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24 September 2014

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Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who entered a colourful new decade with the flamboyant Jon Pertwee in charge. A veteran comedy actor, Pertwee borrowed a little from The Avengers’ John Steed and James Bond in creating his character and was surely one of the few actors on TV to be able to get away with wearing such frilly shirts.

The Third Doctor would be a man of action, equipped with a vintage car nicknamed Bessie and any number of fancy Bond-like gadgets.

Having been exiled to Earth by the Time Lords as punishment for his meddling, the Third Doctor grudgingly joined forces with a pseudo-military organisation called UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce).

The Master, a new recurring villain, was introduced, superbly played by Roger Delgado. A rogue Time Lord, the Master had the nasty habit of inviting all manner of undesirable desirable races to invade the Earth and kill the Doctor.

After a tenth anniversary reunion with Doctors One and Two, Pertwee’s Doctor regained his ability to travel the galaxy.

After five memorable years, Pertwee decided to move on, eventually finding renewed fame by standing in a field as as Worzel Gummidge. Receiving a lethal dose of radiation from an encounter with giant spiders, the Third Doctor slowly transformed into the Fourth…

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