Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 03 May 2015 21:36:20 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at MacG agreed, we pay the TV license so the lovely people at the BBC can provide beautiful content. Doesn't grow on trees man! Wed 16 Nov 2011 21:28:26 GMT+1 justmogg @Fee Because all shows and content are paid for using UK taxpayers money, the same way you can't watch online content from ABC ect if they're not part of your cable service Wed 16 Nov 2011 21:14:29 GMT+1 MacG This post has been Removed Wed 16 Nov 2011 21:09:43 GMT+1 Fee i cant watch it too lolbbc, tell me the reason why its only available in the uk Wed 16 Nov 2011 20:42:33 GMT+1 KultarC agh why can't i watch this in my area? fix this! Wed 16 Nov 2011 20:38:23 GMT+1