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24 September 2014
Doctor Who - starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, written by Russell T Davies. The official site.

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Credits - C

Click on a name to see a list of all of their Doctor Who credits:

Caddick, Edward
Cady, Gary
Caesar, John
Caffrey, Sean
Cager, Michael
Cager, Mike
Cain, Simon
Cairncross, James
Cairnes, Elliott
Calder, Derek
Calderisi, David
Caldinez, Sonny
Calf, Anthony
Callaghan, Ray
Calvin, Tony
Cameron, Earl
Camfield, Douglas
Campbell, George
Campbell, Maggy
Campion, Gerald
Cann, Roger
Cannon, David
Cannon, John
Cant, Brian
Caplan, Jonathan
Carey, Denis
Carey, Tristram
Carin, Victor
Carney, John J
Carr, Andrew
Carrick, Antony
Carrigan, Ralph
Carroll, Mark
Carroll, Susanna
Carson, John
Carson, Paul
Carter, Dave
Carter, Patrick
Carter, Wilfrid
Cartland, Robert
Cartmel, Andrew
Carvic, Heron
Cary, Tristram
Casdagli, Penny
Cashfield, Katie
Cashman, Michael
Cater, John
Catlett, Peter
Caunter, Tony
Cave, Alan
Cavell, Dallas
Cawdron, Robert
Cazes, Clive
Cellier, Peter
Chadbon, Tom
Chaffer, Derek
Chagrin, Francis
Chagrin, Nicolas
Challis, John
Chanan, Noel
Chandler, David
Chandler, Jeremy
Channon, Dennis
Chapman, Peter
Chapman, Rosemary
Chapman, Sean
Chapman, Spencer
Chardet, Gillian
Charlton, Alethea
Charlton, Howard
Charlton, James
Chaston, Barry
Chazen, Arnold
Cheetham, Keith
Chering, Chris
Cheshire, Geoffrey
Cheveley, Roger
Childs, Catherine
Childs, Peter
Chinnery, Dennis
Chitty, Erik
Christou, Christopher
Chubb, Richard
Chuntz, Alan
Churchett, Stephen
Churchill, John
Churchman, Ysanne
Clamp, John
Claridge, Norman
Clark, Anthony
Clark, Brian
Clark, Vanessa
Clarke, Kevin
Clarke, Malcolm
Clay, Judy
Clayton, Gloria
Clayton, Jack
Clayton, James
Cleary, Denis
Cleese, John
Clegg, Barbara
Clegg, Karen
Clements, Anne
Clemett, Brian
Clifford, Clare
Clough, Chris
Clunes, Martin
Coady, Simon
Coats, Steven
Coburn, Anthony
Cochrane, Martin
Cochrane, Michael
Coe, Richard
Colbourne, Maurice
Colby, Anthony
Cole, Buster
Cole, David
Coleman, Noel
Coleridge, Sylvia
Coles, Dick
Coll, Christopher
Collier, Ian
Collier, Karilyn
Collin, Dinah
Collings, David
Collins, Forbes
Collins, John D
Collins, June
Collins, Laura
Collins, Martin
Collins, Noel
Collins, Pauline
Colliver, Edward
Colouris, George
Colville, Geoffrey
Combe, Timothy
Comer, Norman
Condon, Clive
Condren, Tim
Connery, Jason
Conrad, Andrew
Conrad, Gavin
Conrad, Mark
Conroy, David
Conroy, Jean
Conway, Carl
Conway, Richard
Cook, John
Cook, Peter Noel
Cooke, Howard
Cooklin, Shirley
CoombEs, James
Cooper, George A
Cooper, Mark
Cooper, Trevor
Cope, Kenneth
Copeland, James
Copley, Peter
Corbett, Matthew
Cormack, George
Cornelius, Billy
Cornes, Lee
Cornwell, Judy
Cornwell, Trina
Corr, Adrienne
Corry, Judy
Cort, Martin
Cossette, Lorne
Cossey, Elmer
Cotton, Donald
Coulter, Edmund
Court, Jimmy
Courtney, Nicholas
Cove, Bob
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Clifford
Cox, Frank
Cox, Pauline
Cox, Richard
Craddock, Ron
Craig, Michael
Craig-Raymond, Vaune
Crane, Jonathan
Crane, Michael
Craven, Timothy
Crawshaw, Frank
Craze, Edwina
Craze, Michael
Craze, Peter
Cresswell, Frank
Crewe, Derek
Cripps, Olivia
Crockett, John
Croft, Bill
Croft, John
Croft, Richard
Cross, George
Cross, Gerald
Cross, John
Croucher, Brian
Crowden, Graham
Crowley, Jeananne
Crowson, Rosemary
Cull, Graham
Cullen, Eileen
Cullen, Ian
Culley, Clifford
Culliford, James
Cullingford, Brian
Cullum-Jones, Desmond
Cumming, Alastair
Cumming, Fiona
Cunningham, Ian
Cunningham, Jack
Curran, Neil
Curry, Graeme
Curtis, Alan
Curtis, Gerald
Curzon, Nigel
Cusack, Catherine
Cusick, Raymond P
Cuthbertson, Iain
Czajkowski, Peter

This episode guide is made up of the text of The Discontinuity Guide by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping, and Doctor Who: The Television Companion by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker.

The Discontinuity Guide © Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping 1995.
Doctor Who: The Television Companion © David J Howe and Stephen James Walker 1998, 2003.

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