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Bramley Carnival's memory of 21st July 2013

Bramley Carnival 2013 was a roaring success and we would like to Thank the Local Community for supporting the Carnival for the past 7 years its been very challenging working with the community but have enjoyed every moment of it.
Over 7000 people attended the Bramley Carnival which was held recently in Bramley park. The Theme was Flower Power and thanks to the schools that participated in the Theme and Thanks to Over The Rainbow Fancy Dress Shop in Pudsey who supported the Carnival Parade with a Flower Power Mini and people dressed up in Flower Power Costumes what more can we say it was fantastic.

Dean Micheal of Black Lace performed his new song Standing in The Dole Queue which went down very well and is available on Amazon or ITunes.

Lord Terence Knapton and Lady Helen Garrand have managed to keep the Bramley Carnival going since its revival in 2006, We have been fully accepted into the Community Spirit and we have received awards for our Community Champions Progress we have had loits of letter from the community thanking us for what we are doing, Terence says just remember its you the Community that make the day we are just the core of it all.

Well Done Bramley for been very supportive.

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