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22nd December 2014
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My Science Fiction Life

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Logan's Run


Film: Logan's Run

Creator: William F Nelson, George Clayton Johnson, David Zelag Goodman, Michael Anderson


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Hated the film, but was in love with Heather Menzies in the series that followed.
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I first came across this film when I was around ten, I can remember watching it with my parents
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I think I would have been about 12 years old when I first watched it on TV. It sticks in my memory primarily due to Jenny Agutter and the crush I had ...
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In Depth

Logan's Run

Life ends at thirty.

In the 23rd century, humanity lives a decadent hedonistic life, sealed away from the tainted earth in the beautiful City of Domes.

But this paradise is only for the young. Each inhabitant has a crystal "Lifeclock" implanted in their palm, which shows their age. On their thirtieth birthday - Lastday - it turns black. They must then die - by euthanasia or while attempting to win "renewal" in the lethal Carousel ceremony.

William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's novel was adapted into a movie starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter. York played Logan, a Sandman entrusted with hunting down Runners fleeing their Lastday fate.

Ordered to infiltrate a Runner conspiracy, Logan encounters Jessica, played by Agutter. Beginning to doubt his beliefs, Logan joins her quest to escape to Sanctuary, outside the city...

The movie won an Oscar for Best Special Effects. It was followed in 1977 by a TV series starring Gregory Harrison and Heather Menzies, searching for Sanctuary in the ruins of America. A pilot and thirteen expensive episodes were screened before cancellation.

Work nominated by MisterUnlimited.

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