the Doctor as he continues to rummage around in the barrel's circuitry. He alters the cannon's sonic frequency in a way that he hopes will disrupt the Martians badly: 'Their helmets will trap and intensify the sound waves.'

The Doctor continues tinkering with the circuitry inside the ship. 'You mean it will knock them out and leave the scientists a bit dizzy?' asks Victoria.
'That's what I'm hoping,' says the Doctor. 'But there is just a vague possibility that it will kill everybody.'

Penley and Jamie lie on trolleys in the medicontrol centre.

Penley regains consciousness and checks on Jamie before hastily leaving the room.

By the time Jamie opens his eyes, Penley is gone.

The ioniser powers down, and Varga orders Miss Garrett to disconnect it completely. 'Now we must move quickly before the glacial surge does too much damage,' hisses the commander.

'You'll regret this, Varga,' says Clent.
'At least I will live to regret it,' Varga replies, ordering the reactor to be shut down quickly. Outside, Penley listens to the tense exchange.

'They're probably at home in Ice Age conditions,' mutters Penley, stopping alongside a bank of temperature controls. 'Well, we'll soon change all that.'

The Martians soon sense that the base has become much warmer. 'The heat,' Varga gasps. 'What is happening?'

'There is something wrong,' says Varga, staggering as the air around him appears to shimmer with the rapid rise in temperature.

'You have tried to kill me again,' he rasps, now struggling to draw breath. 'For that you will die.'
Meanwhile, the Doctor activates the sonic cannon. 'Cross your fingers,' he tells Victoria.

The humans clutch their heads, collapsing over their consoles. The already weakened warriors writhe around, hammering the sides of their heads as the sonic gun's waves reverberate around the room.

'Varga,' says the Doctor, communicating with the base, 'are you going to retreat, or shall I fire again?'
The Martians exit the base, and Varga vows 'You will die for this.'
The Doctor performs an explosive sabotage of the gun's controls before he and Victoria hurriedly exit the ship.

The silent control room is littered with unconscious scientists. Meanwhile, in the Martian ship, Zondal recovers in time to see Varga inspect the Doctor's handiwork. 'The gun is useless,' he rasps.

The Doctor revives Penley and tells Victoria to return to the safety of the TARDIS. In the warriors' ship, Varga prepares to break free as soon as the humans evaporate the ice. Clent tells Miss Garrett to reconnect the ioniser, while the recovered Jamie helps revive the other base-members.

The Doctor tells Clent that the spacecraft is powered by an ion reactor, and a dismayed Clent concludes that they dare not use the ioniser at full force. 'That's our last hope gone.' Penley is not convinced.

Penley is dismissive of the computer's advice and the Doctor backs him up. 'There's only one way out,' stresses Penley. 'We must over-ride the computer.' Clent and Miss Garrett are appalled.

Clent insists that all the world's bases must act together: acting too soon may be as bad as not acting at all. 'But these other bases haven't got a glacier right on top of them,' argues Penley. 'And what about these 'ice warriors'? If they live they threaten our entire civilisation.' When the computer spouts gibberish, Clent crumbles. Penley, assuming command, orders the use of the ioniser.

'The glacier is breaking up,' reports Zondal. 'Soon we will be free.' The ice begins to crack and the instrument panels glow brightly. 'The ice is our friend,' says Varga. 'We still have power.'

'You're wrong, you're wrong,' screams a hysterical Clent as the crumbling glacier emits an ominous rumble. 'We'll all be killed!'
Penley is determined, however. 'It's a risk I willingly take,' he says, shifting the power up to maximum.

The Martian vessel fills with smoke. 'It was not power in the engines,' concludes Varga as the temperature rises.

Meltdown for the Ice Warriors

'It was heat, our greatest enemy!' says Varga. 'The heat from the ioniser!'

'The heat,' cries Varga as he and his warriors expire in their molten spaceship.

All eyes are on the control panel...

53 a silence descends on the control room.

The seismograph indicates only a minor explosion from the Martian vessel. 'We're safe!' exclaims Miss Garrett.

'Penley,' says a dazed Clent, 'you are the most insufferably irritating and infuriating person I've ever been privileged to work with.' Clent declares that he will have to compile a report.
'Without the computer?' jokes Penley.

'No Penley,' he laughs, 'I've always written my own speeches. And my own reports.'
'Are you going to include the...' begins Penley, before noticing that the Doctor and Jamie have gone. Outside the base, the light on the roof of the incongruous police box begins to flash.

The ice of the melting glacier gleams in the twilight as the TARDIS fades from view.

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