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22 October 2014

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The Doctor has been made up to look like Salamander, but this time the deception doesn't fool Bruce. "Stay where you are," he tells him. "I've been looking forward to meeting you again."

Bruce tells them that Benik attached a radio-tracking device to the underside of the trailer after his last visit.

"You fooled me the first time we met," says Bruce as the Doctor looks up at him. "How much are they paying you?" The Doctor tells Bruce that it isn't about money: "Salamander holds my two friends prisoner and I was going to attempt to rescue them."

"And at the same time get evidence that would expose Salamander as a traitor, blackmailer and murderer!" says Astrid. Bruce turns to Kent: "I know why you want Salamander out of the way. You hate him because he exposed your profitable sideline of misusing public money."

"Oh, it was Salamander who was misusing the money," says Astrid. "And I was dismissed from my post and the evidence against Salamander concealed," adds Kent, who insists that the evidence is in Salamander's records.

Astrid tells Bruce that Fariah has the dossier which contains proof that Salamander was blackmailing Fedorin as part of his scheme to gain control of the Central European Zone. Bruce tells a shocked Doctor that Fariah was killed escaping arrest.

"Escaping arrest?" scoffs Kent. "Benik had her killed, because she had evidence against Salamander." Astrid says that Benik will return the file to Salamander, and that they must get to the research station. "I'm not saying I'm altogether satisfied with Salamander or his organisation, but I'll investigate in my own way," warns Bruce.

"Meanwhile Salamander will have found a way to cover himself, and also a way of disposing of you. You're digging your own grave, Bruce."

An impatient Astrid hits the guard and grabs his gun. "Really," she tells Bruce, "as head of security you should have more reliable guards."

While Benik waits for Salamander to emerge from the locked records room, the drugged Jamie and Victoria are delivered on stretchers. Their interrogation is about to begin. "I have the feeling they're going to be stubborn," says Benik with relish. "So much more interesting when our prisoners are stubborn."

"We have to get to the research station," says Astrid, levelling the gun at Bruce, "and you're not going to stop us." The Doctor reminds Kent that he won't have anything to do with violence.

The Doctor takes the gun from Astrid and points it at Bruce and the guard. "I think you agree that at this moment your life is in my hands."

The Doctor hands the gun to a surprised Bruce. "Why'd you do that?" asks Bruce. "Because I think I know what sort of man you are – honest and reasonable," says the Doctor. "I gave you back that gun because I trust you. Now I want you to trust me."

The Doctor says that if they fail to find any evidence when they're inside Salamander's research station then Bruce will be free to throw them in prison. Bruce agrees – on the condition that Astrid and Kent stay under guard in the trailer.

In the control room Salamander opens communications with the main part of the underground shelter.

Swann listens as Salamander says, "I placed the new food cases on the conveyor. Detail some men to unload them. Then make a report on schedule seven."

Mary and Colin listen attentively.

"Jones, Morris, Hunt," says Swann. "Now remember, if there's any contamination showing up at all on the resister you must tell me immediately."

The package marked 'milk' passes the decontamination test. One of the men turns around and nods to Swann.

"Have you ever thought what would happen to us if Salamander didn't come back from the surface one day?" Colin asks Swann. As Colin moves away, Swann tells Mary, "We'll get out of here one day." Mary looks up at him hopefully. "Will we?"

"Blind idiot," says Colin. "Why does he think everybody else has to be an idiot too? Just work, sleep, eat – if there's enough to go round. Like worms under the earth, sightless worms wriggling about without hope. Without purpose." Mary tries to reassure him: "It isn't like that."

Salamander's voice echoes across the shelter, telling Swann to make his report. Swann examines one of the packing cases, and notices a piece of a newspaper stuck to its side. He removes the piece of paper and walks over to the control room.

Salamander tells Swann he is too busy to see him, but Swann insists it is urgent. Salamander unlocks the door and Swann enters, holding up the fragment of newspaper. "What is this?" he asks.

"Read it," says Swann. "Last year's date. Look at the bit of headline there. You say there's a global war, radiation everywhere. How can there be holiday liners? Tell me how?"

"You've lied to us, haven't you?" says Swann. Salamander looks contrite. "In a way, Swann, yes... I had to. Well it's true that the war is over, but have you any idea what happens to people who've been involved in a nuclear war?"

Cruising for a bruising

"Of course I haven't," says Swann angrily. "Those who are lucky enough to escape the annihilation have their bodies eaten away by radiation poisoning. They're deformed in mind and body. They have a kind of society, but it's, it's evil! Corrupt! You don't think I could expose you to that sort of thing? Think of Mary and the other women," says Salamander.

"And what about the natural disasters we've been organising? The volcanoes, earthquakes?" says Swann. "They're not fit to live," sneers Salamander.

Swann stares at him with disgust. "I won't take your word any more. I want to see for myself." Salamander agrees to take him on the condition that he doesn't tell the others what it is like on the surface.

Swann switches on the microphone: "This is Swann speaking. It's nearly a year since anyone went on the surface with Salamander. There are more stores to bring down too. Salamander can't do it all on his own. We'll both be back soon with good news I hope."

Colin reacts angrily to the announcement: "Why not me? Salamander, take me with you!" he shouts. "I've got to get out of here, Mary. Got to get out."

Victoria and Jamie regain consciousness in unfamiliar surroundings. Victoria offers Jamie something to drink that will ease his headache.

As they head for the door, Benik blocks their path. "Don't leave us so soon," he says. "We can have a little talk."

Benik explains that he has had them brought to the Australasian Zone so that Salamander can ask them some questions. "We'll not tell you a thing," says Jamie.

"I think the time's come for you to answer my questions, don't you? Come here, girl! If you don't, I shall have to shoot one of you. Oh, not a mortal wound. In the leg, perhaps?"

"You're going to tell me everything," says Benik, threatening Victoria but looking at Jamie.

"All right, yes!" says Jamie.

Benik flings Victoria to the floor and aims his gun at her.

"Who's behind you?" asks Benik, as Jamie looks anguished.

"Is it Giles Kent?" asks Benik. Jamie struggles for something to say before the door opens.

"Salamander," says a surprised Benik. "I thought you were in records..."

"Bruce and I will take over," says Salamander, and Benik and the guard leave.

Victoria defends herself against Salamander: "If you want to know the truth, Giles Kent told us a story and we weren't sure. Before the Doctor could do anything we had to come here and find out what you were like."

"If you're doing so much good for the world, why are you so afraid for your own life?" continues Victoria. "And why destroy the one man people trusted, Alexander Denes?"

Bruce reacts with shock to the news that Denes was murdered. Salamander then reveals that Fariah is also dead, before admitting his true identity to his friends.

Jamie still suspects he is talking to Salamander. In order to convince him, the Doctor whistles a short tune, pretending to play it on his recorder. "You made me leave it in the TARDIS!" he tells Jamie.

The real Salamander takes Swann to the dank tunnel where he brings the stores. He claims that this is an area the radiation has failed to penetrate, but Swann is eager to continue the journey to the surface.

Inside the trailer, Kent regrets that he didn't accompany Bruce to the research centre.

Astrid reminds him of all the progress they've made, and Kent takes some encouragement. "Bruce listens to us at last. He's even prepared to ask questions, that's fine, but I know Salamander. He'd talk his way out of the quicksand."

"I must get into the research centre," Kent tells Astrid. "I've got to make sure that Bruce understands the evidence."

"But we can't attack the guard," says Astrid. "It would only make matters worse."

Astrid devises a plan to divert the guard's attention. "We're not going to attack the guard," she says. "But there is going to be an attack. A fatal one..."

Salamander tells Swann that the tunnel leads to a field, and that the radiation is amost negligible. "You mean you could have brought others here from below?" says Swann. "Don't you realise what a break it would be for them, just moving away from that underground tomb once in a while?" Salamander tires of the debate and reaches for a crowbar…

Astrid breaks a window and calls the guard into the trailer, claiming that someone outside has shot Kent.

The guard stoops to examine Kent and Astrid runs out the door. The guard runs after her, and when he's gone Kent picks himself up off the floor.

As the guard passes by, Astrid slowly moves out of her hiding place behind a large bush. Before long she hears the faint sound of a man pleading for help.

Swann staggers into view and collapses on the ground in front of her, blood streaming from a wound in his head. "Who did this to you?" she asks. His reply is barely audible: "A man named... Salamander..."

NEXT WEEK: Can the Doctor stop Salamander?

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