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22 October 2014

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The Sixth Doctor

Medicinal Purposes CD thumbnail
Medicinal Purposes By Robert Ross
A grave matter for the Doctor.
Arrangements for War CD thumbnail
Arrangements for War By Paul Sutton
Is it finally time for Evelyn and the Doctor to part?
The Wormery CD thumbnail
The Wormery By Stephen Cole, Paul Magrs
The Doctor and Iris go clubbing.
Davros CD thumbnail
Davros By Lance Parkin
Can Davros really save humanity?
Project: Lazarus CD thumbnail
Project: Lazarus By Cavan Scott, Mark Wright
Two Doctors forge an alliance.
Doctor Who and the Pirates CD thumbnail
Doctor Who and the Pirates By Jacqueline Rayner
A life on the ocean wave.
Jubilee CD thumbnail
Jubilee By Robert Shearman
It's torture for the Daleks.
Real Time CD thumbnail
Real Time By Gary Russell
The Doctor battles Cybermen from the end of time.
The Sandman CD thumbnail
The Sandman By Simon A Forward
Does the Doctor have a dark past?
...ish CD thumbnail
...ish By Phil Pascoe
The Doctor minds his language.
Excelis Rising CD thumbnail
Excelis Rising By David A McIntee
The Doctor returns to Excelis, to find a body in the library.
The One Doctor CD thumbnail
The One Doctor By Clayton Hickman, Gareth Roberts
The Doctor faces an imposter.
Project: Twilight CD thumbnail
Project: Twilight By Cavan Scott, Mark Wright
East end drama with bite.
Bloodtide CD thumbnail
Bloodtide By Jonathan Morris
Evil has evolved...
The Holy Terror CD thumbnail
The Holy Terror By Robert Shearman
All hail the big, talking bird.
The Apocalypse Element CD thumbnail
The Apocalypse Element By Stephen Cole
The Daleks attack Gallifrey.
Slipback CD thumbnail
Slipback By Eric Saward
Time-tampering threatens the Universe
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor CD thumbnail
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor By Nicholas Pegg
Moore trouble for the Doctor and the Brigadier.
The Marian Conspiracy CD thumbnail
The Marian Conspiracy By Jacqueline Rayner
A history lesson for Evelyn Smythe.
Whispers of Terror CD thumbnail
Whispers of Terror By Justin Richards
Sounds like trouble for the Doctor.

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