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1st September 2015
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The Invisible Man


Book: The Invisible Man

Author: H G Wells


It's my childhood.arrow icon

Must have seen the 60's re-runs as I was born the year it started, but I loved it even though I was so small.
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heartrendingarrow icon

I think I was in my teens (probably still at school), but I re-read it again in my 20s and it doubly knocked me out
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Gripping dark novelarrow icon

Sometime in my teens, I think, so in the 1980s. I picked up a secondhand copy from David's Bookshop in Letchworth.
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In Depth

The Invisible Man

A scientist driven mad by the liberation of invisibility.

Published in 1897, The Invisible Man was H G Wells' third great scientific romance, following The Time Machine and The Island of Dr Moreau. Like its predecessors, it elicited a critical and popular fanfare upon release, delighting readers with its tantalising central concept and some ingenious unseen shenanigans. Its tale of a civilised Victorian gent battling with his bestial alter-ego is born of the gothic tradition: an obsession with the duality of man, and the concerns of a burgeoning middle-class that the uncouth masses might rise and subsume them.

For Wells, it was another imaginative coup: invisibility was a concept that had hardly been developed since The Emperor's New Clothes, but after this book it became a science fiction and fantasy staple. Several cinema and television adaptations have been attempted, most notably James Whale's 1933 movie, and the BBC's faithful 1984 series, not to mention Paul Verhoeven's more deranged take, The Hollow Man (2000).

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