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Posted by Editor Northern Ireland on Monday, 18th March 2002 Last updated Tuesday, 4th February 2003

At present we're a small, lively group of people hoping our numbers will grow as more and more of you get involved with Northern Ireland's "Sense of Place". We've had a lot of fun developing and contributing to this site and we hope you will too. Come on in and take part.

The Editorial Team

The gruesome, threesome - we've been working with "Sense of Place" for over a year now. The craic has been mighty and we've also managed to give birth to a website along the way. We might all have very different musical tastes, but we still manage to muddle along together - though not in the same key! With the site at an embryonic stage,we're particularly keen to receive your feedback or comments.

Martin Johnston
Nigel McAlpine
Evelyn Ellison

Regular Contributors

Brian Willis - "our man" on the North Coast


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