Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 18 Dec 2014 22:25:00 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Nomiswerdna - Leicester Wicked beyond wicked! Nice job guys. Wed 15 Sep 2010 15:18:55 GMT+1 Neardura Nice to se McFly back in business again.Like the new sound. let's hope the fans do to.Shame that Party Girl only got to No 6 on release, but who knows - next week ? Mon 13 Sep 2010 17:39:57 GMT+1 Neardura This post has been Removed Mon 13 Sep 2010 17:36:56 GMT+1 velko koychev This post has been Removed Sun 12 Sep 2010 16:52:12 GMT+1 CaRoLiNaNGeL The videos are not aviable on Chile...I'm so sad right now :(!..... Fri 10 Sep 2010 17:12:29 GMT+1 Mihai I'm sooo glad this video is available in romania. McFly are the Best ;) Fri 10 Sep 2010 17:01:29 GMT+1 katelewis123 Party Girl, and Dynamite was such a good cover.glad they're back! xx Fri 10 Sep 2010 14:51:49 GMT+1 BK14 Great Song, Superb Live lounge session, Great Video but why aren't you coming to derby as it was the only one in the local area! Fri 10 Sep 2010 12:07:13 GMT+1 nedg the video is very 'true blood' - well the one on their website is! They look better than ever and sound amazing. Their live lounge was so good, can't wait to listen to it again. Fri 10 Sep 2010 11:06:12 GMT+1 candy Hi boys, Pwease Tour Leicester. My closest venue Derby has been Cancelled......Leicester needs YOU!Much Love Guys, Xoxo Fri 10 Sep 2010 10:38:25 GMT+1 xoxhayleyjlsxox i love the way they have dont their own mini twilight film :) any cance that was Tom's idea haha :) xx Fri 10 Sep 2010 10:32:36 GMT+1 xoxhayleyjlsxox love party girl :) cant wait for the live lounge...really wanna know what song they are covering :) Fri 10 Sep 2010 10:31:04 GMT+1 Carly This post has been Removed Fri 10 Sep 2010 10:20:46 GMT+1 Becky i love the video for party girl its so creative Fri 10 Sep 2010 09:25:24 GMT+1 jasminMp3 the "party girl" video is well... i don't like it. to much of twilight Fri 10 Sep 2010 09:23:21 GMT+1 Carly Can't wait to hear McFly again today, Stargirl was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! Fri 10 Sep 2010 09:21:02 GMT+1 JOSH JAMES have you seen the party girl video? Fri 10 Sep 2010 09:03:30 GMT+1 jasminMp3 "what a wonderful world"the pop rock turned into a catchy song wich isn't pop rock for me (cry, little sad face). Anyway i still love the old songs. well i also will listen to the rest of the album because i like the lyrics of "party girl" but the style... but i still love the work wich mcfly made. thanks for that. xo. Fri 10 Sep 2010 08:17:11 GMT+1