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29th August 2015
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


TV: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Creator: Irwin Allen


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I was too old when I first saw it so I noticed everything that was wrong with it and that's a lot to notice.
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1974 - As a cynical teenager at boarding school.
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In Depth

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Submarine shenanigans in a gloriously daft undersea adventure.

Spun off from Irwin Allen's colourful but silly 1961 feature of the same name, this used plenty of leftover props and effects, like a flying midget sub.

The series began as a near-future science fiction/suspense/espionage show following the crew of the high-tech nuclear submarine Seaview. However, it swiftly transformed into an absurd though far more entertaining effort in which the sub was attacked each week by werewolves, mummies, abominable snowmen, aliens, killer plants, puppets, time-travellers, giant mutants, whales, dinosaurs, lobster-men, leprechauns and the like.

Richard Basehart keeps a straight face as Admiral Harriman Nelson, David Hedison crawls through many ducts as the intrepid Captain Lee Crane and Del Monroe is the more hands-on enlisted man Kowalski who has to deal with plenty of leaks and sparking equipment. Room was found in various episodes for guest stars like Jill Ireland, Michael Ansara, Werner Klemperere, June Robert Duvall, Leslie Nielsen, George Sanders and John Cassavetes.

Earnest nonsense, with many crises on the command deck, this remains somehow more endearing than later, even camper Allen efforts like Lost in Space and Land of the Giants.

Work nominated by SeaviewCrew.

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