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1st August 2015
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Comic: Zenith

Creator: Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell


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I would of been about 6 years old, so about 1986.
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Read parts of the first series at uni and liked it but not that much. Found the book a decade later and was more impressed.
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I missed it completely and only read them last year.
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Flying into the pages of 2000 AD in prog 537, Zenith was the anthology title's first proper stab at that American staple, the costumed superhero. As might be expected from the home of Judge Dredd, Zenith gave the genre's tropes a darker, more cynical twist.

Written by Grant Morrison (who would go on to bigger fame with titles like Doom Patrol and The Invisibles) and drawn by Steve Yeowell, the strip was an instant hit. Set firmly in the consumerist, greed-endorsing 80s of Britpop and Thatcher, it centres on title character Zenith. He's hardly an upholder of truth and decency - rather a spoilt, brattish pop star who just happens to be invulnerable and able to fly.

Zenith is dismissive of the idealistic outlook of his 60s hippie superhero parents. But he is forced to use his powers for something other than showing off when malignant multi-dimensional entities called Lloigor take an interest in him. Over four adventures, or "phases" as 2000AD dubbed them, Zenith battles the Lloigor on this and other Earths, and narrowly escapes being used for breeding stock.

Zenith hasn't graced the pages of 2000 AD since the conclusion of Phase Four in 1992, apart from a couple of cameos on special occasions.

Nominated by Coffeetramp.

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