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24 September 2014

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Sylvester McCoy

Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy, coming from a background that included Brecht plays and children’s programmes such as Vision On, brought his unique brand of physical comedy to the role in 1987.

McCoy initially played up the more light-hearted aspects of the role before evolving into one of the darkest and most manipulative Doctors.

The Seventh Doctor’s costume, featuring a 1930’s golfing sweater covered in question mark symbols and McCoys own battered Panama hat was more subdued than his predecessor’s. An umbrella with a question mark shaped handle was added at McCoy’s suggestion.

Sylvester’s skills in playing the spoons, juggling and magic were used throughout his tenure. Thankfully his ability to stick ferrets down his trousers wasn’t.

The Seventh Doctor was teamed with streetwise teenager Ace. Played by Sophie Aldred, Ace was far more rounded than previous companions. She packed quite a Dalek-destroying wallop with a baseball bat too.

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