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24 September 2014
Doctor Who - starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, written by Russell T Davies. The official site.

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Credits - S

Click on a name to see a list of all of their Doctor Who credits:

Sabin, Alec
Sachs, Leonard
Sadler, Dee
Saenger, Prue
Salem, Pamela
Sallis, Peter
Salmins, Ralph
Salter, Ivor
Samett, Max
Sammarco, Gian
Sandeman, Christopher
Sanders, Damon
Sanders, Peter
Sansby, Lionel
Sargent, Peter
Sasko, William
Saul, Christopher
Saul, Nitza
Saunders, Maggie
Savident, John
Savile, David
Saward, Eric
Sax, Geoffery
Saxon, James
Sayle, Alexei
Saynor, Ian
Scammell, Roy
Schell, Catherine
Schlesinger, Katharine
Schofield, Katharine
Schofield, Leslie
Schrecker, Frederick
Schwartz, Stefan
Scogg, Tony
Scoones, Ian
Scott, Carol
Scott, Clive
Scott, Jonina
Scott, Lesley
Scott, Peter Robert
Scott, Robin
Scott, Stephen
Scott, Steven
Scott, Tim
Scully, Terry
Seager, Pauline
Seager, Richard
Searle, Humphrey
Sears, Ian
Seaton, Derek
Seed, Paul
Seeger, Kenneth
Segal, John
Segal, Philip David
Segal, Zohra
Seiler, Neil
Selby, Tony
Sellars, Bill
Selway, George
Selway, Kevin
Selwyn, Maurice
Selwyn, Rochelle
Serbe, Louis
Sesta, Hilary
Setna, Renu
Sewell, George
Seyfang, Angela
Sha-Dyan, Michael
Shaban, Nabil
Shaps, Cyril
Sharma, Madhav
Sharp, Abigail
Sharp, Kenneth
Sharp, Richard D
Shaw, Brendan
Shaw, Bronson
Shaw, Colin
Shaw, Geoff
Shaw, Richard
Shaw, Simon
Shaw, Tessa
Sheard, Michael
Shearer, William
Shearman, Sue
Sheehan, Fintan
Sheldon, Douglas
Shelley, Barbara
Shelley, Paul
Shelton, Shane
Shepherd, Sandra
Sheridan, Astra
Sheridan, Dinah
Sheridan, Tom
Sherrier, Julian
Sherringham, Robin
Sherry, Elizabeth
Sherwin, Derrick
Sherwin, Jane
Sherwood, Jonathan
Shields, Caroline
Shircore, Jenny
Shirley, Jane
Sibbald, Tony
Sibley, David
Sidaway, Robert
Silva, Adele
Silvera, Carmen
Simeon, David
Simms, Michael David
Simons, Neville
Simons, William
Simpson, Dudley
Simpson, Graham
Sims, Joan
Sinclair, Joy
Siner, Guy
Singer, Campbell
Skelton, Roy
Skilbeck, Alison
Skinner, Keith
Skipper, Susan
Sladen, Elisabeth
Slater, Derrick
Slater, Simon
Slavid, John
Slee, Derek
Sleigh, Robert
Sleigh, William
Sloman, Robert
Smart, Patsy
Smee, Derek
Smee, Peter
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Angela
Smith, Barry
Smith, Eric
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Gary
Smith, Gay
Smith, Julia
Smith, Neville
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Oliver
Smith, Roderick
Snare, Chas
Snell, James
Snoaden, Tony
Soans, Robin
Solon, Ewen
Somerville, Nick
Sorr, Viviane
Sothcott, Graham
Southern, Jackie
Spadbury, John
Spalding, Alan
Spaull, Colin
Speed, Stephen
Speel, Stan
Spencer, David
Spencer, Gladys
Spencer, Roy
Spenser, David
Spenton-Foster, George
Spice, Michael
Spight, Hugh
Spoczynski, Jan
Spode, David
Sponsler, John
Spooner, Dennis
Spriggs, Elizabeth
Squire, William
St Clair, Gordon
St Clement, Pam
Stacey, Andy
Staines, Andrew
Stallard, Shirley
Stampe, Will
Stamper, Henry
Stanley, Norman
Stanton, Barry
Stanton, Peter
Staple, John
Staples, Ian
Stapleton, Nicola
Starkey, Bill
Starkey, Ken
Starr, Tony
Steele, Richard
Stenson, Peter
Stephens, P G
Stephens, Peter
Stephenson, Geraldine
Sterne, Gordon
Steven, Anthony
Stevenson, Ed
Steward, Jean
Stewart, Heather
Stewart, Jeffrey
Stewart, Morman
Stewart, Norman
Stewart, Robert Banks
Stewart, Roy
Stewart, Salvin
Stirling, Pamela
Stock, Nigel
Stoffer, Mike
Stoney, Kevin
Story, Graeme
Stothard, Gordon
Stout, John
Strachan, Ian
Straker, Mark
Straker, Peter
Stratton, John
Stribling, Joan
Strickson, Mark
Stride, Sebastian
Strong, David
Strutton, Bill
Stuart, Barbara
Sturgess, Leo
Summers, George
Summers, Jill
Summers, John
Summerton, Michael
Sumpter, Donald
Sutherland, Robin
Suthern, Derek
Sutton, Sarah
Sutton, Simon
Swift, Clive
Swift, Harry
Swinscoe, Steve
Sydenham, Dave
Sydney, Derek
Sykes, Catherine
Symington, Alison
Symon, William
Symonds, Peter
Syms, Sylvia

This episode guide is made up of the text of The Discontinuity Guide by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping, and Doctor Who: The Television Companion by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker.

The Discontinuity Guide © Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping 1995.
Doctor Who: The Television Companion © David J Howe and Stephen James Walker 1998, 2003.

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