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2nd June 2020
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My Science Fiction Life

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Quantum Leap


TV: Quantum Leap

Creator: Donald Bellisario


Taught me everythingarrow icon

TV, friday nights - I guess I was eight.
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an educationarrow icon

i must have been about 9 or something and it was repeated in the evenings on BBC2
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I've only seen this in bits and bobs. My sister seems to think Friends is more exciting. She is very, very wrong.
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In Depth

Quantum Leap

A time-travelling do-gooder leaps from body to body.

From 1989 to 1993, Sam Beckett (played by future Enterprise captain Scott Bakula) bounced through time, possessing people as they faced a pivotal moment in their lives. His mission? To alter history and put right what once went wrong.

Although driven by a complicated science-fiction conceit, Quantum Leap left it in the background. Instead the show concentrated on emotionally driven drama. Each episode was essentially a morality tale, with Sam battling to do the right thing. Job done, he'd leap into a new body, survey his changed circumstances and sigh, "Oh boy!"

Along the way, he was accompanied by a holographic projection of his colleague, Al (Dean Stockwell). Ostensibly there to provide guidance, Al leched over women and grumbled about his string of failed relationships, providing a nicely acerbic edge to the show.

As the series continued, more outré science fiction concepts were embraced, including a rival evil leaper. After 97 episodes the series came to an inclusive end. Sam was left trapped in the past, never to make that final leap home.

Work nominated by alternativebaby.

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