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22 October 2014

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"Who did this to you?" asks a horrified Astrid, as Swann collapses in her arms. "A man named... Salamander..." replies Swann. "Down there..."

"Down there?" says Astrid, looking across to the mouth of the tunnel.

Bruce has trouble believing the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. "Are you seriously trying to tell me without a shred of evidence that Salamander is attacking the world with natural disasters?" The Doctor tells Bruce that he's sure they'll find proof in the records room.

"But that's where Salamander is," says Bruce. "Ahh…" says the Doctor. "Well we shall have to wait until he comes out, won't we?" They fall silent as Benik suddenly enters the room.

Swann feebly leads Astrid into the tunnel. As he grows weaker, Astrid cups her hands and gathers some dripping water for him. Swann mutters, "Salamander..."

Benik produces the hovertruck food supply passes for 'Salamander' to sign, and tells him the door of the records room is jammed. "I'll use the emergency key," says Benik, before leaving.

"That was close," says the Doctor, reverting to his own voice. "How long was he standing there listening to us?" worries Bruce.

"This'll interest you, Bruce," says the Doctor, engrossed in Benik's documents. "How many people you say work in the research centre?"

"Fewer than you'd think," says Bruce. "It's fully automated, you know. Six engineers, and six guards on duty at any one time." The Doctor looks up at him: "A dozen, eh? Will you tell me why 30 people are catered for here?"

"He's kept us prisoners," Swann tells Astrid. "Listen, there are others… there are more people down the shaft... Salamander's kept us down there, prisoners, years of it. Promise you'll bring them to the surface. Swear it... You've got to swear it..."

Swann dies in Astrid's arms. "I swear it," she whispers.

Impersonating Salamander's voice, the Doctor asks for a security escort to come to the interrogation room. "I'm releasing two prisoners," he says. "They are to be conducted to the main gates and set free. Is that understood?"

Bruce tells Jamie and Victoria to find a public phone, dial 001 and ask for his deputy, Forrester. He gives them the emergency code word 'Redhead'.

"I want you to take my two friends to the gates and see they get away all right," the Doctor tells Bruce. The Doctor then tells Jamie and Victoria to go straight to the TARDIS.

Bruce turns to the Doctor. "What are you going to do?"

In the underground shelter, the workers share the food from the latest batch of supplies.

Mary takes some food for Colin, but he is reluctant to eat it.

There is a persistent buzzing noise. Mary and Colin look to the control room. "This time I'm going to have it out with Salamander," says Colin.

Astrid steps into the room. She looks at the papers and charts on Salamander's desk and examines a nearby control panel. Through a process of trial and error, she finds the switch that activates the door to the shelter.

The people on the other side shrink away in horror. "I've come to help you," says Astrid.

They react angrily, shouting and launching a frenzied attack. Colin persuades them to stop: "What's the matter with you? Are you all mad? Get back! Get back!"

"Don't move," Colin tells the astonished Astrid. "I don't know who you are, but you must be carrying radiation." The confused Astrid tells them that Swann is dead.

"We must decontaminate you," says Colin. "There's equipment in Salamander's control room."

The meter on the instrument panel appears to show how Astrid is decontaminated. But when she holds up a ruler from Salamander's desk the needle on the dial does exactly the same thing. "This machine's a fake," says Astrid. "Is this ruler contaminated?"

Astrid tells them that Salamander has been using the machine to try to convince them that there are dangerous levels of radiation above ground. "Where is he?" says Colin. "Where's Salamander?"

"That's just what I would like to know."

The guards at the exit to the research centre query the decision to release Jamie and Victoria, but Bruce overrules them. The Guard Captain remains suspicious, however. When they have gone he tells one of the guards to find Benik.

With Swann dead, Astrid turns to Colin and Mary as the new leaders. She prepares to take them to the surface to confront Salamander. Meanwhile, Kent approaches the records room.

He presses some buttons on an instrument panel and the door slides open.

Outside the records room, the guard tells Benik what has happened. "The Captain felt something was wrong and so do I sir. One minute Leader Salamander's locked in the records room, the next he's in the interrogation room. It doesn't make sense, sir."

Inside the records room, Kent is confronted by Salamander. "I've been looking forward to this meeting," says Kent. "You're getting careless. You didn't double lock the doors. Oh, its all right, I've done it now. The only way anybody can get through there is to blast their way through."

"You always were a tiresome man, Kent," says Salamander. "I'm going to be more than tiresome this time," says Kent, raising his gun. "You know the biggest mistake you ever made was not killing me when you had the chance."

Kent is distracted by the sight of Bruce, Benik and the guard on a nearby monitor screen. "They're breaking down the door," says Salamander. Kent turns to Salamander and reminds him that he knows about the secret bolthole in the tunnel. "A passage out to the fields and enough explosives down there to stop you or your thugs following me."

"Why didn't you tell me that before?" says the Doctor, reverting to his own voice. He tells the astonished Kent to look behind him, as Astrid, Colin and Mary emerge from the elevator. "I know everything," Astrid tells Kent. "You built an atomic shelter, took some people down for an endurance test. The next person they saw was Salamander, who told them that an atomic war had started."

"We had to have someone to create the natural disasters, didn't we, and we fooled you all!" says Kent, grabbing the Doctor.

"You didn't fool me," says the Doctor. "Any man who resorts to murder as eagerly and as rapidly as you must be suspect. You didn't just want to expose Salamander, you wanted to kill him and take his place." Kent shoves the Doctor aside and says, "Do you think you're going to stop me?"

We'll see who'll stop me!

Kent escapes into the elevator. "Stop him!" shouts the Doctor as the elevator descends. "He's going to try and blow the place up!" A monitor screen shows the tunnel.

"It's the escape route. Salamander!" says Astrid. "Yes," says the Doctor. "I wonder if he knows Kent's on his way?"

Forrester arrives, and Benik is held at gunpoint. "I demand a trial, Bruce, a fair trial," says Benik. Bruce looks at him with contempt. "What a nasty little man you are, to be sure." Bruce tells Forrester that he wants all research personnel detained, beginning with Benik.

The Doctor communicates with Bruce from inside the records room. "I think Kent is going to try and blow us up. Any chance of getting us out of here? Things are going to turn rather nasty in a minute."

In the tunnel, Salamander hears Kent approaching. He steps out of the shadows and grabs Kent's gun. "You always were a fool, weren't you?" says Salamander. "Now wait a minute," says Kent. "They'll be after both of us now."

"The place is mined, we know that," says Kent. "We planned it for years, together. Between us we can destroy them all, and the evidence. Just you and me, Salamander."

"What use are you to me?" sneers Salamander. "You were useful once, but now..." he raises the gun and shoots Kent.

Kent staggers away, but he is soon cornered by an instrument panel. "I told you you could not escape me," says Salamander, laughing. "Well if I'm going to die, Salamander, you'll die with me," says Kent, reaching for the control panel.

"No!" shouts Salamander, realising what Kent is doing. Kent activates a switch and collapses back against a wall.

There is a huge explosion followed by a deafening rumble.

The explosion tears through the research centre, bringing the ceiling crashing down.

Through the clouds of dust it becomes clear that the explosion has destroyed the door of the records room.

Astrid's first concern is for the people in the underground shelter. "I promised Swann I'd get them out," she says, trying to establish communication with them. The picture on the monitor shows that they're alive.

Astrid explains that the shelter can be reached via the tunnel. Bruce offers to go with her, and the Doctor also volunteers. "It's far too dangerous," Astrid tells the Doctor. "They might mistake you as Salamander."

Back on the beach, Jamie sees the familiar figure of the Doctor approaching in the darkness.

The Doctor is clearly shaken, and follows Jamie into the TARDIS without saying a word. "You do look in a state," says Victoria as he steps inside.

"After the explosion, Doctor, we didn't know what to do," says Jamie. "You said to come back here, which we did, but I'm sure we were followed." The Doctor gestures to Jamie to operate the controls.

"Me Doctor?" says Jamie. "But you said we were never to touch the controls…" There is a sound at the door at the Doctor turns around...

58 face the real Doctor. Salamander tells the Doctor that Giles Kent is dead. "We're going to put you outside, Salamander," says the Doctor. "No friends, no safety, nothing. You'll run, but they'll catch up with you."

"And now I'm going to kill you," says Salamander, pinning the Doctor against the central console. Jamie rushes to the Doctor's aid, and in the ensuing struggle Salamander knocks the dematerialisation switch.

As the TARDIS takes off, the room tilts at an alarming angle. The Doctor, Victoria and Jamie manage to hold on, but Salamander falls through the open doors.

Salamander is sucked out of the TARDIS and floats away into the space/time vortex.

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