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24 September 2014

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The terrified Kennedy turns to run but the Dalek opens fire. Kennedy collapses to the ground. The Dalek returns to its position on the platform and dematerialises.

The Doctor and Jamie arrive at the antique shop at the front of Waterfield's house. The Doctor carefully silences the bell over the open door as he leads the way.

The numerous clocks chime half past nine – the Doctor and Jamie are half an hour early for their appointment with Waterfield.

The Doctor and Jamie both notice that the objects for sale appear to be brand new, even though the sign at the front of the shop says 'Genuine Victorian Antiques'.

The Doctor opens a box to find a bill dating from 1866. The paper shows no sign of age or wear, but is not a forgery. Jamie wonders whether Waterfield has invented a time machine like the TARDIS. The Doctor tells him that's not very likely.

Elsewhere in the house, Waterfield finds Kennedy's body. He goes into the secret room behind the sliding bookcase, where the Dalek has reappeared and is waiting for him.

The Dalek tells Waterfield that Kennedy discovered their communication system and would have betrayed them. Waterfield is appalled that the Dalek destroyed a human life but the creature shows no remorse.

The Dalek tells the stunned Waterfield that the only form of life that matters is Dalek life. Then it begins to dematerialise.

Waterfield is distraught, and agonises over what to do with Kennedy's body.

Waterfield sinks to the ground in despair, but the Dalek ignores his anguish and disappears.

The Doctor and Jamie hide as Perry cautiously enters the shop. Meanwhile, Waterfield rallies himself and gets to his feet. He has an idea...

The Doctor surprises Perry, and makes the mistake of calling him 'Kenneth'. Perry corrects him, explaining that his first name is Keith. The Doctor is momentarily confused, before asking Perry if he knows someone called Bob Hall.

Perry explains that Hall is one of Waterfield's employees – and that the Ken the Doctor is looking for could be Kennedy.

Waterfield prepares a trap – he takes the photograph of the Doctor from his study and reaches for a small wooden box.

He tears the photograph in two and carefully places one half of it on the edge of the box before closing the lid.

Perry tells the Doctor that the police box was procured for a collector of curios. The Doctor explains that it's his property. Perry says that it's being stored in the yard at the back, but before they can leave to scale the yard gates the door behind them slowly swings open.

They walk through to Waterfield's study and discover Kennedy's body. Perry tries to call the police, but the there is some strange interference on the line. He tells the Doctor and Jamie not to touch anything while he leaves to get help.

Jamie says they should find the TARDIS and leave, but the Doctor is compelled to solve the mystery. He examines Kennedy's body, concluding that the man died in agony. There is half a torn photograph in Kennedy's hand – it is a picture of the Doctor.

Kennedy appeared to be reaching for something when he died – but there is only a bookcase beyond his clenched fists. Jamie finds a keyhole in the bookcase, confirming the Doctor's suspicion that there is another room on the other side.

The bookcase slides open to reveal the brightly lit room on the other side.

The Doctor identifies the equipment on the platform as the source of the telephone interference, unaware that Waterfield is lurking behind them.

Jamie spots the other half of the Doctor's picture, but the Doctor warns him not to open the box. It is too late – Jamie opens the lid, releasing a cloud of poisonous gas. The Doctor and Jamie collapse, overcome by the fumes.

Waterfield rushes into the room, holding a handkerchief over his mouth. He shuts the lid of the box, and stands at the back of the platform.

Perry returns to the shop with a policeman. As Perry wonders what happened to the Doctor and Jamie, the policeman examines Kennedy's body. Meanwhile, Waterfield and the unconscious Doctor and Jamie begin to dematerialise.

Within moments, they and the platform have disappeared.

Jamie awakes to the sound of birds singing. Sunlight streams through the open French door as the Doctor rubs his aching head.

A maid enters the room and places a tray next to the Doctor.

She assumes the Doctor has a hangover, and tells him he attended a party the night before.

Molly tells the Doctor that her master is Mr Maxtible, and that Mr Waterfield returned from a trip abroad last night. She tells the Doctor her name is Molly Dawson.

The Doctor tells Molly he is feeling much better, but says that he can't seem to remember the date, or where he is. They are interrupted by a bearded man who arrives accompanied by Waterfield. Molly leaves, and the man introduces himself as Theodore Maxtible.

The Doctor guesses that Maxtible's companion is Waterfield, and he angrily reprimands him for not keeping their appointment. Maxtible tells the Doctor that they are in his house, some miles from Canterbury, and that the date is 2nd June, 1866.

The Doctor is furious – his property has been stolen, he and Jamie have been taken back in time a hundred years and a man has been murdered.

Waterfield claims that they were not responsible for Kennedy's death. Maxtible adds ominously that they are all victims of a higher power. Waterfield explains that his daughter, Victoria, has been taken prisoner, and that her life is now in the Doctor's hands...

Elsewhere in Maxtible's house, Victoria Waterfield gazes up at the birds that gather at the window of the room where she is being held prisoner.

She is startled by a Dalek that glides into the room. The Dalek orders her to eat, and to cease feeding the creatures it describes as flying pests.

The Dalek herds Victoria onto a weighing device. The noise it makes is unbearable.

The machine registers that Victoria's weight has fallen by 17 ounces.

The Dalek tells her that more food will be delivered to her. If she refuses it, she will be force-fed. When the Dalek has gone, Victoria rests her head against the wall and sobs.

Maxtible shows the Doctor into the hallowed ground of his laboratory. Here, he assures the Doctor, they will not be disturbed by the servants. The Doctor pretends to be impressed by the equipment, before demanding to know what's going on.

The Doctor reminds Maxtible that a man has been murdered, and asks again who is controlling him and Waterfield. Maxtible claims their tormentors have brilliant minds, but Waterfield dismisses them as inhuman monsters. Maxtible tells the Doctor that he and Waterfield have been experimenting with time travel.

Maxtible explains his theory about mirrors and electro-magnetism, but the Doctor only becomes interested when Maxtible reveals that he has also been experimenting with static electricity.

Maxtible continues, describing how he and Waterfield attempted to refine a mirror image and then project it.

He opens some nearby doors, showing the Doctor a room containing 144 mirrors. Each is made of polished metal, and subjected to a positive electrical charge. Maxtible adds that he and Waterfield tried to use electricity to repel the image in the mirrors to a new destination.

The Doctor presses Maxtible for an explanation of his experiments into static electricity. Waterfield tells him that when the experiments with negative and positive electricity failed they tried static. The consequences were terrible.

Waterfield describes how, in the middle of the final test, creatures burst out of the cabinet, invading the house and seizing his daughter.

Waterfield adds that the creatures forced him to travel into the future, stealing the Doctor's police box. The scheme was intended to lure the Doctor and Jamie to Maxtible's house. Waterfield tells the Doctor that the creatures threatened to kill Victoria if he did not comply.

The Doctor asks Waterfield what the creatures are called, but before Waterfield can reply one of them emerges from the room containing the mirrors. The Dalek addresses the Doctor, asking him if he now understands. With a note of grim resignation, the Doctor replies that he does – perfectly.

The Dalek tells the Doctor that they have his time ship, and that they will destroy it unless he helps them conduct a test on another human being. That human being is Jamie. Before the Dalek re-enters the room with the mirrors, it issues a final warning to the Doctor, Maxtible and Waterfield.

Maxtible tells the Doctor that the Daleks believe that they have always been defeated by human beings because of a factor that human beings possess. Maxtible guesses that the Daleks want to isolate that factor and transplant it into their own race. Waterfield predicts that if the Daleks combine the human factor with their own alien intelligence they will become invincible.

Maxtible reminds Waterfield that the Daleks hold Victoria prisoner. The Doctor's thoughts immediately turn to Jamie...

Molly wakes Jamie, and giggles when he clutches his aching head. She tells Jamie that the Doctor is with her master and Mr Waterfield.

Ruth Maxtible arrives and tells Molly to fetch some tea. Ruth tells Jamie that her father owns the house.

Before Ruth leaves, she tells Jamie that the picture on the wall is a portrait of Mr Waterfield's late wife. His daughter, Victoria, looks just like her.

Jamie is intrigued to discover that the paperwork in the writing bureau dates from 1866. He returns to the chair he was sleeping in, unaware that someone is creeping up behind him.

The man coshes Jamie over the head and Jamie collapses onto the chair. Hearing a knock at the door, the man runs back out into the garden.

Molly enters the room with a tray of tea. She sees the unconscious Jamie and assumes he has fallen back to sleep.

She approaches Jamie, concerned about his wellbeing. The man returns to the room, clasping his hand over her mouth.

When the Doctor and Waterfield return they discover that Jamie has gone, and the unconscious Molly has taken his place. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, a Dalek tells Maxtible he must order the Doctor to begin the test.

As the Doctor carefully gathers a sample from the floor, Waterfield grows increasingly anxious. The Doctor tells him that unless they can find Jamie the Daleks will take pleasure in killing everyone in sight, and they will take the greatest pleasure in killing him. Back in the laboratory, two Daleks confer: it is time for the test to begin...

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