Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 16 Sep 2014 20:26:40 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at chris I also was wondering about ticket allocation. I have heard nothing with 2 days to go, does this mean I have not got tickets? Thu 06 Sep 2012 12:40:53 GMT+1 Becky Has the draw now taken place? Myself and a number of people I know requested tickets but none of us have heard anything either way. Tue 04 Sep 2012 21:24:22 GMT+1 jsmorrison Hi BBC I AM INTERESTED TO GO TO THE RICHARD HAWLEY BBC PHILHARMONIC CONCERT IN SHEFFIELD ON 8TH SEPTEMBER. CAN YOU ADVISE ME HOW I CAN GET 2 TICKETS FOR THE EVENT. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.BEST REGARDSJON MORRISON Sat 18 Aug 2012 10:52:02 GMT+1 katywilks Does anybody know when you can apply for tickets for this? There's nothing on the bbc ticket website. Fri 17 Aug 2012 16:41:04 GMT+1