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22 October 2014

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The possessed Maggie Harris turns away from Robson and wades into the water.

The waves engulf her, and she disappears without trace.

In the communications room Van Lutyens watches anxiously as Price fails to raise first Rig D, and then Rig A.

The Doctor suggests sending someone to investigate, but the Dutchman pleads that he is just a technical advisor and that he has no authority until Controller Harris returns.

The frustrated Chief Engineer's attempts to repair the motionless impeller continue to meet with failure.

While they work, the strange heartbeat again resounds around them.

In a nearby cabin, Victoria is disturbing Jamie's attempts to get some sleep.

The root of her restlessness is the lethal seaweed and the uncertainty of their nomadic lifestyle.

'Don't worry,' says Jamie. 'The Doctor will sort something out – he always does.'

The Doctor arrives and Victoria pours out her fears while Jamie drifts back to sleep.

'Why can't we go anywhere pleasant?' she asks. 'Where there's no fighting – just peace and happiness.' The Doctor says nothing.

A frantic Harris goes to the beach in search of his wife, Maggie.

He asks the solitary Robson if he's seen her.

'You'll find her Mr Harris,' he intones. 'Very soon.'

Harris watches, confused, as Robson turns away. He calls out, but the possessed Controller calmly walks away.

Much to the alarm of the Doctor, Jamie and the Chief Engineer, Van Lutyens announces that he intends to search the base of the impeller shaft for weed blockage.

The others wish him luck as he climbs aboard the lift platform. 'I wish you wouldn't do this,' says the Doctor.

The lift taking him down the shaft is activated.

Accompanied by the hum of the lift motor, Van Lutyens begins the slow descent into the darkness.

Alone in the gloom, he flashes his torch all around him.

When the lift comes to a halt he begins a thorough search. Opening an inspection hatch, he hears the now familiar heartbeat.

Alien heartbeat

The sound is accompanied by the sinister seething noise of the menacing weed.

Alien heartbeat

As the deadly creature begins to consume him, Van Lutyens' screams echo up the shaft.

Van Lutyens scrambles for his life, and the Chief shouts 'Get him up!' When the lift ascends empty, the Doctor and Jamie descend in pursuit of the engineer.

In the communications room Price hears that Megan Jones, the director of Euro Sea Gas, has arrived.

Harris enters in an agitated state, still searching for his wife.

The Chief Engineer updates him on the situation in the impeller shaft. Harris orders the lift to be stopped so the Doctor and Jamie can be rescued.

Mr Oak, together with his accomplice Mr Quill, has assumed control of the lift. 'I'm sorry sir,' he smiles insincerely, 'it's too late.'

At the foot of the shaft Jamie discovers Van Lutyens' discarded torch and his unease grows.

Megan Jones enters the compound, accompanied by her secretary Perkins and a guard. She expresses the fear that she has been called in to resolve little more than an internal management squabble.

'Harris is a bright man,' she says. 'I sent him down here thinking he might gain from Robson's practical experience. Obviously the two haven't hit it off together.'

'So, we're pouring oil...' says Perkins.

'Let's go and see, shall we?'

Harris asks the Chief Engineer to back him up when he talks to Jones, and leaves Oak to attend to the lift in readiness for the Doctor and Jamie's return. 'You can rely on us,' he replies, before reassuring a concerned Victoria.

Megan Jones derides Harris's stories of dangerous seaweed creatures.

She is aware that Harris's wife is seriously ill, but stresses that her primary concern is the maintenance of the country's gas supply.

Harris tells her that they have lost contact with three of the rigs. Nevertheless, Jones denies him permission to call out Air Defence.

Instead, she suggests using the company helicopters to assess the situation on the silent rigs.

Price gives the order, while Harris tells Jones that he can't explain what has afflicted Controller Robson.

In the impeller shaft, Jamie and the Doctor witness a resurgence in the aggressive weed.

As the creature surges towards them the anxious Doctor presses the lift's recall button to no avail.

The two saboteurs emerge from the pipeline room into the impeller control area, blatantly ignore the lift emergency light and walk away.

Mr Oak and Mr Quill's theme

The Doctor and Jamie quickly ascend the impeller shaft ladder, and shortly afterwards appear on the surface.

Jamie and the Doctor haul themselves to safety, looking nervously behind them at the approaching weed-creature. They decide to look for the missing Victoria.

Megan Jones is stunned by the helicopter pilot's report of the foam and weed that engulf the silent rigs. 'And no sign of life at all,' adds Harris. He asks for permission to evacuate the remaining rigs and then blow them all up.

She is outraged, but before she can reply Robson enters, hysterically screaming, 'You leave those rigs alone – they're mine!'

He is more paranoid and incoherent than ever. 'We won't allow it!'

Jones asks him to explain the statement. 'Who Robson, who?' His voice trails off.

He starts to question himself and has to be supported by the Chief Engineer. He staggers out of the room as the Doctor enters. He confirms that the weed and foam have killed Van Lutyens and are controlling Robson.

Meanwhile, Jamie searches for the missing Victoria.

The Doctor explains to an attentive Megan that the intelligent weed has parasitically overcome the minds of its victims.

A weak communication arrives from Chief Baxter at the Control Rig.

'For pity's sake – they're all around us! They're everywhere!' reports the beleaguered man. 'Get us out of here!' he implores, before the message ends with a desperate scream.

After a lengthy search Jamie finds Victoria unconscious in the pipeline room.

He tries to revive the girl, who slowly responds. 'Jamie,' she smiles, 'I didn't know you cared.'

She describes the two engineers – one short, one tall – who must have knocked her out.

Once again she complains that they seem to find trouble wherever they go. Jamie asks if she's no longer happy travelling with him and the Doctor before the weed's heartbeat becomes audible once more.

Alien heartbeat

They look around for the source of the noise, and rush to tell the others when they spot the creature inside the observation pipe.

'The advance guard,' mutters the Doctor. 'It's begun – the battle of the giants.' The group withdraws from the mass of weeds and tendrils.

A few moments later, however, the Doctor summons the courage to approach the seething horror...

NEXT WEEK: Can the Doctor defend the rig from the attacking weed?

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