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24 September 2014

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The Human Factor has had a dramatic effect. As the Doctor plays 'trains' with the newly activated Daleks, Maxtible asks Jamie if he finds the results of the experiment amusing.

videoPlaying trains.

'Trains' turns to 'roundabouts' as the Doctor becomes dizzy. The Daleks mock him, revealing that they have a child-like sense of humour.

With barely concealed sarcasm, Maxtible says he is glad the Doctor is so easily amused. He decides to leave the Doctor and the Daleks to their games. The Doctor is in a world of his own, delighted at the bizarre outcome of his experiment.

The Doctor tells the bemused Jamie that these Daleks are like children, but that they will grow up very fast. He introduces the Daleks to their new friend, Jamie, and gives each of them a name: Alpha, Beta and Omega. The Daleks sing their names back to him.

The Daleks seem dismayed that their time with their new friends has run out. All Daleks have been recalled to Skaro, their home planet, and they must leave.

Maxtible tells Waterfield that the Daleks have released Victoria.

Waterfield demands to know where she is, and Maxtible says that Ruth is probably looking after her.

Waterfield says that Ruth, Arthur Terrall and Mollie have left the house - he saw them getting into a dog-cart half an hour ago. Maxtible tells Waterfield to see if Victoria is taking a stroll in the garden.

When Waterfield had gone, Maxtible starts packing a large bag.

He suddenly becomes aware of an unfamiliar device on the floor and moves over to examine it.

He is interrupted by a Dalek that bursts out of the time cabinet. The Dalek orders him not to touch the instruments on the device and reminds him of his orders - he is to bring the Doctor and Jamie back to the laboratory in preparation for their journey. Maxtible cowers before the Dalek, asking if the secret he was promised will then be revealed. The Dalek tells him the transmutation formula will be his if he obeys without delay.

The Dalek glides back through the doors of the time cabinet and Maxtible resumes his examination of the strange device.

Maxtible calls out for the Doctor, and his voice echoes up the spiral staircase.

Waterfield hears him and arrives in the laboratory. Maxtible pretends to be pleased to see him and asks him to fetch the Doctor and Jamie - it is a matter of some urgency.

Maxtible turns to leave, but Waterfield follows him further into the laboratory. Waterfield has overhead Maxtible's conversation with the Dalek and he is furious. He demands to know the details of Maxtible's deal with the Daleks. Maxtible eventually admits that the Daleks have promised him the formula for a process that will turn metal into gold.

Waterfield is disgusted that Maxtible jeopardised his daughter's life in the pursuit of his greedy ambitions. He takes him by the throat and forces him back onto a table, demanding to know where Victoria is. Maxtible panics and cries out.

A Dalek emerges from the time cabinet and knocks Waterfield to the ground. The Dalek orders Maxtible to bring the Doctor and Jamie to them. It activates the device on the floor and explains that the area is to be destroyed. Maxtible is horrified - if they destroy his house and laboratory the secret will be useless. He leaves to find the Doctor and the Dalek returns to the time cabinet.

Maxtible is frantic - there are only two minutes to go before the Dalek bomb detonates. He runs back into the laboratory and enters the time cabinet. Meanwhile, the rhythmic bleeping of the Dalek device wakes Waterfield.

He staggers to his feet and stares at the device, unable to comprehend its controls. A group of Daleks file past him, obeying their order to return to Skaro. They stream into the time cabinet and the doors swing firmly shut behind them.

The Doctor and Jamie return to the laboratory to find the bewildered Waterfield hunched over the bomb. The Doctor recognises what it is immediately, and calculates that there is less than a minute left.

Jamie suggests throwing the bomb out of the window but the Doctor explains that it isn't a firework - they'd need to throw it half a mile. There is nothing else for it - they need to follow the Daleks to Skaro. The doors of the time cabinet are locked, however. Waterfield tells the Doctor that the Daleks' time machine, the one he used to travel to 1966, is hidden in a nearby alcove.

The Doctor and Jamie drag it out and help Waterfield to stand inside it. On the floor nearby, Jamie finds a flower that Kemel was carrying for Victoria. The Doctor activates the controls and Waterfield vanishes. The Doctor and Jamie then take their places in the machine. There are now seconds to spare.

There is a deafening noise as the Dalek bomb detonates. The house erupts in a searing explosion.

Victoria is once again in captivity.

Nearby, Kemel dips a cloth into some water and wrings it out.

He gently applies the damp cloth to Victoria's forehead and she slowly regains consciousness.

She asks if any of the others are there, and he shakes his head.

The door of their cell slides open and a Dalek herds Maxtible through. The Dalek leaves and Maxtible explains that they have journeyed through space to the planet Skaro. Victoria is confused, but Maxtible seems strangely self-assured.

Another Dalek arrives and Maxtible seems happy to follow it out. Kemel is furious, but Victoria places a restraining hand on his arm. Victoria and Kemel are left alone, and Victoria light-heartedly assures Kemel that she will do everything she can to protect him from the Daleks.

Kemel flexes his muscles for her - he clearly feels he needs no help.

Victoria smiles optimistically - maybe they can fight the Daleks together?

The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield materialise on the surface of Skaro. An eerie wind howls in the distance, but apart from that the planet is silent. They survey the sprawling city before them.

The Doctor explains that the city is all around them, or rather, beneath them.

He moves a boulder to reveal a gap in the rock face. The Doctor tells them to be quiet - the time has come to give the Daleks a little surprise…

A Dalek with a black dome demands to know why Maxtible disobeyed the order to bring the Doctor to them. Maxtible protests that once the bomb was activated there was no time.

Maxtible is furious with the Daleks for destroying the house and everything he possessed. He reminds the Black Dalek that he has rights and demands they keep their side of the bargain. The Black Dalek sneers the word 'rights' over and over again and holds Maxtible in an agonising grip.

Maxtible panics and asks them what they intend to do with him. The other Dalek prepares to exterminate him.

The shrill sound of an alarm fills the air. The announcement that there are human intruders in the city gives Victoria fresh hope. Meanwhile, a Dalek forces the terrified Maxtible back down the corridor.

There is another announcement: all Daleks are to report to observation stations.

The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield step out onto a metal pathway.

They tentatively make their way along the pathway, gazing down at the sheer drop beneath them.

The Black Dalek stops Omega in a corridor, and asks why it has a mark on its casing. Omega replies that the mark is the name given to it by the Doctor. The Doctor is its friend. The Black Dalek leads Omega away.

Kemel and Victoria and taken to another cell, where Maxtible sits cross-legged on the floor.

He looks up as Kemel and Victoria are pushed through the door. He asks Victoria if she knows what's happening, and becomes angry when she ignores him.

The Dalek orders Maxtible to follow it, telling Victoria and Kemel to stay where they are. Maxtible follows the Dalek into the pitch darkness outside the cell. He starts whimpering in terror and moments later there is a terrible scream.

The Dalek returns to the cell - Victoria is next. Kemel is powerless to protect her as she is taken away.

The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield hear Victoria's distant scream.

Before they can go any further they are confronted by a Dalek. It reminds the Doctor that it is his friend.

A Dalek patrols the canyon beneath them, and the way forward is blocked by the friendly Dalek. The Doctor asks the Dalek what its name is - it replies that it is Omega, and asks the Doctor to accompany it further into the city. The Doctor quickly examines the mark on Omega's base.

To Jamie and Waterfield's astonishment the Doctor grabs the Dalek and pushes it over the edge of the pathway.

It crashes down the rock face, smashing into pieces on the ground below.

As smoke pours from the Dalek's fractured casing, the Doctor tells Jamie that it was not the real Omega - the mark on its base was different from the one he had left.

Victoria and Maxtible are returned to their cell. Victoria admonishes Maxtible for screaming, and for forcing her to do the same thing. Maxtible says they had no choice - the Daleks threatened to kill them all - but Victoria tells him that they have just been used as bait to trap the other people in the city. Distraught, she runs to Kemel's arms.

The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield get deeper into the city, their progress silently observed by a watching Dalek. As the familiar heartbeat sound from the Dalek control groom grows louder, the Doctor nervously tells his companions that they should turn around. But it is too late - a Dalek blocks their path. Ahead of them, the Black Dalek glides into view and orders them to follow it.

They are taken to a dark and cavernous room, dominated by a giant, immobile Dalek. The giant Dalek casts its eye down at the relatively small figures before it. It addresses the Doctor in a deafening, grating voice.

The Doctor recognises the giant creature as the Emperor Dalek. He had wondered if they would ever meet. The Emperor announces that the experiment is over. The Doctor confirms that he has implanted the Human Factor in three Daleks.

With a note of triumph in his voice, the Doctor explains that the day of the Daleks is coming to an end: the three 'human' Daleks will come to question their orders, persuade others to question, and the result will be a rebellion.

The Emperor Dalek reveals that the Doctor has been deceived: the Human Factor is useless to them, but has served to define what they call the Dalek Factor. The Doctor has unwittingly shown the Daleks their own strengths. The human Daleks will be impregnated with the Dalek Factor, which the Doctor guesses will condition them to obey, fight, destroy and exterminate. He refuses to help.

The Emperor tells the Doctor to watch as a light illuminates a familiar object on the other side of the room.

With horror, the Doctor realises that he has been out-manoeuvred. The Emperor's voice reverberates across the control room as it issues its orders: the Doctor is to take the Dalek Factor and spread it through the entire history of Earth…

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