Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 14 Jul 2014 04:45:07 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at edy ed clayton, Hackney, London. I consider Captain Kelly a good friend and in the 10 years I have known him I have learnt much from him. We first met on a beach in St Vincent (where I was teaching). His boat required some repairs and I spent a lot of time visiting him in the boat yard over the ensuing few months. Together we arranged visits for several of my school classes to his amerindian floating museum. It was a very enlightening and memorable experience for all my pupils. We have spent time together on many occassions since (often with our wives) he continues to be a source of inspiration and I consider it a priviledge to share his experiences. Bless up - ed & prudence Mon 10 May 2010 19:25:14 GMT+1 anulka Clive has been a friend of the earth campaigning for rights of all people for as long as i have known him. We met in 1969. He has always been engaged in the earths well being and has invested his life wholeheartedly. Long before it was popular he was engaging with the Indians to make their plight known to the world. A truly remarkable man...His story should be told, his message should be heard, love mother earthanulka, white flame Mon 10 May 2010 18:52:54 GMT+1 videonation ROD ROBERTS, CLEVELEYS 2010-02-26 first met clive ar his rythm @blues centre CUBIKLUB THE NIGHT THE ROLLING STONES FAILED TO DO THE PAID FOR SHOW, ONLY MICK JAGGER @BRIAN JONES ARRIVED, IT IS ALL IN DETAIL IN BILL WYMANS BOOK A STONE ALONE I ALSO SAW JOHN LEE HOOKER, SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS, BO DIDDLY, ROD STEWART, LITTLE RICHARD, TINA TURNER, DONOVAN, ELTON JOHN, THE PLATTERS, LONG JOHN BALDRY, ALEXIS KORNERS,THE BIG THREE, ERIK CLAPTON,MILLIE, LITTLE EVA, ETC ETC CLIVE STARTED THE RYTHYM N BLUES APPRECIATION SOCIETY APPRECIATION SOCIETY IN UK,HE NOW TELLS ME HE IS WANTING A GHOST WRITER FOR HIS BOOKI KELLYSEYE. Fri 07 May 2010 09:59:56 GMT+1 videonation PAUL WIND, USA 2010-02-26 i read an article in a caribean nautical magazine written by CAPTAIN CLIVE KELLY ABOUT THE DANGERS OF EATING RAW FISH IE SUSHI . IT IS COMMON FOR BOATS ,AND COASTAL HOUSES TO DISCARD THERE TOILETS INTO THE SEA Fri 07 May 2010 09:58:37 GMT+1 videonation davy morgan - folksinger 2010-02-25 clive catacombs kelly, became my manager after DONOVAN SENT ME TGO HIS CUBIKLUB , CLIVE TOOK ME TO RECORD MY FIRST DISC WITH THE JOE MEEK IN LONDON, HE THEN LAUNCHED ME INTO THE MUSIC BUSSINESS AS A WANDERING MINSTREL MY FIRST BOOKING WAS AT THE REINACTATION OF THE SIGNING OF THE MAGNACARTA. LITTLE RICHARD ALSO PLAYED SAT THE CUBIKLUB, AND ONE NIGHT CLIVE TOOK US TO A BALLROOM IN COLNE, WHICH MEANT WE HAD TO CROSS THE PENINE CHAINS , CLIVE DROVE HIS CADILAC CAR SO FAST THAT LITTLE RICHARD HAD THE HORRORS, AND THREW HIS GOLD KING OF ROCK RING INTO A RIVER, WHEN CLIVE STOPPED THE CAR LIOTTLE RICHARD ONLY GOT BACFK IN ,AFTER HE HAD BAPTISED CLIVE, TO GO SLOW WITH GOD. Fri 07 May 2010 09:57:47 GMT+1 videonation chuckup charly, RIO BRASIL 2010-02-25 CAPTAIN KELLY, WINNER OF THE CHICKO MENDEZ AWARD 1992 SAILED 8,000 MILES UP RIVER PARANA TO GEO CENTRE SA. ACHIEVMENT RECOGNISED BY GUINNESS BOOK RECS ORG.PRODUCED FILM RAONI AS WELL AS BEING FEATURED AS THE WHITE MAN TAKEN HOSTAGE TO BE MADE INDIAN.ALSO PRODUCED 1973 FILM IN AMAZON XINGU INDIANS SHOWN ON BBC.TAKEN AND HELD PRISONER IN CURUMBA FRONTIER WITH BOLIVIA FOR TEN MONTHS, FOR HIS ECOLOGICAL CRIMES DENUNCIATIONS.AFTER SEVERAL ATTEMPS ON HIS LIFE READ MANCHESTERBEAT FOR DETAILS STOPPED BLAST @DYNAMITE FISHING IN BRASIL, JET SKIS IN AMAZON, AND LAKE MIRIN IN URUGUAY . THEREFORE PROTECTING THE LAST BREEDING GROUND OF THE BLACK NECKED SWAN. AWARDED PREMIUM BY URUGUAYAN SYMPATHISERS. PUBLICISED BLEACH, AND ACID FISHING IN THE BAHAMAS. Fri 07 May 2010 09:56:23 GMT+1 videonation ALLN WILLIAMS, LIVERPOOL 2010-02-23 I WAS CLIVE KELLYS PARTNER IN THE CATACOMBS CLUB PRESTON IN THE 60S.HE STARTED HIS STRING OF 12 CLUBS BY WORKING WITH ME AT THE FAMOUS 'JACARANDA CLUB LIVERPOOL' THIS BEING THE REHERSAL VENUE OF THE BEATLES AFTER I ARRANGED THERE DEBUT IN HAMBURG GERMANY I RETURNED TO SUPERVISE THEM WITH MY YOUNG PARTNER CLIVE.IF YOU GO TO MERSEYBEAT AND CLICK ON STORIES YOU WILL READ OF CLIVES EXCEPTIONALLY INTERESTING LIFE. ALSO GO MANCHESTERBEAT FOR MORE, PLUS MANY 60 PHOTOS.LATER CLIVE PRODUCED SOME FIRST OFF TYPE FILMS ONE OF WHICH WAS NOMINATED FOR THE OSCAR AND WON 4 GREMMYS IN BRASIL PLUS THE KIKITO FILM AWARD, CLIVE ALSO ACTED IN THE FILM RAONI AS THE WHITE MAN, THIS FILM INCLUDED IN ITS SCRIPT MARLON BRANDO.I WROTE OF MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BEATLES THE MAN WHO GAVE AWAY THE BEATLES.CLIVE RECENTLY VISITED THE JACARANDA, AND CAVERN CLUB WITH ME IN OCTOBER 2009. Fri 07 May 2010 09:54:22 GMT+1 videonation Derek 2010-01-25 I have meet up with Clive on many occations during special family gatherings as we are cousins, during these times we have talked over many subjects relating to our lives from teenagers. While Clive was doing his thing with the clubs I was bashing it out with a rock and roll band. ( The Mustangs ). As we got older and we went our different paths I still heard about clive through family members,also I received letters and information directly from Captain Clive As he was was becoming known. The stories I listened to about his times in Brasil and the efforts he has made to save the distruction of the areas and seas in and around that country have been very interesting. The efforts he made to teach people about the dangers of damaging the balance of our planet and how he went about this in floating home and museum, made great stories. Fri 07 May 2010 09:52:23 GMT+1 videonation Cllr. Tony Williams, Blackpool 2010-01-24 I have known Clive Kelly for more than 40 years, he introduced me to Eric Clapton who taught me to bend a guitar string when I was just 17. Clive recognised the dangers of Global Warming more than two decades ago and he was an ambassador and pioneer campaigning to protect the world from ourselves. He has devoted his adult life to not only the protection and plight of the South American Indians but to the ecological devestation caused by man's ignorance and greed. There is no one more qualified or rightful to talk, demonstrate and educate the modern world on issues that are essential to the future survival of this planet or on the history, way of life and culture of one of the most fascinating and gifted tribes of people in the Universe. Fri 07 May 2010 09:51:52 GMT+1 videonation gio, london 2010-01-19 i first met captain kelly in london and having both lived in brazil for many years, had many things to talk about. i have nothing but the upmost respect for this man, for his dedication in bringing the plight of the tribal people of the amazon to the eyes of the world and his on-going battle to save the seas from such things as pollution and dynamite fishing. keep up the good work me ol china. proud to call you a friend! Fri 07 May 2010 09:51:19 GMT+1 videonation ken, antigua 2010-01-07 i sailed aboard captain clive kellys boat, survival at the cannes film festival 1977, also arnold swartznegger was aboard, and micheal york. clive was at fest to launch his film, raoni with clive kelly. The film won a alma de ouro award, and later 4 gremmys in brasil it was also nominatred for oscar. Fri 07 May 2010 09:50:33 GMT+1 videonation MEGAOM RAINCLOUD KELLY, LIVERPOOL 2010-01-07 CAPTAIN CLKIVE KELLY IS MY DAD, IME NAMED AFTER CHIEF RAONIS COUSIN, THE MEGARONS LIVE UNDER THE RIVER AMAZON IN BANKHOLES , CLIVE KNOWS THEM PERSONALLY , AS RAONI TOOK HIM TO MEET THE MEGS DUREING THE FILMING OF CLIVES FILN RAONI, NOMINATED OSCAR AND NARRATED BY MARLON BRANDO. CLIVE PLAYS PART AS CAPTURED INVADER TO BECOME INDIAN. Fri 07 May 2010 09:48:35 GMT+1