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22 October 2014

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The date: 20th July 1966. The place: Gatwick Airport. The Doctor and Jamie say goodbye to Ben and Polly, and resume their search for the missing TARDIS. Elsewhere in the airport, the police box is driven away on the back of a lorry.

The Doctor and Jamie spot the TARDIS and run after the lorry as it leaves the airport. The lorry gathers speed, leaving them behind.

In a nearby hangar a man named Hall seems reluctant to tell the Doctor and Jamie where the police box has been taken. He adjusts his hearing aid and explains that the company that collected it was called Leatherman.

Hall's hearing aid is, in reality, a transmitter relaying his conversation to man called Kennedy, who listens from a nearby field.

Jamie and the Doctor leave the hangar, and Hall checks that Kennedy heard everything. Kennedy tells Hall that he can collect his money back at the warehouse.

The Doctor and Jamie are observed leaving the hangar and heading for a nearby building.

Hiding behind some diesel pumps, the Doctor tells Jamie that Hall was a suspicious character – his overalls were ill-fitting, the top sheet of his clipboard was different to all the others and he only became co-operative at the mention of the police.

The Doctor and Jamie fall silent as they see Hall leaving the hangar.

Kennedy contacts his base, and the receiver is picked up by Edward Waterfield. The incongruously-dressed Waterfield listens as Kennedy explains that the Doctor and Jamie are following Hall.

Kennedy tells Waterfield that he is heading for the warehouse. Back at the airport, Hall gets into a car and drives away. The Doctor and Jamie hail a taxi and tell the driver to follow Hall.

Waterfield begins to examine something with a large magnifying glass, but he is interrupted by a knock at the door.

He carefully unlocks the door, allowing a man called Perry to enter. Perry has good news – the object has arrived.

Perry's attention is diverted by a pedestal clock on a nearby table. The clock is in mint condition and Perry guesses it was made in 1870. Waterfield confirms that the date is approximately correct.

Waterfield reminds Perry that Victorian timepieces are his speciality, but declines to reveal the source of the clock. Perry says that it seems genuine, even though he knows that can't be possible.

Perry points out that an old police box seems like an unusual choice for their latest acquisition. Waterfield replies that they simply carry out their patrons' requests – and that his salary of £50 per week should be sufficient compensation for curbing his curiosity on such matters.

The taxi pulls up outside a warehouse north of King's Cross station in London. Inside the warehouse, Kennedy awaits the arrival of Hall.

Kennedy lets Hall in, and gives him £275. He asks Hall if he's noticed he's been overpaid, before explaining that the extra cash is for dealing with the Doctor and Jamie.

Hall refuses to have any part of a kidnapping attempt, so Kennedy turns on him with a piece of wood. He beats Hall until the man collapses to the ground.

Jamie and the Doctor arrive at the warehouse to find the stash of money and the unconscious Hall. While they consider the evidence, Hall regains consciousness and begins to mutter Kennedy's name.

Jamie is alarmed by the sound of a train rumbling overhead, and while the Doctor explains, Hall runs out of the building, jamming the doors behind him. By the time the Doctor and Jamie get the doors open he has gone.

The Doctor finds a matchbox from a coffee bar called the Tricolour. The matches have been torn out from left to right, leading the Doctor to conclude that the man he thinks Hall called Ken is left-handed, and frequents the Tricolour.

Detective work for the Doctor.

The Doctor and Jamie leave the warehouse, unaware they have been observed by Kennedy.

In Waterfield's study, Kennedy assures his boss that the Doctor and Jamie were too preoccupied to notice that they were being watched.

He adds, however, that Bob Hall caused him some trouble and that he was forced to hit him.

Waterfield is shocked, and demands to know exactly what happened. Kennedy explains that Hall mumbled something before escaping. He later saw Hall leave his house, get in a taxi and head for Euston Station.

He adds that the Doctor found the matches from the Tricolour coffee bar. Kennedy decides to check their plan has worked, so opens a box containing two photographs.

He shows the photographs to Kennedy, and asks him to confirm that these were the two people he saw at the warehouse.

Kennedy recognises the Doctor and Jamie immediately.

Waterfield tells Kennedy he must stay in the house, and must not mention anything about what has happened to Perry. Kennedy agrees, but Waterfield is confused when his accomplice uses the word 'OK'.

Waterfield refuses to explain why he is so interested in the Doctor and Jamie, and tells Kennedy to ask Perry to come and see him. When Kennedy has gone, Waterfield takes a key and walks over to a nearby bookcase. While Kennedy watches through a crack in the door, Waterfield slides the key into a hidden lock.

On the other side of the bookcase there is a secret room of strikingly futuristic design. Waterfield retrieves an ornate vase from the floor, and then returns to the other room. Perry knocks on the door and Waterfield lets him in.

When Perry asks Waterfield about the unfamiliar vase Waterfield claims it is a new delivery for a customer called Dr Galloway. Perry is to meet Dr Galloway at the Tricolour coffee bar.

He shows Perry the photographs of Dr Galloway and his 'secretary' James McCrimmon, so he will recognise them. He tells Perry to ask the Doctor to come to his shop at 10 o'clock tonight.

Perry is bemused by his unusual instructions. Waterfield adds that the Doctor's poor punctuality could mean he is left waiting quite some time.

When Perry has gone, Kennedy listens to Waterfield from the other side of the door.

Waterfield locks the study door and opens the bookcase, returning to the secret room on the other side.

He crosses the room and nervously approaches an unusual chair. He carefully enters a code on a device attached to the chair.

With some trepidation, Waterfield sits in the chair and waits. Outside his study, Perry catches Kennedy listening at the door. Kennedy offers a feeble excuse before moving away.

In the Tricolour coffee bar the jukebox plays 'Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen' by The Seekers. The Doctor dejectedly stares at the counter while Jamie admires the waitresses.

The Doctor tells Jamie that there is no delivery company called Leatherman in the London phone directory, and that he feels they are heading for a trap. Jamie wonders if the Chameleons are behind the scheme, but the Doctor's instincts tell him otherwise...

Speaking to an unseen presence, Waterfield claims that he has done everything that has been asked of him. He demands to be told the truth, but his anguished request goes unanswered.

Outside the room, Kennedy strains to hear what Waterfield is saying.

At the Tricolour, Jamie joins some girls dancing to The Beatles' Paperback Writer.

Jamie is intrigued by the girls' tartan mini-skirts, but his investigations into a man called 'Ken' or 'Kenneth' are fruitless.

Jamie consoles himself with a cup of coffee, and says he will ask the evening waitresses when they begin their shift. The Doctor, meanwhile, notices that someone is staring at him.

Perry hands 'Dr Galloway' his card and passes on Waterfield's apology for not being able to meet him as arranged. He asks the Doctor if he would visit Waterfield's shop at 10 o'clock that evening, where he will be met.

Perry leaves, and the Doctor reads the card. It is from Edward Waterfield, dealer in genuine Victoriana. The Doctor is confused, but decides to keep the appointment.

Perry tells Waterfield he has carried out his instructions before returning home. Waterfield makes sure he has gone, before calling out for Kennedy.

Waterfield tells Kennedy that he will need his help later, when the Doctor arrives. He will need warm, dark-coloured clothes. Kennedy adds that he should ensure the police box is covered up.

Waterfield leaves and Kennedy uses the opportunity to sneak into his study. He rifles through his desk drawers until he finds the key that Waterfield used to unlock the bookcase door.

Kennedy puts the key in the lock and the bookcase reveals the secret room.

Kennedy examines a false panel on the wall, which soon reveals a hidden safe. He is examining the safe's contents when he is startled by a strange noise behind him.

A sinister-looking metallic creature appears out of thin air. It is the unmistakeable shape of a Dalek.

The process complete, the dome at the top of the Daleks's casing rotates and its eye-stalk peers at the astonished Kennedy.

In grating, staccato tones that echo around the small room, the creature demands to know Kennedy's identity.

Kennedy is too frightened to speak, and backs against the wall.

The Dalek advances on the terrified Kennedy, demanding a response...

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