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22 October 2014

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The disembodied voice luring the Doctor into the office belonged to Spencer.

The Doctor crouches to examine the gas that pours out of one of the nozzles, but he is soon repelled by its freezing effect.

He shivers as the temperature plummets.

Spencer observes the Doctor as he jams his handkerchief over one of the nozzles.

Spencer flicks a switch on the panel in front of him, but the Doctor proves too resourceful. Taking another handkerchief from his pocket he blocks one of the other nozzles.

Pleased with his handiwork, the Doctor gazes up and sees the camera observing him. He takes off his jacket and hangs it over the lens.

A puzzled Spencer activates another switch, and the bookcase in the office glides open. Spencer steps through to find the Doctor lying on the floor.

He bends down to examine the Doctor, who appears to be helpless.

The Doctor quickly turns around and aims the pen-like device at Spencer, who collapses on the floor.

Leaving Spencer on the ground, the Doctor retrieves his jacket and runs out of the hangar.

More unwitting passengers collect their boarding passes from the Chameleon Tours kiosk.

Jamie tells Crossland that Gascoigne has been murdered.

The Doctor arrives, and Crossland shows him a photograph of Gascoigne. The Doctor recognises him immediately. 'That's the man we found in the Chameleon Tours hangar.'

Spencer opens his eyes and slowly regains consciousness.

Blade demands to know where the Doctor is. 'He escaped,' says Spencer. 'His intelligence... is far above... normal beings.'

Before Blade leaves for Zurich he tells Spencer: 'The Doctor must die – and you must do it.'

The Doctor and Crossland prepare to visit the Commandant. 'This time he's going to believe you,' says the Inspector, sucking on his pipe.

Samantha decides to investigate the Chameleon hangar herself. 'Come on kid,' she says, persuading Jamie to accompany her.

The Commandant finally accepts that the Doctor found a body in the hangar. The Doctor then reveals that he found someone else in a stupefied state inside a packing crate. 'I think he may be in here,' says the Doctor, moving towards the air traffic controllers.

The Doctor pauses when he reaches Meadows.

The Doctor returns to the Commandant's desk and produces the pen-like device used to freeze Ben. 'Looks like a fountain pen to me,' says the Commandant. 'Things are not always what they seem,' says the Doctor. 'Chameleon Tours are not quite what they seem either.'

The Doctor reveals that Inspector Gascoigne was murdered with a weapon not yet developed on Earth. 'Oh really!' exclaims an exasperated Commandant. The Doctor continues, explaining that Chameleon Tours is a front for the mass kidnapping of young people.

'I think we're dealing with people who are not from this planet,' concludes the Doctor. 'This is absolute arrant nonsense!' says the Commandant. The Doctor asks Meadows to hold out a cup, which he touches with the alien device.

An agonised Meadows immediately drops the cup. Jean picks one of the broken pieces.

'It's turned to ice!' she exclaims as Crossland looks on in disbelief. 'Do you call that arrant nonsense?' the Doctor asks the Commandant.

Samantha finds a stash of picture postcards in the Chameleon Tours office.

'Dear Mum and Dad,' she reads. 'Have arrived safely in the Black Forest. Will write again soon, love Tim.'

She runs back into the hangar to show Jamie, who comforts her as she starts crying. 'Oh get off,' she says. 'I've got something in my eye.' They decide to take the evidence to the Commandant's office.

Jean shows the Doctor the Chameleon flight schedules while the Commandant and Crossland examine the alien device.

Jamie and Samantha rush in. Samantha shows the Doctor and Crossland the postcards she found in the Chameleon office.

Samantha explains that Chameleon Tours post the pre-written cards from foreign countries. 'So the parents think their children have arrived safely...' says Crossland.

Crossland concedes that the Doctor is a little unorthodox, but he asks the Commandant if he will give him a free hand to 'poke around a little bit'. The Commandant reluctantly agrees.

'Doctor,' says the Commandant, 'I'll give you the freedom of the airport for 12 hours - Heaven help me.'

A delighted Samantha gives Jamie a hug.

Meadows tells Spencer that he thinks the Doctor suspects him.

'I could kill him,' suggests Meadows. 'You're going to,' replies Spencer, giving him a device to plant on the Doctor. The device will be activated by remote control.

The Doctor scrutinises a radar screen in air traffic control.

Jean hands him three passes – one for him, one for Jamie and one for Samantha.

One of the air traffic controllers tells the Doctor that a Chameleon Tours flight is approaching the airport. In the background, Meadows returns to his post.

The Doctor asks Jean how many Chameleon flights are made each day.

She tells him there are four Chameleon planes, but eight flights a day to such short-haul destinations as Spain, Greece and Italy.

One of the air traffic controllers points out the Chameleon flight on the radar. The Doctor becomes curious about when the incoming Chameleon planes are first detected.

The Chameleon plane descends to 10,000 feet while Captain Blade awaits landing clearance. The Doctor, Jamie and Sam leave air traffic control, but not before Meadows surreptitiously attaches the device to the Doctor's coat.

Shortly after the plane lands Crossland arrives at the Chameleon Tours kiosk and asks to speak to the manager.

Spencer moves into the back room and contacts Blade, who tells him to send the Inspector to the plane.

In the Chameleon Tours office the Doctor notices that the gas nozzles seem to have disappeared. 'Somewhere in that solid wall there's a door,' muses the Doctor.

On board the plane, Crossland asks Blade about Brian Briggs and Inspector Gascoigne. He insists the flight is suspended while he continues his investigation.

Crossland follows Blade into the cockpit. In place of the standard controls there is an array of alien machinery.

'I shouldn't move any further if I were you,' says Blade. 'This gun proved remarkably effective in dealing with your colleague Inspector Gascoigne.'

The Doctor finally locates the mechanism to open the hidden door. The bookcase slides open. Behind the door, he finds machinery designed to aid 'someone who's not used to the Earth's atmosphere.'

Hidden Room

The Doctor switches on a monitor and sees what looks like a hospital. 'Let's see if there's a first aid post in Gatwick Airport,' he tells Jamie.

As they leave the office, Spencer observes them and prepares to activate the remote control device.

The Doctor collapses in the hangar, clutching his back. Jamie locates the device and pulls it off the Doctor's coat.

The flight takes off and Ann seals the cockpit door. 'You wanted to know what was the secret of Chameleon Tours,' Blade tells Crossland. 'Well Inspector, see for yourself.'

Blade activates a control and a monitor screen shows row after row of empty seats. Crossland gasps – the passengers have completely disappeared.

NEXT WEEK: Danger! Laser cannon approaching!

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