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21st April 2015
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My Science Fiction Life

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Favorite childhood show

jackieznyc writes about The Tomorrow People

Roger Damon Price


TV: The Tomorrow People.
Creator: Roger Damon Price

Encapsulated. Would you recommend this? why?

I would TOTALLY recommend this!! Honestly, my absolute favorite show as a kid...I think my most fervent hope was that I would suddenly "break out" LOL! Seriously though, for a kiddie show it had pretty cool storylines (aside from the goofy aliens) and I thought was far and above the cartoon-ish fare served up by most of what was aimed at the grade-school set.
Also, despite being super-beings, the characters were very down to earth and struck me as more like the "big kids" I looked up to in school then anything.

Time and Space: When and where I first encountered it

uh...maybe late 1980s??? I was pretty young and they were showing reruns of it on Nickelodeon(US TV channel aimed at kids)

Recollection and revelations

I never watched much TV as I was always at dance or gymnastics or some other lessons, but it must have been a rare moment I was home. After that, I think I made it a point to find out when they would show episodes so I could watch. I found out about the SCIFI series "The Third Eye" the same way as it ran about the same time as reruns.
I think I have always had a strong imagination and firmly believed in ghosts, esp, Faeries etc so this was great as it took esp very seriously. Also, it just was so believable which made me happy as it seeded like something that COULD happen :) I don't think it changed me much beyond just re-affirming my own personal beliefs that there's more to anything that the status quo!

Before this...

not sure...

I was so young watching TP...I may have seen other SCIFI-ish things before TP, but nothing struck a chord enough for me to remember it!

After This

The Third Eye series

This is the one that showed "Children of the Stones", "Into the Labyrinth", "Under the Mountain", and "The Haunting of Cassie Palmer". I think they are all covered elsewhere on this page...thankfully, I do have copies of all of them elsewise I think I would drive myself crazy as an adult trying to remember bits and pieces of the shows :) I got totally obssessed and into SCIFI/Fantasy stuff with these shows and was pretty heartbroken that nothing else on TV after them compared as well. The best I got growing up was "Unsolved Mysteries". I kinda gave up on TV for the most part haha. I also decided that US TV shows couldn't hold a candle to British produced guys rock :)

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