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The Family Had to Flee Their Home

BBC Memoryshare Editor on behalf of Sana Maryam Ali's memory of 15th August 1947 - 16th August 1947

At the tender age of two years old, my dad was a small child at the time of partition, he was born in Jalandhar India.

The family had to flee their home in Jalandhar city and leave their business behind. Thinking that the shift would not be for too long and that they would return to their home as soon as the situation settled my grandfather and great-grandfather sealed off the house hoping to open it up on their return, but that wasn’t to be.

The family had livestock, so they milked the cows before they set off so that they could drink it on their way.

They placed all their valuables on a cart that was pulled by a horse. My dad fell off the cart a couple of times and hurt himself on the journey.

A gang of people tried to approach them to possibly loot them but my grandfather warned them off by using gatka.

Sana Maryam Ali described her recollection of this story of her family's experiences around the time of partition to Tiaba Ali.

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