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31st July 2015
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My Science Fiction Life

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LtMidnight writes about Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gene Roddenberry


TV: Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Creator: Gene Roddenberry

Encapsulated. Would you recommend this? why?

would i recomend st:tng.... err YES. as a kid i watched the original series, my brother loved it. but it was Next gen that got me involved. if u like memorable charectars, adventure, and a chance to baffel your friend,s this is it

Time and Space: When and where I first encountered it

eep... i think i first came across next gen when bbc 2 first got it, (i'll prolly have it wrong but still i'm only 22). i can however remember where i was.... i was in the front room of our old house in ackworth, with my older brothr sprawled on the couch behind me, i had a tendency of sitting on the floor (ala going live). i must have been lik 6/7

Recollection and revelations

Bbc2 had a new sci-fi on, my brother was watching tv, he was babysiting me i think, i saw it n that was that. it was much later, after my fave member of the crew had changed 3 times, i started trying to emulate Data, not the not being able to die-ness, but the little twitches and blinks he did/does. I'll say it, my best friend will say it, and my brother will definatly say it... if i had never seen star trek the next gen, i wouldn't be the girl yes GIRL i am today. :)

Before this...

none that i can recall...dr who maybe

i was a kid, i remember a girl in a black leather jacket and a guy with a funny voice... more recently i've got their girls name... it was ACE from dr who... i watched buck rogers once or twice with my brother, i've yawned through reruns of 1999 and other stuff... but star trek sparked my sci-fi fire for sure.

After This

to boldy go... and still boldly going

where to i start? during next gen, Babylon 5 started, i loved it imediatly, Lenier was and still is one of my all time two fave b5 people with Marcus (who didn't show till season 3) my 2nd, i loved the Minbari and the Narn, mainly because G'kar was always arguing with other people then making a comment about himself. when ds9 started i loved it, dr Bashir and Jadzia dax were my reasons, as well as the Bajourans in general, didn't care for odo though he was a bit annoying. from B5 and DS9 i kinda dallyied into fantasies, Xena, Poltergiest the legacy, and stuff like that till STARGATE SG-1 i watched it as a dare cos i'd seen like 5mins of the movie and brushed it aside, i was hooked imediatly, i've written too much already so all i'll say is I AM A MEMBER OF A UK SG-TEAM i give every new sci-fi we get in the uk a look, i thinkl the only 2 i've still to watcher are firefly and battlestar galactica.

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