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22 October 2014

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Dating the segments of time

If the 'segments' of time mentioned in The Ark can correspond to a variable length of time then a limited degree of linkage with other stories can exist. The Daleks belong to the first segment of time. If this simply refers to mankind's first overt encounter with them, then the second segment could begin at some point after the Dalek invasion of Earth.

The Primal Wars could refer to the Federation/Galaxy Five war (see The Monster of Peladon) and the time travel experiments might refer to Magnus Greel's tests in the 51st Century (see The Talons of Weng Chiang). If the entirety of Dalek history is encapsulated within the first segments, then the second segment clearly cannot begin until after the Dalek wars (say some time after the 41st century: see The Daleks' Master Plan), in which case the Primal Wars and the time travels experiments refer to as yet unknown events,

Alternatively, if one assumes that the segments are of roughly equal length, and that the Doctor is correct in his assumptions, then the Primal Wars would have taken place nearly two million years into the future, and the time travel experimentation three million years beyond that. Again, this is far beyond the scope of most Doctor Who adventures.

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