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22 October 2014

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As Jamie and Kemel try to rescue Victoria, they fail to notice a Dalek emerging from the shadows behind them. Beneath the gallery, another Dalek surveys the hall.

Jamie and Kemel see the Dalek on the gallery and act fast. They throw the rope around its midriff and pull. The Dalek crashes through the splintered banister and crashes to the ground.

The other patrolling Dalek approaches the wreckage and looks up. But Jamie and Kemel have rushed through the door of Victoria's room and slammed it shut.

Victoria is delighted to see her friend Kemel, and is curious to know who Jamie is. He tells her the introductions will have to wait.

Jamie and Kemel drag an iron bedstead across the floor and jam it up against the door. They pile furniture on top until they feel secure. Unfortunately, as Jamie observes, this now means they are trapped...

Jamie introduces himself to Victoria. He hands her the monogrammed handkerchief and she smiles graciously.

In the trophy room, the Doctor sips a glass of wine.

Arthur Terrall enters the room, but declines to join the Doctor in a drink. He also declines the Doctor's offer of some food.

Terrall tells the Doctor he prefers his own company, and the Doctor feigns disappointment. Terrall tells the Doctor that he might prefer to take his libation in another room, but the Doctor says he'd prefer to stay where he is.

The frustrated Terrall leaves the room. A moment later the Doctor follows him.

Outside, the Doctor examines Maxtible's collection of weapons, much to Terrall's annoyance. The Doctor tells Terrall that he interests him.

Terrall grows nervous as the Doctor appears to be engrossed in the objects hanging on the wall. The Doctor tells Terrall that he hasn't seen him eat or drink anything since he arrived at the house.

Terrall claims that he dines alone, but the Doctor adds that Waterfield hasn't seen him eat or drink either. Terrall advises the Doctor to mind his own business.

Terrall takes a scimitar from the wall and waves it in front of the Doctor's face. He rests the scimitar on the table and the Doctor takes a nearby trophy. He places it by the scimitar blade, which jumps in Terrall's hand, sticking to the trophy.

The Doctor observes that the scimitar appears to be magnetic while Terrall is holding it. Could this mean that Terrall is conducting some kind of electricity?

The tense atmosphere is broken by Waterfield, who tells the Doctor he is wanted. Before the Doctor follows him, Terrall surmises that the Doctor is clearly a keen student of human nature. The Doctor replies that he is a professor of a far wider academy, of which human nature is merely a part.

videoHuman Nature.

The Doctor leaves the room, and Terrall pours himself a drink.

As soon as the wine touches his lips he is gripped by another convulsion.

Terrall grips the side of his head as a mechanical voice orders him to obey.

Jamie tells Victoria how he and the Doctor arrived at the house. She asks him why he risked his life to try to save her.

Jamie is too modest to reply, instead asking Victoria how she was captured by the Daleks.

Victoria's memory is hazy - she remembers someone telling her to walk, and obeying blindly. Jamie wonders if she was drugged.

As Victoria struggles to remember the events leading up to her capture, Jamie suggests that the Daleks must have had help from someone within the house…

Terrall watches closely as Maxtible shows Mollie a shining jewel.

Maxtible tells her to keep her eyes on the jewel as he swings it back and forth.

Mollie is fixated by the jewel, unaware that Maxtible's soothing voice is hypnotising her.

Maxtible describes the sparkling facets of the jewel as flashing like sparks.

Mollie's eyelids grow heavy as she struggles to stay awake.

Maxtible tells her to close her eyes and go to sleep.

He tells her that when she sleeps she will only hear his voice.

Maxtible tells her that her concerns about recent events in the house have all been in her imagination, and that she heard Victoria's voice in a dream.

He tells her that when she opens her eyes she will go to her bed and sleep. And when she wakes, she will forget all her suspicions. Mollie opens her eyes and promptly goes to her room.

Terrall compliments Maxtible on his mesmerising technique. Maxtible explains that he used his powers on Victoria to deliver her to the Daleks. Maxtible is explaining that Waterfield's usefulness is nearing its end when Terrall confesses his anguish over the voice in his head. He grips the wall and pleads for help.

Maxtible says he can help Terrall - but only if he obeys him. He claims that it is the Daleks' wish that Terrall should obey him.

Maxtible shows Terrall the entrance to the south wing of the house. He orders Terrall to fetch Victoria Waterfield and bring her to him.

The voice in his head urges him to obey. After a moment's confusion, the bewildered Terrall agrees.

The Doctor tells Waterfield that Jamie has been magnificent, providing a wide variety of emotions. Elements of Jamie's 'human factor' - courage, pity, chivalry, friendship and compassion - have been recorded in a positronic brain.

He crosses the room and tells Waterfield that positronic brains programmed with the human factor will be implanted into each of the three dormant Dalek mutants.

They ponder the outcome of the operation - the Doctor wonders if it will drive the new Daleks insane, but Waterfield fears it may turn them into super-beings.

A Dalek emerges from the time cabinet and asks the Doctor if the three capsules are ready to be implanted. The Doctor replies that the experiment is almost complete. It warns the Doctor to be careful before returning to the cabinet.

Waterfield urges the Doctor to stop the experiment - they risk making the Daleks so powerful that they could enslave humanity for all time. The Doctor tells Waterfield he should have thought of that before he stole his TARDIS and lured him to the 19th century.

There is a chance that Earth's past, present and future may be sacrificed - but now their priority must be to rescue Jamie and Victoria.

Jamie and Kemel re-enact their assault on the Daleks in an effort to impress Victoria. There is a banging outside the door and Jamie and Kemel pile boxes in front of it.

They fail to notice a panel sliding open at the back of the room. Terrell steps through and grabs Victoria.

She kicks and flails, breaking free long enough to call out Jamie's name.

Kemel finds the panel and he and Jamie step through. The Daleks begin to break through the barricade as Jamie and Kemel enter the corridor on the other side of the panel. Victoria breaks free, but Terrall pursues her. Jamie and Kemel split up, each taking different ends of the corridor.

Terrall activates a secret door leading to the trophy room. He leaves the door ajar and grabs a weapon. Jamie follows him into the room, but Terrall is ready for him.

Jamie grabs a chair to defend himself, and the two men launch into a ferocious struggle.

Jamie pushes Terrall back towards the stairs, but he can't keep him at bay for long.

As Terrall rallies himself, Jamie takes a pair of swords from the wall.

Jamie threatens Terrall with the swords and demands to know where Victoria is. Terrall tells Jamie he will never find her, and the two men cross swords.

Mollie and Ruth appear, but Terrall ignores Ruth when she begs him to stop. Ruth tells Mollie to fetch the Doctor.

Suddenly, a strange electronic noise fills the air and Terrall collapses in agony. Ruth hurries to his side. The Doctor then appears and tells Ruth that if she wants to save Terrall's life then she should take him as far away from the house as possible. He tells Mollie to go with them.

Ruth and Mollie leave to prepare a carriage, and the Doctor removes the Dalek control device attached to Terrall's neck. Terrall mutters about the creatures and confesses that he feels he may have harmed Victoria in some way.

The Doctor lies to Terrall, reassuring him that Victoria is safe and well. The exhausted Terrall staggers to his feet and heads for the stable to meet Ruth and Mollie.

Kemel continues to look for Victoria, getting as far as Maxtible's laboratory.

Before long he finds the unconscious Victoria on the floor. He kneels beside her, unaware that a Dalek is approaching.

The Dalek orders Kemel to pick up the human female and step into the time cabinet. The terrified Kemel picks her up and obeys the Dalek's instructions. The Dalek follows them through and the doors swing shut behind it.

Moments later the Doctor and Jamie arrive in the laboratory, arguing furiously. Jamie is appalled at the Doctor's description of the human factor experiment as a good night's work. Jamie reminds him that people have died, and says that he and the Doctor are finished. Jamie asks the Doctor whose side he is on, but they are interrupted by a noise from inside a large packing crate. The three dormant Daleks, now inside their casings, begin to stir. The Doctor assures the incredulous Jamie that these Daleks are their friends…

Maxtible arrives as one side of the packing crate falls to the ground. Maxtible greets the Daleks, explaining that the addition of the human factor will enable them to triumph over human beings.

The Daleks surround the Doctor, extending their sensor arms. But there is no menace in their actions. To Jamie and Maxtible's astonishment, one of the Daleks gestures to the Doctor with its arm, indicating that he should perch on its front. The Doctor holds tight as the Dalek glides around the laboratory.

The Doctor laughs out loud as he realises the good-natured Dalek is taking him for a ride. The other Daleks bustle behind it as the Doctor smiles broadly. The human factor has had a dramatic effect - the Daleks are playing a child-like game...

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