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22 October 2014

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An eerie silence pervades the Chameleon space station.

The Director's office is dominated by a large portal showing the stars beyond. The Chameleons have abducted their final plane-load of young people from Gatwick, and are ready to return to their home planet with their stolen identities.

The Doctor and Nurse Pinto gingerly explore the space station, looking for the abducted passengers.

They are stopped by Blade, Ann and a Chameleon guard. 'I checked with the medical centre,' says Blade. 'You're both human.' Blade explains that they were allowed to come to the space station. 'We want you intact... I want your brain.'

Meadows insists that he doesn't know where the Chameleons hid the 'originals' of the airport personnel. Superintendent Reynolds asks the Commandant for volunteers to help with the search.

The Commandant diverts all inbound aircraft and suspends all outgoing flights before addressing the entire airport over the public address system. He orders all available personnel to report to the airport police so they can assist in 'a special duty'.

Airport staff join the police in searching every building at the airport for the twenty five missing people.

The Doctor tells the Director that he has come to the space station to plead for the lives of 50,000 young people. 'They're only human beings,' says the Director dismissively. 'We are the most intelligent race in the universe.'

The Doctor is overjoyed to see Jamie, but soon realises he is actually talking to a Chameleon. 'You've lost his Scots accent,' he says. 'I much preferred the original.'

The Doctor guesses that the Director's original – Inspector Crossland – is on board. 'Where's your original?' the Doctor asks an impassive Blade.

At Gatwick, Meadows escapes from his police guard.

The Doctor tells Spencer that there seem to be two categories amongst the Chameleons – those whose originals are kept on board the space station and those whose originals are left on Earth. 'If they're tampered with, you're finished.'

'You'd better process me quickly,' the Doctor tells Blade. 'Any minute now you'll cease to exist.' The Doctor then tells Blade that the Commandant has found all the originals and intends to de-process them one-by-one – starting with Blade.

Reynolds tells the Commandant which areas of the airport have been checked by the police and volunteers.

The Chameleons contact air traffic control. 'We understand you have found some property in which we have an interest,' says the voice on the radio message. The Commandant confirms the assumption, but refuses to reveal where the originals were discovered.

'The Doctor must be trying some sort of bluff,' says the Commandant. 'And we're not being much help to him,' adds Reynolds.

Jean and Samantha decide to check the car park records after Samantha becomes suspicious that Chameleon Tours used a lot of coaches.

'Why didn't that occur to me?' says Jean. 'You haven't got all the brains in London you know!' replies Samantha.

'There you are,' says Samantha triumphantly. 'Twenty-five car numbers, twenty-five people.'

Reynolds reports that Jean and Samantha think they've found a clue.

The Commandant tries to stall the Chameleons a little longer...

... but his transmission is ignored.

Blade concludes that the Commandant was bluffing. 'In future,' the Director warns Blade, 'take your orders only from me.'

As the Doctor is prepared for processing, he surreptitiously produces a screwdriver and tampers with the machinery.

There is a small explosion and the Doctor exclaims 'Oh dear...' with mock concern.

'You haven't averted your fate,' the Director warns the Doctor, 'only postponed it.'

Jean and Samantha scour a car park, looking for registration plates that match those belonging to the cars of the missing personnel.

On the space station, a replacement unit arrives and the Doctor is once more prepared to be processed. Meanwhile, Samantha discovers a catatonic Jenkins hidden inside his car.

Jean continues to search another part of the car park. Both girls are silently watched by Meadows.

Meadows jumps out from between two parked cars and leaps on Samantha.

Samantha puts up a spirited resistance and before long Meadows is back in police custody.

Samantha is joined by Jean, and the search continues in the other cars.

The Chameleon Jenkins prepares to process the Doctor as Gatwick contact the space station, claiming to have found the originals. 'Ignore them,' orders the Director.

Dormant bodies are removed from their cars as the Commandant decides to give the Chameleons a demonstration. A police sergeant removes the white sheath from Jenkins' arm.

Aboard the space station, the Chameleon Jenkins disappears.

'They have found them,' says Blade. 'They weren't bluffing!' The Director insists that Jenkins' disappearance may be due to a malfunction.

The Doctor says that by the time the scientists confirm that there is nothing wrong with the equipment, all the airport personnel Chameleons will have disintegrated. 'Except, of course, the Director.'

The Director and Blade turn on each other. 'You told me that all the originals were hidden where they could not possibly be found until the life had been drained from them,' says the Director. 'Are you now telling me you were careless?' Blade levels his ray gun...

... at the Director, and then at the Chameleon Jamie. 'Contact Gatwick air control,' orders Blade.

Blade listens with mounting concern, as the Commandant reveals that the bodies were found in a car park and that one Chameleon has already been eliminated.

The Commandant asks to speak to the Doctor, so Blade orders his release. 'Release the nurse first,' requests the Doctor. The Commandant is relieved to hear the Doctor's voice.

The Doctor begins negotiations with the Chameleons. 'I will guarantee your continued existence if you will return to Earth all the young people you abducted.' Blade confirms that the miniaturisation chambers on the planes work both ways.

'What kind of continued existence would we have?' asks Blade. 'In your former state, I'm afraid,' says the Doctor. 'Your scientists would have to think of some other way out of your dilemma.' Blade accepts, but the Director is furious and there is a scuffle.

Blade shoots the Director and the Chameleon Jamie. The Doctor contacts Gatwick, and tells the Commandant: 'Negotiations have been successfully concluded.'

Spencer takes the Doctor to an area containing a number of large boxes. The first one contains a dazed Jamie. 'You look like a soldier in a sentry box,' says the Doctor, laughing. The Doctor then looks for Inspector Crossland, Ben and Polly.

Preparations begin to return the first plane-load of abducted passengers to Gatwick.

At the airport, life begins to return to normal.

The first plane contains all the processed personnel, as well as Jamie, Ben and Polly. Nurse Pinto prepares to board the plane, but the Inspector decides to stay behind for a while and 'tidy things up.'

Before leaving the space station, the Doctor tells Blade that he might be able to help solve the Chameleon scientists' dilemma. Back at the airport, a grateful Commandant barely has time to say goodbye to the Doctor. He promises that the Doctor's police box will be returned.

'Goodbye Samantha,' says the Doctor. 'Come on Jamie – we must find Ben and Polly and get to the TARDIS.'

'I'll see you round then,' Samantha tells Jamie, trying her best to be nonchalant.

'Ta ra then,' she says, before pulling Jamie close and kissing him on the lips. A surprised Jamie walks out the door and Samantha looks away wistfully. 'Goodbye Jamie...'

Ben and Polly emerge from the Commandant's chauffeur-driven car.

There is a brief reunion, before the Doctor's thoughts return to locating the TARDIS.

It transpires that the date is 20th July 1966 – the very same day Ben and Polly left London following the incident with the War Machines. 'Don't you see Duchess?' Ben asks Polly. 'We're back to when it all started!'

'It is our world…' begins Polly, trying to explain that it is time for her and Ben to part company with the Doctor. 'You're lucky,' says the Doctor. 'I never got back to mine.'

Ben & Polly's goodbye

'Off you go,' says the Doctor. 'Ben can catch his ship and become an admiral, and you Polly… you can look after Ben.'

Ben and a tearful Polly head back to the Commandant's car as a sad Doctor and Jamie renew their efforts to find the TARDIS. 'I'm sad to see them go,' says Jamie. 'Yes,' says the Doctor. 'So am I.'

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