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22 October 2014

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The Spectre of Lanyon Moor - Reviews

Simon Catlow

Colin Baker has been consistently superb as the Doctor on audio, and this story is no exception. With his television 'eccentricities' reined in, he can be the Doctor he always should have been.

Maggie Stables is again on good form as Doctor Evelyn Smythe, although she is not as bright as she was in the Marian Conspiracy. Nicholas Courtney reprises his role as the Brigadier, and it's like he's never been away.

Overall, a very enjoyable production with another magnificent performance from Colin Baker which is the highlight of the story.

Andrew Buckley

This is a truly delightful story from start to finish. The Sixth Doctor gets a chance to shine here in an excellent script, with some lovely banter with both Evelyn and the Brigadier. Also, that wonderfully angry scene where he laments the closed mindedness of so many of his human acquaintances.

The regional feel to the story also worked wonders, bringing a real depth, colour and atmosphere to the whole production. The Brig was on top form, and the monster was just excellent, with a great voice.

Production wise, it was also top notch. The eerie chittering of the spectre was quite spooky, and the climax aboard the spaceship was as easy to visualise as the beautiful countryside in which most of the action was set.

All in all, though, a roaring success, and more proof of Colin Baker's talents. If Big Finish are proving anything, it's that the programme didn't end with Logopolis - Doctors Five, Six and Seven are all gems and fandom should cherish them!

Mark Wiles

This CD is one of the best Colin Baker stories on audio. All the characters have a leading role, from the Doctor trying to discover what really is lurking on the moor with the help of the Brigadier, to Evelyn getting herself into a lot of trouble with the local aristocrat.

I feel that Colin Baker's Doctor was never represented very well on our TV screens but think his Big Finish audios probably stand out more with fantastic storylines and characters. A thumbs up for this CD.

J.E. Butterworth

The Brigadier was very well portrayed and it was nice to see his return. The story held my interest throughout, although I did think it was very similar to The Daemons.

The alien used was not one of my favourites because it didn't seem very original. On the whole, a very good story, though.

Greg Rienzi

Colin Baker is excellent, reprising his role as the Doctor. He has never been more charming. Maybe it's just the passage of time, but I think I enjoyed him in this audio adventure more than I ever did on the TV series.

As for his companion, Maggie Stables is a fine addition and works very well in humanising Bakers' Doctor.

The story is vintage Doctor Who - alien baddies hanging out in England's countryside. The extra bonus of having Lethridge-Stewart along for the ride makes this story a bit of a classic. Very well done. I look forward to more.


Nicholas Pegg describes this adventure as one with an "unashamedly traditional flavour". It's an excellent listen; a really riveting Doctor Who story.

The plot moves at a good pace, the incidental music is suitably chilling, and the direction is very good. The story seamlessly moves between locales and characters.

It's nice to see that the new Who writers are still able to adhere to the best aspects of traditional stories, yet continue to create new and interesting plots. Why couldn't the Sixth Doctor have had decent stories like this when his seasons ran?

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