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28th August 2015
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Fahrenheit 451


Book: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury


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I first came across this in my early twenties around the year 1999
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I was quite young. I saw the Turffaut film adaptation. I don't think I'd ever really watched european cinema to that point.
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This was recommended to me by a teacher at school who knew I was into sci fi.
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More recollections...

In Depth

Fahrenheit 451

Incendiary critique of cultural fascism by an American science fiction legend.

Born of the US McCarthyite anti-communist witch hunts and ensuing artistic repression of the 1950s, Fahrenheit 451 is a bleak vision of a future of total thought control.

In this dystopic world, books are banned. The government uses constant, meaningless radio, television and advertising to manipulate the populaton. Books would only give rise to subversive thoughts.

The book centers on fireman Guy Montag. Only now the work of a fireman is not to douse flames, but to burn books. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which the offending articles burn. But Montag has begun to question his calling...

The book was based on Bradbury's 1951 novella, The Fireman, published in the US Galaxy Science Fiction magazine. Francoise Truffaut directed a 1966 film adaptation starring Julie Christie and Oskar Wener - the director's only English language film. Bradbury declared himself happy with the conversion.

The title, now well known, provided Michael Moore with the name of his movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Bradbury is said to have detested the film.

Work nominated by GracieLizzie.

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