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22 October 2014

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The Doctor suggests that the Chameleon plane might have moved up, instead of crashing down. 'The darn thing would be in outer space,' scoffs the Commandant. 'Exactly,' says the Doctor.

Meanwhile, the plane is engulfed by an enormous alien space station.

Jamie and the other passengers have disappeared from sight.

Ann asks Blade whether they should have destroyed the plane that pursued them. 'We could eliminate a whole squadron of their toy planes and they'd never get onto us,' he replies confidently.

'Remember the teaching of our Director,' he tells her. 'The intelligence of Earth people is comparable only to that of animals on our planet.'

Jamie, who left his seat before the other passengers vanished, is hiding in the galley. He waits until Ann and Blade have gone before he emerges.

Jamie hears another noise and hides once more. Two Chameleons step aboard the plane, each carrying large containers.

The Chameleons walk into the passenger area and survey the seats.

They move between the seats and fill the containers.

Jamie edges past the two aliens, and quietly leaves the plane.

Emerging into the space station, Jamie follows Ann. She is carrying a tray containing some small objects.

Ann walks into a nearby room, and Jamie watches her file the small objects in drawers.

When she has gone, he moves over to the filing cabinet and opens one of the drawers.

He recoils as he realises the drawer contains the shrunken passengers from the ill-fated flight to Rome.

'I thought I'd missed one of you,' says Ann, levelling a ray gun at Jamie. Two Chameleons follow her into the room and grab him.

At Gatwick, Jean reports that Air Sea Rescue can still find no trace of the missing plane.

The Commandant receives a call from RAF Manston, and discovers that the fighter plane pilot was electrocuted. 'Do you still think these people are from Earth?' asks the Doctor.

Meadows returns to his post and the Doctor resumes his questioning. 'You know what this is, don't you?' says the Doctor, producing the one of the Chameleons' devices.

'Commandant,' explains the Doctor, 'your personnel are being systematically replaced. This is not Meadows – it only looks like Meadows. He's wearing one of these things on his arm.'

The Commandant orders Meadows to roll up his sleeve. Meadows bolts for the door. Jean pushes a chair in his path and he trips over it.

The captive Chameleon offers no resistance as the Doctor rolls up his left sleeve, revealing one of the incriminating sheaths. Meadows panics when the Doctor threatens to turn one of the dials.

'You are going to answer all my questions,' says the Doctor, 'and in return I promise no harm will come to you.'

'Where are your planes taking all their passengers?' asks the Doctor. 'There's a satellite, about 150 miles up,' replies the Chameleon.

'We had a catastrophe on our planet,' the Chameleon explains. 'A gigantic explosion. As you've seen, we've lost our identities. My people are dying out. Our scientists devised a process so that we could take on the physical characteristics of another being.'

The Chameleons says that in the operation's current phase they have abducted 50,000 people. 'On the journey in our planes, the passengers are miniaturised.' He reveals that only the nurse knows the location of the 'originals' – those whose identities have been stolen.

The Chameleon reluctantly agrees to accompany the Doctor to the medical centre, where the machine that can reverse the transformation process is stored. 'It won't make any difference,' he says. 'You'll never see those 50,000 young people again.'

In the medical centre, the Chameleon Nurse Pinto ties a gag around Samantha's mouth.

She fixes tight straps that keep the struggling girl in place.

Samantha watches as the nurse presses a concealed button that turns a nearby Red Cross cabinet into a monitor screen.

'We need to use her as an original,' Spencer instructs the nurse. 'That way we can get one of our people close to the man who's menacing us. He will then be killed.'

Their conversation is abruptly terminated when the Doctor arrives with a captive Meadows. 'I think you two have something in common,' the Doctor tells the nurse.

The Doctor makes her roll up her sleeve, confirming his worst suspicions.

He takes the pen-like freezing device from her pocket before walking into the examination room to find her original. 'You can't go in there!' she exclaims.

The Doctor unties Samantha, and quickly confirms there is nothing attached to her arm.

The Meadows Chameleon presses a button and a wall panel slides back, revealing the original Nurse Pinto.

'Flippin' 'eck!' exclaims Samantha.

Outside, the Chameleon Nurse Pinto washes her hands while the policeman's back is turned. She reaches for a towel and pulls out a hidden ray gun.

She turns around and pulls the trigger. The policeman screams in agony.

She then aims the gun at the Chameleon Meadows and snarls 'You traitor.' He quickly pulls the sheath off the real nurse and there is a blinding flash.

The Doctor reassures Samantha as the Chameleon Meadows helps the dazed Nurse Pinto.

He helps the Doctor remove the sheath from the nurse's arm. The Doctor then becomes intrigued by the nearby stack of personnel files before Samantha tells him that the Chameleons have abducted Jamie.

Jamie regains consciousness aboard the Chameleon space station.

He is relieved to see Inspector Crossland. 'How did you get here?' asks Crossland. 'You ought to have been miniaturised on the journey. Did you not have anything to eat or drink?'

Jamie says that he felt too ill. 'That explains it,' says Crossland. 'The food is the first part of the process.' Crossland tells Jamie that they are aboard a satellite, and asks if anyone on Earth has started believing the Doctor's theories.

Jamie says he doesn't think so, and becomes confused when Crossland says that the Doctor is up against a superior mind – the mind of the Director. 'You seem to know a lot,' says Jamie. 'Of course I do,' says Crossland. 'I am the Director.'

The jet plane/space craft disembarks from the space station and makes its way back to Earth.

The Commandant asks to be informed if the Chameleon Tours plane reappears on the radar. He notes that Chameleon Tours' last flight of the season leaves in one hour.

The Doctor shows the Commandant the 25 personnel files he found at the medical centre. 'Each one of these has been taken over by the Chameleons.'

The Doctor insists that the 25 airport personnel are not arrested. 'Somewhere in outer space there are 50,000 young people, three of my friends amongst them. I want to get on this last flight... the Chameleons must think that everything is going according to plan.'

The Doctor intends to board the plane by pretending to be a Chameleon, while the Commandant locates the originals hidden at the airport. He tells the Commandant that they are 'the one thing I may be able to bargain with.' The Doctor then briefs Nurse Pinto.

Blade arrives at the medical centre. 'Don't shoot,' says the nurse, pretending to be a Chameleon. She points to the Doctor. 'This is Meadows. He had to be replaced.' Blade says he is taking everyone back to the satellite. 'We leave in 15 minutes.'

In disguise

Jean reports that the Doctor is boarding the Chameleon plane with Nurse Pinto. 'All the passengers are adults and most of them have been identified as airport personnel.'

'Give them clearance,' orders the Commandant and Chameleon 345 takes off. Moments later, an air traffic controller reports that the plane appears to be stationary – it has begun its vertical ascent.

Jean and Samantha search the medical centre for additional personnel files, hoping to find a clue that will lead them to the location of the abducted originals.

'How much longer Doctor?' asks Nurse Pinto. 'I don't know,' he replies. 'I think we're almost there.'

The plane's wings retract as it approaches the space station. Captain Blade steps from the cabin. 'Owing to the complete success of our operation, living space on our satellite has had to be used for our... cargo. Report to the accommodation centre for instructions.'

The Director experiments on the Chameleon Jamie. 'Where do you come from?' Jamie replies: 'From Earth. A place called Scotland.'

Blade arrives and asks the Director for permission to destroy two impostors – the Doctor and Nurse Pinto. Chameleon Jamie explains that the Doctor is 'not of this Earth or this century... his knowledge is even greater than ours.' The Director decides that the Doctor should live.

The Doctor and Nurse Pinto are exploring the space station when they come across Captain Blade. 'We were carrying out your instructions,' says the Doctor, 'looking for the accommodation centre.'

'My instructions don't apply to you,' sneers Blade. 'You two won't be needing living space.'

NEXT WEEK: Can the Doctor escape the clutches of Blade?

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