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26th December 2014
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TV: Firefly

Creator: Joss Whedon


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Superb Western-in-space from the creator of Buffy.

Coming off the huge success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any TV series with Joss Whedon's name attached should have been a banker. But parent network Fox chose to schedule it at odd times and even out of sequence. Of the 14 episodes made before the plug was pulled, only 11 were shown.

Firefly's classic space (soap) opera storyline, follows the crew of the titular ship as they go wherever their mercenary instincts dictate. The series arc involves two of the ship's passengers, a doctor and his sister, on the run from a federal government called the Alliance.

Broad Western motifs mixed with superb characterisation, sharp dialogue and punchy storylines meant that despite Fox's treatment of the show, it gained a strong fanbase and picked up more support on DVD.

This subsequent interest led Whedon to produce a well-received film, Serenity. This extended the storyline involving the doctor and his sister to quite stunning effect, and helped assure Firefly's cult status.

Work nominated by charliethebloody, Radarvt and Simon_Wright.

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