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14th December 2018
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TV: Futurama

Creator: Matt Groening


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I was just flicking around the sky channels and came across what i thought at first was The Simpsons. It must have been when it first came out.
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when it first aired on sky
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"Welcome, to the world of tomorrow!"

Hitting US screens in 1999, Futurama was Matt Groening's long-awaited follow-up to The Simpsons, that allowed him to indulge his long-standing love of science fiction.

The series centres on luckless pizza delivery boy Fry, who's accidentally cryogenically frozen and wakes up on New Year's Eve, 2999.

There he finds a world both dramatically different and, at times, depressingly similar to the one he's just left.

Falling in with one-eyed beauty Leela and alcoholic, cigar-chomping robot Bender, Fry picks up work with his closest living relative Professor Farnsworth at Planet Express couriers.

Although ostensibly set 1000 years from now, the show was more concerned with mocking current day politics and pop culture.

Indeed, lampoon-worthy personalities from the 20th and 21st century are fortuitously still on hand in this world of the future, preserved as heads living in bell jars.

While The Simpsons has always sported an underlying fascination with so-called geek culture, Futurama wore its science-fiction credentials on its sleeve - notably with a 2002 episode which reunited most of the original Star Trek cast.

The series was dropped by the Fox network in 2003, but following great success on DVD is set to continue on the Comedy Central channel in 2008.

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