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24 September 2014

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Maxtible wakes the concussed Molly and Waterfield tells her that Jamie has been kidnapped. The Doctor's mind is elsewhere as he examines some straw he found at the scene of the crime.

Jamie regains consciousness in a stable in the grounds of Maxtible's house. Toby, the man who coshed him, sits on an upturned bucket, keeping a careful eye on his captive.

As Jamie rubs his eyes, Toby raises his cosh and threatens to knock Jamie unconscious again if he gives him any trouble.

Jamie asks Toby what he wants with him. Toby replies that he is to be well paid for the kidnap.

A well-dressed man, Arthur Terrall, arrives at the stable. Terrall appears to be horrified at what has happened. Toby demands the guinea he was promised for carrying out the kidnap. Terrall reluctantly tosses a coin onto the ground, which Toby grabs before leaving.

There is a piercing electronic sound and Terrall winces. Jamie notices that he has a metal attachment on his neck.

Terrall weakly asks Jamie if he knows where Victoria Waterfield is. Jamie is confused, explaining that he doesn't even know her.

Terrall insists that Jamie must know – he was in the house and he is a friend of Maxtible's.

The noise returns and Terrall's whole manner changes. He apologises for Toby's behaviour, and offers to take Jamie back to the house. He tells Jamie that Victoria Waterfield is in Paris, and denies that he ordered Toby to kidnap him. The Doctor, meanwhile, appears at the stable door and listens to the conversation.

Jamie notices the Doctor and Terrall leaves, reassured that Jamie is now in good hands. Jamie tells the Doctor about Terrall's capricious behaviour. The Doctor examines Jamie's head and tells him that Victoria Waterfield is in fact a prisoner of the Daleks.

A Dalek enters Victoria's room and she rises from her bed. She asks if she is being moved.

She asks the Dalek if she is being returned to her father but the Dalek refuses to elaborate – she is simply being moved.

Victoria takes a small bundle of clothes and follows the Dalek to the door. It tells her not to be afraid – she will not be exterminated.

Another Dalek appears in the corridor outside Victoria's room. She follows the first Dalek, and the second moves behind her.

The Daleks escort Victoria through the house. Along the way she pauses to gaze longingly out of a window. The Dalek behind her orders her to move.

Now back in the house, Jamie eavesdrops on the Doctor and Waterfield. The Doctor tells Waterfield that he warned Jamie about the Daleks, but that Jamie will cooperate regardless. The Doctor and Waterfield leave to find Maxtible and a pensive Jamie emerges from his hiding place.

Maxtible makes some adjustments to his laboratory equipment while a Dalek waits outside the entrance to the time cabinet.

The Dalek tells Maxtible that the female human being has been moved. Maxtible reassures it that everything has been prepared.

Maxtible tells the Dalek that he thinks it will be pleased by the man he has had brought from London. He explains that the man works in his house, and is of limited intelligence.

Maxtible warns the Dalek that the man, Kemel, will be terrified by its presence. The Dalek retreats through the doors of the time cabinet before Kemel enters the room.

Maxtible tells Kemel to stand in front of the time cabinet. He hands him an iron bar and tells him to bend it.

Kemel removes his jacket, places the bar on the back of his neck and bends it with relative ease.

Next, Maxtible tells him to break a piece of wood with a single blow. Kemel brings his fist down and the thick plank splits in two.

Maxtible tells Kemel to put his jacket back on before he shows him a picture of Jamie. He tells Kemel he is going to take him to a place that he is to guard. Jamie will try to get past him, but he is not to let him.

Maxtible tells Kemel that Jamie is an evil, murderous cut-throat, and that he is to remember Jamie's face. Kemel nods.

Maxtible leads Kemel to an alcove that lies at the entrance to the south wing of the house. He lights a candle to illuminate the gloom. Meanwhile, the Dalek glides out of the time cabinet and silently examines the bent iron bar.

Maxtible shows Kemel the door through which Jamie will pass. Before Maxtible can stop him, Kemel opens the door for his master. Sharpened metal spikes spring out from the doorframe and Kemel recoils in surprise. Maxtible laughs and activates a mechanism that makes the spikes retract.

A Dalek informs the Doctor that they do not trust him, but reminds him that they possess his time machine. The Doctor confirms that the Daleks want to add what they call 'the human factor' to their own race. The Doctor asks the Dalek why Jamie is considered a suitable subject for the test, and it replies that Jamie's experiences with the Doctor make him unique. It adds that the Doctor's extensive time-travelling makes him unsuitable – he is more than human...

videoLack of trust.

The door of the time cabinet opens and the Doctor retrieves three cases from inside. He peers inside one of the cases and sees a dormant Dalek mutant. Maxtible confirms that the mutant was brought from the Daleks' home planet – Skaro.

The Dalek tells the horrified Doctor that the creature's life force will be activated when the human factor is introduced. Waterfield reminds the Doctor that if he refuses to co-operate the Daleks will destroy his time machine. But the Doctor tells himself that if he goes along with the experiment it will result in the creation of a race of super-Daleks.

The Doctor reluctantly agrees to help the Daleks and asks what he is expected to do. The Dalek orders that Jamie should not be made aware of the trial. Maxtible explains that Jamie's task is to rescue Victoria...

Ruth introduces Jamie to Arthur Terrall, unaware that the two have already met. There is another fraught and confused exchange before Terrall clutches the side of his head and loses his balance. He leaves the room and the concerned Ruth hastily follows him.

Mollie enters the room and asks if she can take Jamie and the Doctor's bags upstairs. She says she'll have to take them herself – the butler, Mr Kitson, resigned because he said the house was haunted.

Jamie hastily explains that his and the Doctor's luggage will be following on. He asks Mollie about the mysterious Arthur Terrall.

Mollie explains that Terrall is Ruth's fiancé. He is usually a nice man, and his recent strange behaviour is probably the result of his experiences in the Crimean War.

She explains that her uncle was killed at Inkerman, and that she's heard that Terrall was wounded there.

Mollie bumps into the Doctor on her way out. The Doctor begins to tell Jamie about the time he witnessed the Charge of the Light Brigade, but Jamie is more interested in what he overheard the Doctor say to Waterfield.

He is angry that the Doctor seems so friendly with Waterfield – who he still blames for the murder of Kennedy – and confused about the fact that he hasn't seen any Daleks anywhere.

The Doctor tries to explain but Jamie doesn't let him. He accuses the Doctor of being up to something with Maxtible and Waterfield.

Waterfield arrives and tells Jamie that the Daleks are indeed holding his daughter prisoner in the south wing of the house. The Doctor reminds Jamie that their hands are similarly tied because the Daleks have the TARDIS. He then warns Jamie not to ruin everything by trying to rescue Victoria. The defiant Jamie storms out and the Doctor chuckles to himself.

In the stable outside the house, a frustrated Toby reflects on the events following his kidnap of Jamie.

Terrall arrives for their meeting and Toby demands the rest of his fee – Terrall only gave him half a guinea earlier. Terrall says he won't get any more money out of him, before telling him to find the nearest road to London.

Toby sarcastically tells Terrall that are those who would pay to hear his stories in London. Terrall grips Toby, who stares back at him defiantly.

Toby tells Terrall that his treatment has been unfair, and that he deserves the rest of his fee. The two men grapple until the strange electronic noise signals another of Terrall's seizures. Terrall falls to the ground, unconscious.

Toby goes through Terrall's pockets, grabbing a bunch of keys and some coins. With the keys in his hand, he heads for the house.

Night falls, and the light from Mollie's lamp can be seen from outside the house.

She is startled by Jamie, who is waiting for her.

Mollie has stolen a plan of the house from Maxtible's study. She holds it up to the light, showing Jamie the south wing.

She tells Jamie that the south wing has been closed for repairs, but agrees to take him there.

The Doctor surmises that Jamie's reactions will be recorded on the Dalek machines. Maxtible adds that these reactions will then be converted to thought patterns on silver wire. The Dalek orders the Doctor is to select the major feelings that comprise the human factor. A second Dalek points out that the young human being – Jamie – is on his way.

Mollie takes Jamie to the door that leads to the south wing. She tells him that Maxtible was very angry when she saw him stepping out of the door.

Using the keys he stole from Terrall, Toby enters the house, looking for things to steal. He examines the strange machinery in Maxtible's laboratory, unaware he is being watched.

A Dalek, hiding in the shadows, silently aims its weapon at Toby and fires. Toby screams in agony before he dies.

In the corridor, Jamie and Mollie hear Toby's scream. Jamie assures her that the terrible sound was not made by a ghost. He tells the frightened Mollie to take the candle and head back to her room.

Jamie explores the wall in front of him, eventually finding the panel that activates the alcove door. He presses it and the door opens. Metal spikes spring out of the doorframe, narrowly missing Jamie's arm. He ducks underneath the spikes and moves cautiously into the hallway beyond.

Jamie's path is blocked by a large and menacing figure illuminated by the moonlight.

Kemel draws closer, adopting a menacing stance.

Jamie calls out, but receives no reply. Kemel's eyes narrow, as he stares down at Jamie...

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