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24 September 2014

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The Eighth Doctor

Deadstone Memorial book thumbnail
Deadstone Memorial By Trevor Baxendale
Dreams are where the monsters are.
The Sleep of Reason book thumbnail
The Sleep of Reason By Martin Day
The Doctor seeks asylum...
The Tomorrow Windows book thumbnail
The Tomorrow Windows By Jonathan Morris
The Doctor opens a window onto a world of trouble.
Halflife book thumbnail
Halflife By Mark Michalowski
The Doctor's lost his memory. Again.
The Dalek Factor book thumbnail
The Dalek Factor By Simon Clark
The Daleks return in the final Telos Novella.
Sometime Never book thumbnail
Sometime Never By Justin Richards
Future history must follow the correct path. Eventually.
Eye of the Tyger book thumbnail
Eye of the Tyger By Paul McAuley
A silent oracle orbits a black hole.
Emotional Chemistry book thumbnail
Emotional Chemistry By Simon A Forward
Love will set the world on fire.
Fallen Gods book thumbnail
Fallen Gods By Kate Orman, Jonathan Blum
A mysterious teacher falls from the skies.
Timeless book thumbnail
Timeless By Stephen Cole
Chloe takes her dolly to the start of the universe. Again.
The Last Resort book thumbnail
The Last Resort By Paul Leonard
Good Times Inc. would like to take you on a holiday in history.
Reckless Engineering book thumbnail
Reckless Engineering By Nick Walters
The Doctor arrives in a Bristol ravaged by time.
The Domino Effect book thumbnail
The Domino Effect By David Bishop
Terrorists attack an alternative Scotland.
Rip Tide book thumbnail
Rip Tide By Louise Cooper
There's something strange in the Cornish sea.
Infinity Race book thumbnail
Infinity Race By Simon Messingham
The Doctor and Sabbath take part in a boat race.
Time Zero book thumbnail
Time Zero By Justin Richards
Fitz goes to his certain death. The Doctor goes to Siberia.
Camera Obscura book thumbnail
Camera Obscura By Lloyd Rose
Whatever happened to the Doctor's second heart?
History 101 book thumbnail
History 101 By Mags L Halliday
History isn't always written by the winning side.
The Crooked World book thumbnail
The Crooked World By Steve Lyons
What's up, Doc?
The Book of the Still book thumbnail
The Book of the Still By Paul Ebbs
The Book of the Still is a lifeline for stranded time travellers.
Trading Futures book thumbnail
Trading Futures By Lance Parkin
The leaders of Earth fight to become the new Lords of Time.
Anachrophobia book thumbnail
Anachrophobia By Jonathan Morris
A war where time is the weapon.
Hope book thumbnail
Hope By Mark Clapham
Can the Doctor trust the mysterious Silver?
Mad Dogs and Englishmen book thumbnail
Mad Dogs and Englishmen By Paul Magrs
The Lord of the Rings. But with Poodles.
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street book thumbnail
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street By Lawrence Miles
The Doctor's dying in a brothel. Killer apes destroy London.
Grimm Reality book thumbnail
Grimm Reality By Simon Bucher-Jones, Kelly Hale
Are the crew really trapped in a fairytale?
The City of the Dead book thumbnail
The City of the Dead By Lloyd Rose
Grave-robbing and mystic forces in New Orleans.
Dark Progeny book thumbnail
Dark Progeny By Steve Emmerson
An attempt to terraform a planet goes disastrously wrong.
Eater of Wasps book thumbnail
Eater of Wasps By Trevor Baxendale
Zombies, killer wasps, and a walking bomb.
Slow Empire book thumbnail
Slow Empire By Dave Stone
Oh yes. You can change the laws of physics.
Year of Intelligent Tigers book thumbnail
Year of Intelligent Tigers By Kate Orman
War between musicians and their pets.
Vanishing Point book thumbnail
Vanishing Point By Stephen Cole
There is a God. And he's not happy.
Earthworld book thumbnail
Earthworld By Jacqueline Rayner
Homicidal princesses and deadly android doubles.
Escape Velocity book thumbnail
Escape Velocity By Colin Brake
The Doctor gets his TARDIS back - but can he leave Earth?
Father Time book thumbnail
Father Time By Lance Parkin
Can the Doctor save the world and bring up a daughter?
Endgame book thumbnail
Endgame By Terrance Dicks
Is the Doctor a cold war spy?
Turing Test book thumbnail
Turing Test By Paul Leonard
Alan Turing and Graham Greene break the code.
Casualties of War book thumbnail
Casualties of War By Steve Emmerson
In a war, there are worse things than dying.
The Burning book thumbnail
The Burning By Justin Richards
Only one man can stop The Burning.
The Ancestor Cell book thumbnail
The Ancestor Cell By Stephen Cole, Peter Anghelides
The Doctor's not the man he was. But who has he become?
The Banquo Legacy book thumbnail
The Banquo Legacy By Andy Lane, Justin Richards
Can the Doctor solve his own murder?
The Space Age book thumbnail
The Space Age By Steve Lyons
This is Earth. The year is 2000 AD. This is your future.
Coldheart book thumbnail
Coldheart By Trevor Baxendale
What is the terrible truth at the heart of the planet Eskon?
Fall of Yquatine book thumbnail
Fall of Yquatine By Nick Walters
Can the Doctor save the doomed planet of Yquatine?
Shadows of Avalon book thumbnail
Shadows of Avalon By Paul Cornell
War in the Land of Dreams.
Parallel 59 book thumbnail
Parallel 59 By Stephen Cole, Natalie Dallaire
The Doctor gets involved in the space race.
Frontier Worlds book thumbnail
Frontier Worlds By Peter Anghelides
Dare to tamper with the forces of creation.
The Taking of Planet Five book thumbnail
The Taking of Planet Five By Simon Bucher-Jones, Mark Clapham
An ancient force that never existed returns to destroy the universe.
The Blue Angel book thumbnail
The Blue Angel By Paul Magrs, Jeremy Hoad
Has the Doctor really moved to the suburbs?
Interference (Book One) book thumbnail
Interference (Book One) By Lawrence Miles
The Doctor's future rewrites his past.
Interference (Book Two) book thumbnail
Interference (Book Two) By Lawrence Miles
The Doctor's past rewrites his future.
Autumn Mist book thumbnail
Autumn Mist By David A McIntee
War is Hell.
Unnatural History book thumbnail
Unnatural History By Kate Orman, Jonathan Blum
Reality collapses in San Francisco.
Dominion book thumbnail
Dominion By Nick Walters
A dimensional anomaly strands the Doctor in Sweden.
Revolution Man book thumbnail
Revolution Man By Paul Leonard
The Doctor must prevent the Revolution Man.
Demontage book thumbnail
Demontage By Justin Richards
A deadly mixture of performance art, gambling and opera.
The Taint book thumbnail
The Taint By Michael Collier
Sinister visions of demons and madness.
The Face Eater book thumbnail
The Face Eater By Simon Messingham
Death waits in the catacombs beneath Proxima City.
Beltempest book thumbnail
Beltempest By Jim Mortimore
A solar system tears itself apart.
The Janus Conjunction book thumbnail
The Janus Conjunction By Trevor Baxendale
Strangely heavy planets and mysterious transmat links.
The Scarlet Empress book thumbnail
The Scarlet Empress By Paul Magrs
Iris Wildthyme joins the Doctor and Sam on a mythical quest.
Vanderdeken's Children book thumbnail
Vanderdeken's Children By Christopher Bulis
A mysterious alien craft threatens the Doctor and Sam.
Placebo Effect book thumbnail
Placebo Effect By Gary Russell
The Wirrrn invade the Intergalactic Olympic Games.
Seeing I book thumbnail
Seeing I By Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman
Can the Doctor stay sane in a prison with no escape?
Dreamstone Moon book thumbnail
Dreamstone Moon By Paul Leonard
The Doctor's quest for Sam takes him to a mining world.
Legacy of the Daleks book thumbnail
Legacy of the Daleks By John Peel
The Daleks aren't dead after all.
Longest Day book thumbnail
Longest Day By Michael Collier
Sam is lost on a planet where time is collapsing.
Option Lock book thumbnail
Option Lock By Justin Richards
A secret society plots nuclear war.
Kursaal book thumbnail
Kursaal By Peter Anghelides
Werewolves cause havoc at a theme park.
Alien Bodies book thumbnail
Alien Bodies By Lawrence Miles
The Doctor attends the auction of his own corpse.
War of the Daleks book thumbnail
War of the Daleks By John Peel
Davros, the Thals, the Daleks, fiendish plans.
Genocide book thumbnail
Genocide By Paul Leonard
Wiping out an alternative reality.
Bodysnatchers book thumbnail
Bodysnatchers By Mark Morris
Zygon thriller in Victorian England.
Vampire Science book thumbnail
Vampire Science By Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman
Vampires run riot in San Francisco.
The Eight Doctors book thumbnail
The Eight Doctors By Terrance Dicks
The Doctor meets up with his seven previous selves.

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