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1st July 2015
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My Science Fiction Life

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Comic: Dan Dare. Author: Frank Hampson


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nostalgic, happy,freedom.

I was 12 years old and waiting for the very first edition of Eagle Comic to be printed. I remember buying this first issue and joining all the various clubs

Treens for tea!

Aged about ten, in 1975. Dan Dare was before my time. But I found a pile of mildewed Eagles and worked my way right through them.

Dan Dare man of the future.

I first came across it in 1953,we had just come back from the far east with my father who was in the RAF. I was seven years old and it was like a breath of fresh air, I remember waiting in anticipation every Saturday morning for the paperboy to deliver it.

Pilot of the Future

1952-3ish, when I would have been eight.


1977. South London. I was seven.

Dan versus Mekon

The eagle with dan was my escape from this mundane world from about 11yrs to 21yrs


I read my 1st episode in hospital as a 7year old.It was episode 29 dated 27/10/50

Clean-cut space hero

Late 50s, early 60s. I was 6 going on to 13 when it was no longer cool because Rock music took over. Led Zep, Cream....bang!

Pilot ofthe Future

It was 1950 as a small boy of 10years old living in a street of one up,one down, back to back houses. To see a comic like this was fantastic

Eagle eyes...

It was the 80s. Eagle was relaunched with all those photo strips and Dan Dare as the only proper comic strip.

My first SciFi

1950, I was 5 years old, living in Bradford, and first found Dan Dare on Radio Luxembourg (We had British Relay (Cable!) radio)

Space Hyper Hero

I came across this in 1977. I was seven years old. My Dad had always told me about the legendary Dan Dare and his battles with the Mekon in the mythical Eagle comic of the 1950s. After Judo one Saturday morning I went to the newsagent with my Dad and I picked out 2000ad programme 9 instead of TV Comic.

Digby and Mekon

pre-teens though to young adult

Rivetting Stuff

I must have been 8 or 9 at the timeso approximately 1970/71.


t was around 1959-1960 I was 3-4 years old I lived in beckenham

Absolutely Fantastic

I came across it in 1953,I had just come back from the far east with my parents and was 9 years old.Living in Portsmouth.

The illustrations!

Early sixties. I was getting on for 10. A cornish cousin had a set of Eagle annuals.


I first started to read the Eagle comic in the mid 1950's. My elder brother used to buy it every week. I can then remember trying to listen to Dan Dare every Sunday evening on Radio Luxembourg. This must have been about 1960 when I was twelve years old.

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