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23rd October 2014
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My Science Fiction Life

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UFO - sighted...

a_contributor writes about UFO

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson


Creator: Gerry and Silvia Anderson

IPete2 writes about UFO.

Encapsulated. Would you recommend this? why?

Set in 1980, but created at the end of the 1960's, this was the first serious British attempt to create a live action science fiction television series using then 'state of the art' special effects and model shots. It asks some terrifying questions and deals with humanity on a level even a 10 year old could understand.

It was completely original in concept and dealt with the hard realities of an alien species from a dying world trying to survive by harvesting parts form people on Earth, and asks the question who has the most right to survive. Remains today as a cult television series of the late 1960's early 1970's.

Time and Space: When and where I first encountered it

I was only 10 years old when the first episode was aired, I remember seeing the very first episode at my firends house, the first time it was aired. I was totally engrossed and love it still today.

Recollection and revelations

I still love Gerry Anderson TV shows, and having been a fan of Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds, Secret Service and many others, this was the first live action series. I remember - even at 10 - being excited about the subject matter and the fact it was live action. I remember asking to watch it whilst at my friends house that Saturday afternoon. I loved science fiction and more I loved the idea of a secret organisation, protecting the Earth from invasion. That organisation, S.H.A.D.O. , was based under a film and television studio.

I knew then I wanted to work in television (which I went on to do!) This tv show and particularly the character Commander Straker really shaped the person I became as an adult. I actually got to meet and briefly work with the late Ed Bishop (Straker) one Christmas a while ago. I didn't know he was the voice artist on the project I was video editing and I remember being grumpy about having to work late that Christmas Eve and then being totally thrilled when I heard his voice in the doorway. I knew immediately who it was. The producer had said "Ed Fisher is coming up to do the voice over." The producer had miss heard the name on the phone, it was Ed Bishop!

What a Christmas present - I cheered up completely and even got to chat with him briefly about the show. There is no doubt about it he was my childhood hero and his portrayal of Ed Straker has continued to impact my life.

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