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21st April 2015
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My Science Fiction Life

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I have been an SF fan since I first saw Doctor Who at the age of two years old (with my Mum) when it was first broadcast in 1963, whereafter I was lucky enough to see every episode from then until the series ended in 1989. I have also been an avid reader of SF literature since I was at School, and have been a member of the British Science Fiction Association since 1985.
My favourite Authors include Iain Banks, Brian Aldiss, Ian Watson, J.G Ballard, Ian MacDonald, Olaf Stapledon and of course, H.G Wells. If I listed all of the Authors who's work I have enjoyed over the years, however, it would be a very long list indeed. The work of SF that has perhaps been most influential on my life in recent years is the TV show Babylon 5, since I have met some of my best friends through the B5 online community.

The My Science Fiction Life site is now closed to contributions. From this page you can see an archive of all the recollections made by this user.


These are entries Spacephantom has written in their Science Fiction Life

The War of the Worlds : Mind blowingly retro!

Added: 06/04/2007

Crime Traveller: Waste of airtime

Added: 18/12/2006

The War of the Worlds : Memorable and definitive

Added: 30/11/2006
Added: 16/11/2006

The War of the Worlds : Scarily evocative

Added: 03/03/2007

The War of the Worlds : Burton speaks

Added: 28/02/2007

The War of the Worlds : Wayne for the 21st Century

Added: 17/02/2007

The War of the Worlds : Martian rock rocks

Added: 18/12/2006

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