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28th December 2014
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My Science Fiction Life

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I've been a fan of science fiction, more or less, since I learned to read - which I did at a very early age.

Of all the different stories to which I was exposed, the ones that caught my attention were the ones about Space and space exploration. Astronauts visiting alien worlds, scientists building robots; these captured my imagination in a way that football and war stories never could.

When 2000AD came around, I got into it right off the bat - and I'm still buying 2000AD to this day. Other sf genres of which I'm a fan include, but by no means are limited to, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, Space:1999, Blake's Seven, Quatermass, The X Files, Babylon 5 and, of course, Star Trek and Doctor Who, both in all of their incarnations.

I'm currently looking at Torchwood with considerable interest. This sapling of a show has landed far from its parent, and it shows much promise already.

In terms of literary sf, I've read books from dozens of authors, from Aldiss to Zelazny, classics and relatively modern ones. My tastes are highly ecclectic, a very broad palate, and I have a fondness for cyberpunk as much as I do for the hard sf of Clarke and Asimov, for Tolkien and the High Fantasies of Moorcock and leGuin and McCaffrey, and the horror tales of King and Lovecraft.

I've been around slightly longer than Doctor Who, a bit longer than Star Trek, and I've watched TV series come and go, some of them greats which resonate to this day in the form of catchphrases such as "Beam me up, Scotty" and "The Truth Is Out There" which have become entrenched in mainstream speech.

Science Fiction /is/ my life.

The My Science Fiction Life site is now closed to contributions. From this page you can see an archive of all the recollections made by this user.


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Added: 22/11/2006

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Added: 24/11/2006

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Added: 24/11/2006
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Added: 22/11/2006

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