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22 October 2014

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The TARDIS dematerialises from Ice Age Britain and reappears by the sea. The Doctor rubs his hands with delight, but Victoria and Jamie are rather more cautious.

The Doctor splashes into the waves, asking Victoria and Jamie to see if they can find a bucket and spade in the TARDIS. "He wants us to play sand castles!" says Victoria.

The Doctor comes to a halt when he sees a hovercraft gliding on to the beach.

A man emerges from the vehicle and gazes at the Doctor, who is waving in the distance.

"Wait a minute," he mutters in an Australian accent, examining the Doctor through a pair of binoculars.

"Come on in!" says the Doctor. "The water's lovely!" Victoria is reluctant to join him, and asks him to wade back to the shore. Jamie laughs as the Doctor stubs his toe on a rock.

The man, Anton, joins his fellow Australians Rod and Curly inside the hovercraft. "You're right," says Rod, checking the view in the binoculars. "It is him."

Anton sends a signal to Astrid at headquarters. A shrill bleeping noise announces his message.

Anton gives his position as ten miles west of Cape Harod and tells Astrid: "He's here." Astrid can't believe the news. "You're making a mistake – you must be."

Astrid tells Anton she needs to contact Giles, but Anton insists there isn't time. Giles is furious. "I don't care what you do Astrid, but stop them!"

On the beach, the hovercraft closes in on the Doctor and his friends. The Doctor tells Jamie and Victoria to run as the crew of the hovercraft open fire.

Bullets whistle past the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria as they dive for cover behind some sand dunes.

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria break cover and run, but Rod heads them off. Jamie shouts "Brigadoon!" and chops him to the ground. Jamie looks up as a strange sound fills the air.

"That's Astrid's runabout," says Curly, identifying the helicopter that appears on the horizon. "We've got to get to him before she does," says Anton as the helicopter approaches.

"Over here!" shouts Astrid, gesturing to the Doctor and his friends as the helicopter lands. "Run!"

Anton finds the unconscious Rod as the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria get on board the helicopter.

As the helicopter lifts into the air, Anton aims his gun and shoots at it.

The Doctor tells an anxious Jamie that a helicopter is "a primitive form of flying machine."

"At least we're safe now, aren't we?" says a similarly nervous Victoria, who clings on to Jamie.

"Depends on what you mean by being safe," says Astrid. "They've shot a hole in the fuel tank. We might blow up any minute."

Anton, Curly and Rod return to the hovercraft and start the engine.

They pilot the hovercraft back out to sea, following the same direction as the helicopter.

"Here we go," says Astrid, landing the helicopter near a bungalow. As they disembark, the Doctor notices that Astrid is wounded.

Inside the bungalow the Doctor examines Astrid's shoulder.

Jamie fetches a medical kit from the bathroom and reassures Astrid that the Doctor will look after her. "You're a doctor?" asks Astrid. "Not of any medical significance," replies the Doctor.

Who are you?

Astrid explains that the gunmen in the hovercraft have mistaken the Doctor for someone that they hate "passionately and completely." She asks the Doctor to let her take him to the man she works for, Giles Kent. "He'll explain everything you want to know."

The Doctor declines, explaining to Jamie and Victoria that Astrid saved their lives for a reason. "What is it you want us for?" asks the Doctor warily.

"You resemble very closely a man who's determined to be dictator of the world," says Astrid. "A man who'll stop at nothing." The Doctor asks the name of the dictator. "Salamander," says Astrid.

The hovercraft pulls up outside the bungalow and the three men emerge. There is no time to escape through the back door, so Astrid, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria hide.

Curly explores the inside of the bungalow, brandishing a gun. Astrid sneaks up behind him and pushes him in front of a window.

Rod, who is waiting outside, reacts immediately and opens fire. Curly receives a direct hit and collapses to the floor.

Anton and Rod burst into the house, but they only find Curly's body. They dash outside and board the helicopter, hoping to pursue Astrid and her companions from the air.

As the helicopter takes off, the watching Astrid reminds the Doctor about the vehicle's leaking fuel tank.

The machine has barely lifted into the air when it explodes in a ball of flame, scattering burning debris on the ground below.

"Absolutely incredible," says Giles Kent, who finds it hard to believe that the Doctor is unaware of his resemblance to Salamander. The Doctor explains his ignorance by claiming that he and his friends have been "on ice" for a while.

Kent offers to illuminate them by screening a videowire of Salamander addressing the United Zones Conference on World Food.

Salamander appears on the screen, explaining the beneficial effects of the Mark VII Sun Catcher device. His efforts to safeguard the world's crops are met with rapturous applause. Aside from his hairstyle and Mexican accent, his resemblance to the Doctor is indeed remarkable.

Astrid explains that Salamander has saved the world from starvation. Kent adds that Salamander's Sun Store device has meant that he can force grow three and sometimes four crops in one summer.

Kent says that Salamander is using his power to take over the world, step by step. "You have proof of this?" asks the Doctor.

"I was once a high official in the World Zone Authority… Deputy Security Leader for North Africa and Europe. But Salamander discredited and ruined me because he realised I was beginning to get suspicious."

"You remember Michael Assevski – he was Controller of the Eastern European Zone? He was drowned at sea a mile from shore."

Kent draws the Doctor's attention back to the screen. "Hockingham murdered! All of them were seen with Salamander, or a man known as his deputy, shortly before their deaths."

Kent explains that his replacement, Donald Bruce, has become Salamander's overall security chief, and that he can only count on someone called Alexander Denes. Victoria asks Giles why Salamander hasn't tried to kill him.

Kent tells her that Salamander is too afraid – the testimony of a dead man still holds legal weight. Astrid suggests that one way the Doctor could be sure of their motives would be to impersonate Salamander on their behalf. "I must admit Doctor, you do look like him," says Jamie.

"I always was interested in phonetics…" says the Doctor, as he attempts to impersonate Salamander's voice. Kent is suddenly enthused: "You could walk into Salamander's research station at Kanowa, find out how he's getting control of the separate world zones and then bring out absolute proof."

Kent receives a message that Donald Bruce has cordened off the entire area and is about to make a visit.

"You'll be under arrest for impersonation as soon as he sees you," Kent warns the Doctor.

There is only one way out of the situation – the Doctor must start impersonating Salamander right away.

"I won't! I can't!" protests the Doctor.

"But the clothes!" says Victoria. "There are some in here," says Kent, indicating an adjoining room. "A little less eccentric, but do the best you can."

The Doctor accuses Kent of having sent for Donald Bruce on purpose, but Kent ignores his protestations and bundles him through the door.

The main door flies open to reveal an armed guard. Donald Bruce follows him into the room.

"Hello Kent," says Bruce, looking incredulously at Jamie and Victoria. "Doing some recruiting are you? A bit young for killers, aren't they?"

"What do you mean by stepping in here like this?" says Kent. "Anytime, Kent," says Bruce. "I've got the right and you know it."

Bruce turns to Astrid. "That bungalow in Cedar District. In your name, right? There's been an awful nasty mess out there. Someone has got himself shot in your living room."

Bruce makes it clear that he knows what happened to the hovercraft crew. He adds that he is looking for two youngsters and a man. "Where is he?" demands Bruce. Kent points to the inner door, which the guard then throws open.

The Doctor steps forward. He has changed his clothes and combed a parting into his hair. He greets the security chief in a thick Mexican accent.

"Why, hello Bruce. What are you doing here, huh?"

Bruce stares at the Doctor in disbelief...

NEXT WEEK: The Doctor gets mistaken for Salamander.

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