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Posted by ayah on Friday, 18th July 2003 Last updated Friday, 18th July 2003
Dear Readers,

I am not against GM Food per se. Perhaps I would even buy any GM product that is grown in green houses, eg. tomatoes, but not any GM food grown out in the open.

America may be able to grow vast quantities but England is only a little island with a different eco-system. I don't think we can accommodate fields of GM crops without affecting the wildlife, organic farming and maybe even the general health of consumers. Changing DNA in the open environment must have a dramatic affect in the long run. Even nature produces mutant genes so what mutant gene could arise from tampered plants over the years.

Look when the farmers tore down the hedges. GM foods would have an even more devasting affect in that there would be little food for the insects on which the birds and other animals could feed on. Hence, our countryside would become soulless and boring like the vast fields in America where there are miles of agricultural land with no shape or character. Just rows of crops and nothing else. All this devastation for short-term profit. Nevermind the longterm consequences. Canada now rejects GM crops because the plants eventually turned into weeds. More profit for the seed company.

No wonder Michael Meacher resigned. I think he could not convince Tony Blair or his advisors that following the cowboy American way of life is not always the best way for us. It is my view that the French know what is best for their own agricultural system which is also their culture and way of life because of their love of real food and variety. Not reducing life to pure profit making ideals and greed which has already led to homogeneous food here in Britain, i.e. high fat foods leading to disease. Enough said now.



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