Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 28 Dec 2014 18:23:23 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at sue c This was the first Proms in the Park for us and we were very disappointed with the organisation of getting into the park, there were not enough entrances for the amount of people attending such a big event. We were also annoyed at after reading and complying with the rules on the website regarding what you can and can't bring into the park huge amounts of people were being allowed in with chairs,tables,glass bottles, alcohol which was way over the amount of alcohol allowed, on the website it stated only 1 litre per adult will be allowed. Some people were coming in with sack barrows loaded up! Also I think that the organiser's of this big event should have had more big screens and speakers around the park, 2 screens and speakers next to the stage are not good enough for the people who are right at the back of the park! Mon 10 Sep 2012 17:23:34 GMT+1