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24 September 2014
Doctor Who - starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, written by Russell T Davies. The official site.

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Credits - L

Click on a name to see a list of all of their Doctor Who credits:

La'Bassiere, Robert
Lack, Simon
Ladkin, Michael
Laing, Roderick
Laird, Jenny
Laird, Peter
Laird, Trevor
Lake, Alan
Lambden, Tony
Lambert, Annie
Lambert, Nigel
Lambert, Verity
Lamont, Duncan
Landen, Dinsdale
Lane, Andrew
Lane, Barbara
Lane, Jackie
Lane, Maureen
Lang, Howard
Langford, Bonnie
Langley, Brian
Langley, Martin
Langtry, Peter
Lankesheer, Robert
Laskey, David
Latham, Jim
Latham, Philip
Laughland, Nick
Laurimore, John
Lavers, Colin
Lavers, Paul
Law, John
Law, Philip
Lawes, Symond
Lawrence, Barney
Lawrence, Ken
Lawrence, Peter
Lawrence, Trevor
Lawson, Chris
Lawton, Christina
Layton, George
Lazell, Andrew
Le Tozel, Sylvestra
Leake, Barbara
Leaman, Graham
Ledsham, Ken
Lee, David
Lee, George
Lee, John
Lee, Mi-Jung
Lee, Penelope
Lee, Ronald
Leech, Richard
Leeson, John
Leeston-Smith, Michael
Lefton, Sue
Leggo, Tony
Legree, Simon
Lehmann, Beatrix
Leigh-Hunt, Ronald
Leighton, Clive
Lemkow, Tutte
Lennie, Angus
Lenska, Rula
Leopold, Guy
Leslie, Colin
Lester, Rick
Letley, Valerie
Letts, Barry
Levene, John
Levent, Hus
Lever, Reg
Lewis, Rhoda
Leyland, Richard
Lidiard-White, Snowy
Lightley, Tony
Lill, Denis
Lim, Pik-Sen
Limb, Roger
Liminton, Roger
Lincoln, Henry
Lindberg, Jacob
Lindley, Philip
Lindon, Delia
Lindsay, Kevin
Lindsay, William
Line, John
Ling, Peter
Linstead, Alec
Lisemore, Martin
Lister, Penny
Liston, Ian
Little, George
Little, Karen
Livesey, John
Llewellyn, Raymond
Lloyd, Hugh
Lloyd, Innes
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, Judith
Lloyd, Rosalind
Lloyd-Jones, Bernard
Locke, Philip
Lockey, Michael
Lockwood, Preston
Lodge, Andrew
Lodge, Terence
Loft, Barbara
Logan, Crawford
Logan, Peter
London, Debbie Lee
London, Ray
London, Raymond
Lonnen, Ray
Lonsdale, Jennifer
Lopes, John
Lord, John
Lough, Catherine
Lowe, Ken
Loxton, Karen
Lucarotti, John
Lucas, Mike
Lucas, Victor
Lucas, William
Luckham, Cyril
Luckham, Robert
Ludkin, Monica
Ludlow, Kathryn
Lund, Hugh
Lunn, Paul
Lussier, Patrick
Luxton, Jon
Lye, Reg
Lynch, Alfred
Lynch, Michael
Lynch-Blosse, Bridget
Lynn, James
Lyons, Bill

This episode guide is made up of the text of The Discontinuity Guide by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping, and Doctor Who: The Television Companion by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker.

The Discontinuity Guide © Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping 1995.
Doctor Who: The Television Companion © David J Howe and Stephen James Walker 1998, 2003.

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