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24 September 2014

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Passengers board a plane at a busy airport.

As they ascend the steps, the noise of jet engines fills the air and air traffic control radars sweep the sky.

The passenger jet taxis along the runway, awaiting clearance to take off.

A familiar grating noise accompanies the appearance of a police box on the intersection between two runways.

The passenger jet lifts off the ground as the Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly emerge from the TARDIS.

'It's a flying beastie!' exclaims Jamie as the plane roars overhead. The TARDIS crew run for cover.

'Hey you!' shouts a nearby policeman. 'Scatter!' says the Doctor, and the group head off in different directions. The policeman heads off Ben.

'A likely story,' says the airport Commandant when he hears the pilot's report of a police box on the runway.

'Police Box!' says the Commandant with disdain as his colleague Jean Rock listens.

The TARDIS is strapped to the back of a lorry and driven away with a police escort.

Ben hides in a hangar, and the Doctor and Jamie take cover behind the giant wheels of a parked aircraft.

Polly evades a patrolling policeman by hiding in a hangar belonging to Chameleon Tours.

She watches as a man is cornered by a pilot called Spencer. The pilot raises an unusual hand weapon and squeezes the trigger. The room is bathed in a unnatural light.

The electrocuted man screams and falls to the ground. Spencer retrieves some discarded papers and covers the body with a sheet.

Spencer moves into an adjoining room, where banks of sophisticated machinery emit a low humming noise. An electric door glides open before him and he address his Captain on a monitor screen.

'The postcards,' explains Spencer. 'Someone found them...' Soon afterwards an alarm sounds and Spencer switches on another monitor. It shows Polly, gingerly examining the body beneath the sheet.

Spencer rushes back into the warehouse, brandishing his unusual gun. Polly hears him and runs out the door. Spencer holds back when the lorry containing the TARDIS approaches.

Jean reports that the appearance of the police box must have been a practical joke.

The Commandant takes it up with the chief of police, who reports that four suspicious characters have been sighted. The Commandant is unsurprised to learn that they have evaded arrest.

The Commandant asks Jean to contact the airport's immigration department.

A breathless Polly tells the Doctor and Jamie that she saw someone murdered in the Chameleon Tours hangar. They set off to investigate.

In the hangar, Spencer is joined by the Captain.

Spencer watches as his superior examines the body. 'He found evidence,' says the pilot. 'I had to stop him.'

'You've killed Detective Inspector Gascoigne,' says the Captain, examining the dead policeman's papers.

'Arrange disposal,' orders the Captain. Spencer moves into the adjoining room.

The policeman's identifying documents are destroyed and Spencer continues with the task he was carrying out before he was disturbed. He loads items of luggage into a wall-mounted device. The device makes a noise when each item is processed.

Spencer and the Captain are alerted to an image on the surveillance monitor – the Doctor, Jamie and Polly have arrived at the Chameleon Tours hangar.

The Doctor observes that the electrocuted policeman's clothes are scorched. The Doctor decides not to inform the police, but to instead report the murder to the airport authorities. On the way to the main building, Polly is kidnapped by Spencer.

'Murderers!' says Polly, recovering from the effects of the device used to stun her.

Polly is interrogated, but protests that she neither works for an airline nor the authorities.

The two uniformed men observe as the Doctor and Jamie retrace their steps, looking for Polly.

The Doctor and Jamie arrive at Immigration Desk No. 5 along with the passengers from Madrid. The Doctor explains that there has been a murder, but the belligerent officer Jenkins dismisses his concerns.

It is only when Jamie lets slip about the TARDIS that Jenkins begins to take them seriously. 'You gentlemen wouldn't know anything about a police box, would you?'

Jenkins calls the Commandant. 'I think I've got two of your suspects here.'

Still on the run from the airport police, Ben spots an open door and ducks inside. The door leads to the Chameleon Tours hangar.

The Captain nails a container closed just before Ben walks in.

'This is private property,' he tells Ben. 'Visitors are not welcome.'

'A what?' says the Commandant when Jamie explains that someone has been electrocuted with a ray gun. 'Is this some sort of joke?'

The Commandant reluctantly agrees to accompany the Doctor and Jamie to the hangar. Jenkins calls air traffic control to inform them of the Commandant's whereabouts. 'It's going to be one of those days isn't it!' he jokes.

The Captain gathers together a number of picture postcards.

He places a stamp on each one.

Spencer informs him that Polly has been processed. 'We can take another on the next flight.' The Captain takes a hypodermic syringe from his desk.

He opens a large metal cupboard, and holds the outstretched arm of its occupant. The skin on the arm has a curious texture, and the veins are thick and dark. The officer injects the unseen figure, before an alarm alerts him to intruders in the hangar.

The Doctor and Jamie are surprised to discover that the body has gone.

The Commandant listens with mounting scepticism as the Doctor explains that he could find no identifying papers on the corpse.

The Doctor hands the Commandant the only thing he retrieved from the body – an unused Spanish postage stamp.

The Doctor recovers some burnt fibres on the floor, and Jamie notices a scorch mark on the wall.

'Ray gun, burnt fibres, foreign stamps… I must be as mad as you are even to be listening to you,' snaps the Commandant.

Jamie becomes suspicious about the contents of a large container that has appeared at the back of the hangar. Before he can open it, the Captain appears and introduces himself as Blade – Chief Pilot of Chameleon Tours.

The Commandant asks Blade for permission to open the box. When its lid is prised open, its contents are revealed as a large consignment of plastic cups.

The furious Commandant drags Jamie and the Doctor away. Captain Blade fetches the mysterious figure from the adjoining room. Only a pair of unusual hands covered in thick, leathery skin are visible as the figure makes its way down the steps.

The Commandant tells Jenkins that the Doctor and Jamie are trespassers and that their presence in the airport is a police matter.

Jenkins is about to call the police when another group of passengers arrives. Jamie and the Doctor are astonished to discover that one of them appears to be Polly.

Seemingly unaware of the presence of her two friends, Polly calmly opens her handbag to retrieve her passport.

In the airport's main concourse, Captain Blade and the pilot shepherd the frail figure up an escalator.

'My name isn't Polly,' says the girl when the Doctor greets her. 'You must have made a mistake.' The Commandant glares at the Doctor.

Who's Polly?

Blade and Spencer take the shambling figure to the airport's medical centre.

They remove its coat, and the figure sits down on the edge of a table.

Its chest heaves as it struggles for breath in the unfamiliar atmosphere...

NEXT WEEK: The Doctor learns more about Chameleon Tours

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