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22 October 2014

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NB Unfortunately, no telesnaps are known to exist from this instalment of The Enemy of the World. The following summary of the events in this episode is accompanied by carefully selected shots from other episodes.

In Kent's office, a frantic Astrid sends a message to the trailer. Kent reminds her to swith the video phone to 'scramble'.

Benik intercepts the early part of the transmission, and tells one of the guards to find Astrid.

Astrid tells Kent that Denes is dead. Kent tells her to stay put and he and the Doctor will join her.

Shortly after the transmission ends, Fariah comes into Kent's office. She tells Astrid that she hates Salamander, and wants to help to destroy him.

The Doctor and Kent meet up with Astrid and Fariah. Fariah tells the Doctor that Salamander brought Jamie and Victoria with him to the research centre, and that Salamander blackmailed her into being his servant.

The Doctor is frustrated that no-one has any evidence against Salamander. Fariah says that she can prove that Fedorin was not an embezzler who commited suicide. She produces his dossier, and the Doctor reads it with interest.


The Doctor agrees to expose Salamander – but refuses to be his executioner.

Guards arrive outside Kent's office. Benik tells them to shoot on sight. By the time the guards have broken down the door the office is empty. Benik guesses that they have escaped through the air ducts.

Kent leads everyone through a ventilator shaft, but when they emerge outside Fariah gets separated from the others. She is shot by one of the guards but dies before telling Benik anything. Benik takes the incriminating dossier from her.

Salamander and Bruce are furious with Benik when he reports back. Benik hands the dossier back to Salamander.

Salamander heads to the records room, leaving instructions that he is not to be disturbed. Locking the hefty door behind him, he activates some controls and steps into an elevator.

Salamander emerges in a conrol room deep underground. He sits at a desk and speaks into a microphone. "I have returned. Take radiation precautions. I will make a report about the surface." In a large shelter on the other side of the room a number of people gather round in eager anticipation.

The people listen as Salamander makes an announcement. "In a few short weeks we survivors will have been down in this shelter for exactly five years." He tells them that the war on the surface continues.

"We have to fight for a while longer," continues Salamander. "Creating natural disasters, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, always in the places where the enemies of truth and freedom gather together."

The people applaud Salamander's efforts to find them fresh supplies of food, but a man called Colin tells the leader, Swann, that he is frustrated he can't visit the surface.

In Kent's trailer Astrid applies make up to the Doctor's face and he is once more transformed into Salamander. There is a noise at the door and Bruce strides in. "Stay where you are," he says to the Doctor. "I've been looking forward to meeting you again."

NEXT WEEK: The Doctor tries to rescue Jamie and Victoria.

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